10 LEGO Builds That Will Challenge the Way You Play

LEGOs have given millions of children and adults countless hours of imaginative fun and play across the world. Whether creations come from creativity or simply following the instructions, the varied nature and complexity of LEGOs presents a unique tool for building that remains timeless. 

That so many have bonded over playtime involving LEGOs is a testament to the power of both the product, and the company’s system of play. 

Play on. Build together. What will you make

The above three mottos at one point or another represent LEGO’s approach to play and creativity and are a prime example of their toy’s purpose and fun. 

Although some eccentrically creative individuals have gone above and beyond in terms of pushing the limit of the toy’s simplicity to the most complex extremes (as seen in the video below), we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest and coolest LEGO creations the world has seen.

With all that in mind, here are our favorites!

1. Castle Black and “The Wall”

This awesome diorama features Castle Black, the Wall, and the Northern Lands from Game of Thrones in stunning detail. 

Not only does this combine one of the most popular TV Series with LEGOs but it does an amazing job at putting the infamous wall into scale as it dissects north and south, separating the Wild Folk from the Seven Kingdoms. 

2. Contact

This 200,000 piece cityscape depicts a fictional alien civilization in exquisite detail. The creator, Mike Doyle, actually created a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the Contact Series of LEGO (1) to the public. 

The set’s goal was to promote the wonder and beauty of both spirituality and of all intelligent life. Backers can gain access to prints of the work, model instructions, or smaller sets that are from the original cityscape set. 

Its size and scope aside, this got our vote because of the kickstarter’s purpose. 

Apart from being a massive and highly detailed model, the set and its creator embody the spirit of LEGO in terms of encouraging play and bringing others together in creative endeavors.

3. LEGO House Mosaic

At 12x14 meters, a mosaic built by the LEGO House competed for the world record for the largest LEGO mosaic built back in 2018. The finished piece used nearly 2,700 32x32 baseplates and was constructed by staff members, along with friends and family. The completed mosaic featured some iconic LEGO set images that commemorated moments in the toy’s history.  

4. The Goonies Diorama

BrickCon ‘14 had plenty of masterpieces to see, but this diorama took the cake:

Featuring some of the most iconic locations of Astoria, the setting for The Goonies, this build (2) shows off the Walsh House, the Fratelli’s restaurant, as well as select underground passages from the movie!This LEGO build didn’t just tap into a nostalgic part of our childhood--it was a prime example of showing off just how creative you can get with the iconic building blocks. 

5. London’s Tower Bridge

Designed and built by Land Rover in their 2016 launch of the New Discovery, this replica of London’s famous Tower Bridge is 13 meters high and managed to snag the Guinness World Record for the largest LEGO sculpture. 

Land Rover went big for the car’s ad campaign and launch in a really creative and nostalgic way. 

AND they walked away breaking a world record? 

Hopefully everyone involved with the build and marketing got a bonus that year!

6. Life-Size X-Wing Fighter

This classic Star Wars ship was built in Portsmouth, UK with over 5.3 million LEGO pieces, and took a whopping 17,366 hours to complete. 

To make the build ever sweeter: 

R2-D2 makes a cameo.

Unsurprisingly, the life-size LEGO X-Wing broke a Guinness Book World Record as the World’s Largest Lego Model in 2013 (3).

7. Dali’s Elephants by Jin Kei

Jin Kei, a Korean LEGO artist, brought to life one of the long-legged mammals from Salvador Dali’s The ElephantsI (4). 

The beautiful thing here is that not only is the LEGO sculpture a 32-inch model, but it’s a steampunkesque take on Dali’s work. 

8. Playable Harpsichord

Created by Henry Lim, this LEGO harpsichord (5) is fully playable and constructed out of LEGOs and wire strings. Apparently it took Lim two years to build the piece as it required significant designing, theorizing, and testing to make it all work. 

Given that there are plenty of sophisticated robotic LEGO pieces in existence, one might not think much of this harpsichord. The fact is, it’s a scale model of an instrument that actually plays! It’s the perfect blend of art, LEGOs, and music to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

9. M.C. Escher’s Relativity

Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu worked together to recreate Escher’s famous Relativity painting (6). Thanks to the versatility of LEGOs, this mind-bending piece of art was almost made for the creative building blocks. 

Like Dali’s piece above, this is another example of LEGO builders reimagining famous works of art in inventive ways. That not only demonstrates the wonders of LEGO being for all ages, but it also shows off the relevance of classical art in today’s modern world.

10. LEGO Castle

A list of the coolest LEGO builds wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most classic LEGO sets: the Castle. 

Trent, Andrew, and Landon Peterson constructed this massive LEGO castle for Brick Fiesta 2019. 

The build itself covers a waterfall, surrounding lands, and the castle itself, which is where all the detail is focused. As can be seen in the video above, the set comes apart in layers to reveal the inner workings of the castle itself. There’s a courtyard and even working components like a drawbridge.

Most of us probably haven’t build anything as complex or massive as the creations above, but if anything, these can serve as examples of just how far we can go with our own LEGOs at home. Creativity is one of the building blocks of LEGO (pun intended) and really, the only limits you have are your imagination and the pieces you have on hand. 

So, get building!

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