When you hear the word Savant, you think of singular brilliance. A savant is generally a person who excels at one thing. Here at Savant Magazine we also excel at one thing – bringing you the most concise product reviews for everything on your shopping list.


Fulfilling our mission means bringing you the best content we can. Our reviews are unbiased product representations that tell the real story of whether a product is reliable or not. Each article contains 10 product reviews. You can be assured that these are the best of the best. No matter what you might be searching for, Savant Magazine should be your first stop.


Because we understand that product reviews don’t tell you everything you need to know, we have included a buyer’s guide with each article. These guides explain the history of items, helpful tips on how to use them, and other valuable information. Our writing and editing staff tries to put themselves in your shoes to determine the information that you would find most helpful. No fluff and no fill – just honest product ratings and great guides.


In that, we excel. Just as the mathematics savant can do complex equations in their head, our writers strive to provide the sum of knowledge that you need. With quick, handy links in each article and information galore, we hope that you make us your go-to spot when you need information.


If you’re looking for anything, we welcome you to our site and our community. We hope you find our resources helpful and we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a comment on one of our posts or send a private message to our team.

Meet the Team

Geoffrey Wilson bio picture

You can reach me at [email protected] 

My name is Geoffrey Wilson and I’m the Chief Editor for SavantMag.com. 

After earning a journalism degree, I worked as a reporter and writer for small city newspapers for about 10 years before taking my skills and expertise to the web. I have to say that it changed my life. 

Working for an online publication, I’m able to not only be more flexible with my family, but also am able to be more creative in the content I write. Working with an excellent team here at SavantMag.com has been an amazing experience.

I’m Corinne Moore and I’m the Junior Editor here at SavantMag.com. 

I began my writing career writing for various content firms, but it was under the tutelage of the editors here at SavantMag.com that I grew as a writer and editor. I love the content we write here and bringing solid reviews to consumers is rewarding beyond what I can even describe.

Corinne Moore bio picture

Don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] 

Warren Bridges bio picture

If you'd like to get in touch, my email is [email protected] 

I’m Warren Bridges and I’m the Appliance and Electronic Specialist for Savant Mag. 

I spent the early years of my career working in retail and sales for big box electronic and appliance stores before coming to work at Savant Mag. I found that I had a knack for describing a product’s features and specifications in a way that consumers understand.