Top 10 Best ACT Prep Books of 2019 – Reviews

There is no shortage of ACT prep books currently available in stores or online, and all of them seem to claim that they’re the best ones to use. Unfortunately, far too many of them fail to come up to an acceptable standard, much less meet the standard of excellence that the term best implies.

This can cause quite the conundrum for students who need to find the best study material available so they can get the highest ACT score possible. That’s why we’ve decided to take up the matter and search out the ACT study guides that are the best, so students can choose the one that’s best for them.

Best ACT Prep Books Of 2019

10Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide

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Developed by Barron’s Educational Series, this ACT premium study guide is designed to prepare students for the challenge of the ACT and do it without overloading the student with too much information. It’s a step-by-step guide that features a customizable study plan and features sage advice from the teachers who are the most familiar with the test. It also comes with six practice tests, four in the book and two online, that help the student test their knowledge of the core material so they can gauge their readiness for the test. And this version is also the most current information available for students as well.

9ACT Prep Book Secrets Study Guide

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This study guide for the ACT is extremely extensive and is designed to give the student a jump on the material so they can take the test with confidence. It’s a complete and authoritative review of all of the ACT sections and includes sections on English, math, reading, writing, and scientific reasoning. The English section covers grammar, punctuation, parallelism, and word tense. The math section covers pre-algebraic equations, geometry, and trigonometry. The comprehension skills section covers literary genres and passage type, and the science section covers scientific knowledge and skills. All of these sections come together to provide the student with one of the most comprehensive study guides available.

8Test Prep Books ACT Test Study Guide

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Even though there are plenty of ACT prep books, this one is one of the few ones that has a guarantee right on its cover. The cover of this book clearly states that it guarantees it will raise a person’s ACT score if they take the time to raise the material. How much will it raise a person’s test score? That’s unsure, but judging just by the quality of the material in the book, then it should be able to raise a person’s score by quite a bit. That’s because this book has the latest and best information available, and has practice tests that help the student gauge their level of knowledge and hone their test-taking skills.

7ACT Math: The Guide

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Why suffer through study guides that go over scientific principles, reading, writing, and punctuation, when all you need is a book that prepares you for the ACT’s math section? Now you don’t have to, thanks to this guide that focuses all of its attention on the ACT’s math section. Inside this book, you’ll find sections on pre-algebra test-taking strategies, decimals, fractions, percentages, rates, probabilities, and a whole lot more. And it’s all in a concise and easy-to-read format that will give the student the math skills they need to take the ACT with confidence. And all without having to slug through a bunch of unnecessary information.

6The Complete Guide To ACT English

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This ACT prep book is another study guide that’s designed to tackle just one section of the ACT—in this case, the English section of the test. Although some people may consider that a myopic approach to studying, some people already have a firm understand of the test’s other sections and just need a little bit of help with this subject. And judging from our experience with the book, it seems like it has covered all of the basics needed for a student to get the best English score possible on their test. And because it also features two complete tests in the back of it, it will also give students confidence that they have the skills to ace this section of the ACT.

5For The Love Of ACT Science

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Anyone looking to get a 35 on the science section of the ACT is going to want to get a study guide that’s comprehensive enough to walk them through the subject. Fortuantely, this is such a study guide. This easy-to-use guide walks the student through the subject without talking down to them in the process. It not only covers the basics, but it also covers advanced questions as well. Using this guide, students will get a thorough understanding of the scientific method, using scatter points, designing and implementing an experiment, and dealing with conflicting viewpoints. Everything a student needs to get the best science score they can get.

4Manhatten Prep 5 Lb. Book Of ACT Practice Problems

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Experts agree that one of the best ways to tackle the ACT is to use practice problems that mirror the questions that are found in the real test. And this book contains all of the practice questions a person needs to tackle the ACT and get a great score. Inside of this book, the student will find practice problems for the English, reading, writing, math, and science portions of the test. They’ll also find a progress tracker that will enable them to gauge their weaknesses, so they can target those areas in their practice. And all of this is available in an easy-to-use book that will help keep the student focused on the task at hand.

3ACT Prep Black Book

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The ACT Black Book is a prep book that’s designed to give the student the most effective strategies available for conquering the ACT. Some of the sections that can be found in this book include sections on math, commas, science, and general English questions. This comprehensive book also has sections that address the biggest myths regarding the ACT, how students can achieve a 36 on the test, and dealing with the ACT if English isn’t your primary language. It also has sections that address the concerns of parents and provides them some assurance. It’s a book no student is going to want to be without.

2Kaplan ACT Prep Plus

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This comprehensive guide has everything a student needs to master the ACT. It has sections that cover English, math, reading, science, and writing, plus it also features five full-length practice tests for honing student skills. Also included with this book is one year access to their online center that contains additional videos and quizzes to help students further refine their test-taking skills. And it’s all contained within a book that’s easy-to-read and presents the information in a clear and precise manner. It’s everything a student could want to prepare themselves for taking this test, so they don’t have to fret over their preparation level any longer.

1The Official ACT Prep Guide

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More students turn to this book than just about any other ACT prep book and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. It’s because this guide is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtfully laid out guides that are currently available. It handles all of the major sections of the ACT and helps students refine their skills in English, math, science, reading, and writing. It also gives the student helpful strategies for not only studying for the test but also for taking it. And it even gives the student tips on how they should prepare themselves on the day of the test, so they know exactly what to expect.

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