Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers of 2019 – Reviews

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the factory-installed speakers of most cars are pretty bad. Not only do they not provide the auditory range a good speaker should have, but they also tend to sound tinny when music is played through them at higher volumes. That’s probably why more and more people are opting to replace these speakers with something a little bit better. Something that makes their music sound better, so that their morning commute is a bit more pleasant.

Finding the best car speakers isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are a variety of factors to consider when buying a new automobile speaker including cost, its maximum power handling, as well as its frequency response and sensitivity. To make things a bit simpler for our readers, we’ve decided to list what we feel are the best 6×9 speakers, so everyone can easily upgrade their audio.

Best 6×9 Speakers Of 2019

10JBL Stage 9603 3-Way Audio Speakers

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When compared to these high-quality 6×9 speakers, most stock speakers are seriously lacking in bass. And that’s extremely evident once these are installed in their place. These speakers have an injection molded polypropylene woofer cone and a piezoelectric super tweeter that not only increases power but also really boosts the bass. This product can handle up to 70-watts RMS< or about 210 watts peak power and is a serious 3-way audio speaker. That makes them a suitable replacement for anyone looking for better audio than what their current factory-installed speakers can provide.

9Infinity RED-9623 300-Watt Car Speaker

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Regardless of whether these car speakers are used with or without an amp, they’re capable of producing some great sound. That’s because they’re made according to exacting standards and using what Infinity refers to as their Plus One woofer cone. This patented woofer produces the low lows that many automobile owners are looking for in modern speakers. These speakers also have a 3-Ohms impedance and a sensitivity of approximately 95 dB. And since they’re also equipped with textile tweeters, these speakers are sure to make a lot of car owners extremely happy, especially as they use them while they’re motoring down the highway.

8Infinity Kappa 693.11I 220-Watt Speakers

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The problem with factory-installed stock speakers is that they use wiring that’s thinly insulated and is prone to interference from other electrical components within the vehicle. Fortunately, this speaker is designed a lot differently than how most stock speakers are and actually have well-insulated wires that are resistant to electrical interference. That’s not the only thing to appreciate about these speakers, however. It also should be noted that they’re made with a carbon-injected glass fiber cone that holds up to loud music, an edge-driven fabric tweeter and Plus One Cone Technology built-into it. All of that allows it to maintain a peak power handling rate of 660-watts per pair.

7JBL GTO939 Premium Coaxial Speaker Set

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This set of 2-speakers are designed to be a little bit larger than the stock speakers found in most vehicles. Although that may pose an installation problem for some car owners, it also means that more air moves in and out of the speakers. And this increased air movement allows the speaker to produce more bass than conventional speakers. Another thing worth mentioning about these speakers is that they have dual-level tweeter volumes, so they don’t have to be placed as precisely as some other speakers need to be placed. They also feature a dedicated 12 dB octave, that really differentiates high notes from low notes.

6JBL Club 9630 3-Way Coaxial Speaker System

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These speakers are capable of producing some low lows and high highs thanks to its innovative design. They’re made with a polypropylene Plus One woofer cone that’s capable of delivering 240 watts peak power and 80 watts RMS. That’s a total of 480 watts of power per set with an RMS of 160 watts per set. These speakers also have a frequency response between 50Hz through 20kHz, an impedance of 3-ohms, and a sensitivity of 93 dB. Each of these specifications means that these speakers are specifically built for audiophiles who love their music treated with a little bit of respect.

5Pioneer TS-G6930F Stereo Speakers

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These 6×9 3-way speakers provide up to 800 watts of peak audio per pair, or about 90-watts of RMS per pair. They’re made with a 3/8-inch dome super tweeter and have a polypropylene cone that’s been injection molded for superior sound conductivity and durability. These speakers have a top-mount depth of 2.75-inches, have a cutout dimension of 6-inches by 8-3/4-inches and have an impedance of 4-ohms. They also have a frequency response of 32 to 32,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 90dB. And as an added bonus, they not only sound great but also come with a free pair of earbuds, too.

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4Alpine SPS-619 Coaxial 3-Way Speaker Set

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This speaker set from Alpine not only looks nice but it also delivers some serious sound. These speakers have RMS power of 170-watts per pair and peak power of 520-watts per pair. They also have an impedance of 4-ohms and a frequency response of 65 to 23,000 Hz. These speakers also have a cut-out depth of 5-15/16-inches by 8-3/4-inches, so they can easily be installed in the place of most stock speakers. And since they’re manufactured by Alpine, a trusted name in the car stereo industry, consumers can rest assured that these speakers will give them years of music listening pleasure.

3Kenwood KFC-6995PS 125-Watt Flush Mount Speaker Set

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Kenwood is another company known for making exceptional quality car speakers, and their attention to detail is really evident in this speaker set. This pair of speakers are not only designed to look good, but they’re also designed to play music the exact way it’s supposed to be played. They have a 2.75-inch paper cone mid-range, a 1/2-inch PWZT balanced dome tweeter, and have an RMS of 250-watts per pair. They also have a 60 to 20,000 Hz frequency range and a sensitivity of 88 dB. Anyone who has been searching for a quality pair of 125-watt speakers may want to see if these are suitable for their purposes before they buy something else.

2Kicker D-Series 360-Watt 3-Way Speaker Set

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These D-series speakers from Kicker have a lot of things going for them. They provide less distortion when they’re used with lower watts than conventional speakers, and they tend to be easier on most amplifiers. They have a peak performance of 360-watts and an RMS of 70-watts. They have a thin-profile to them, so they should be able to be used in most vehicles. Their tweeter also doesn’t protrude very far. All of this allows this speaker to be used for a wide variety of different vehicles and applications. And since these speakers are easy to install, and look nice once installed, just about anyone can feel good about buying them.

1Rockford Fosgate P1694 6×9-Inch Speaker Pair

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When people buy 6×9 speakers, they’re not only looking for speakers that sound good but they’re also likely looking for ones that are easy to install. And that’s why these speakers are a good fit for just about everyone. Not only do they produce up to 150-watts of peak power handling, but they’re also easy to install. They have features like a flex fit basket and an integrated concealed crossover that makes for easier installation and a cleaner look once it has been installed in the vehicle. Additional features found on this model include a polypropylene injection-molded cone, a PEI dome tweeter, and a butyl rubber speaker surround. It also comes with an OEM adapter plate for ease of installation.

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