Top 10 Best Action Cameras of 2019 – Reviews

If you’re the adventurous type, you will undoubtedly know by now that you simply cannot take a regular camera with you outdoors, or at least not without the risk of it breaking down at some point. A good way to avoid this but to still capture the fun moments you have when you’re out biking, surfing, driving, climbing, skiing, or whatever it is you enjoy doing in your spare time, is to invest in an action camera of your choosing.

These cameras are designed to be easily attached to helmets, surfboards, cars, or pretty much any other form of vehicle or equipment you might use in your adventures. Having said that, you should definitely spend your money wisely, because not all of these cameras are built to the same standards. To save you the trouble of browsing the market yourself, we put together a list of the ten best action cameras money can buy.

Best Action Cameras 2019

10GoPro Hero7 Black

buy from amazonThe Hero 7 offers a lot of improvements over the Hero 6. The most significant improvement is the addition of GoPro’s all-new HyperSmooth video footage.

A further new feature on the Hero 7 is the TimeWarp video option which combines the idea of regular frame-by-frame time-lapse shooting (which is still a separate feature) with HyperSmooth. This essentially means that you get a stabilized hyperlapse. The user interface here has been overhauled for a much-improved user experience.

Through the delivery of amazingly smooth 4K video footage, the Hero 7 is currently the best action camera on the market.


9Yi 4K+ Action Camera

buy from amazonIf you are looking for an action camera with a much more attractive price point than most, then the Yi 4K+ Action Camera is the best option for you.

This particular camera features one of the simplest yet best designs for an action camera.

If you are a beginner in action photography or action videoing then the Yi 4K+ Action Camera is definitely the best option for your particular needs.

8GoPro Hero7 Silver


buy from amazonWhile the Hero 7 Black is the top of the GoPro range, the Silver version falls just underneath it. It can’t quite pull off as many tricks as the fancy Black version, but the Silver GoPro Hero 7 is priced much lower. Considering the amount of features that this model does have, it is priced very well.

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver model features stabilized 4K video recording, a 2 inch touchscreen on the back, waterproofing down to 10m, and voice controls which allow you to instruct the camera to perform almost all of the available functions without you having to raise a finger. This is a great option for beginners.

7Sony RX0 II

buy from amazonThis is the world’s smallest 4K video camera. This tiny second-generation camera has a large 1-inch sensor which can shoot 15.3MP still images. It also features a top class Zeiss Tessar T* 24mm f/4 fixed wide-angle lens.

It is incredibly compact, but it is also waterproof and crushproof. It can shoot 4K footage at 30fps and Full HD footage at 120fps.

Some of the extra features include a Soft Skin Effect mode and advanced Eye AF.

Amazingly, it also features a tilt-able LCD screen which is capable of tilting up to 180 degrees and down by 90 degrees.

Garmin 728x90 Banner

It is quite an expensive model and due to its size it can be quite fiddly. However, if you are looking for a compact and rugged camera which can shoot 4K videos well then this is a great option.

6Olfi One.Five Black

buy from amazon

This camera features a lot of great specifications and comes at half the price of GoPro’s leading camera.

GPS, voice activation, and the ability to link to external sensors (an example here is Garmin’s numerous cycling products) are a few of the specifications that are missing from this budget camera. However, if you are simply looking for a great point and shoot camera, this one is perfect.

You can capture perfect good-looking footage with this wonderful little device without worrying about breaking the bank. This camera is perfect to newbies to the action camera world.

5GoPro Hero5 Black


buy from amazonThe GoPro Hero 5 may have been overshadowed by both the Hero 7 Black and the Hero 6 Black, however, the Hero 5 Black is still a very good camera. It can shoot video footage up to 30fps. The videos come out very smooth, and it also has the ability of shooting stills in raw format which offers even more flexibility.

It is waterproof down to 10m without any need for a protective casing. The Hero 5 Black is also very simple to use and also has the addition of voice control, a rear touchscreen, and GPS, making it one of the most advanced feature-packed cameras on the market today.

It has also never been cheaper, so it is an incredibly tempting option for avid action camera enthusiasts.

4Yi 4K Action Camera


buy from amazonHow often do you shoot videos underwater? If the answer if not a lot, then this little camera could be perfect for you. There is an optional underwater case available for this camera, however, the camera itself is not waterproof.

The Yi 4K Action Camera features a large and responsive touchscreen, fast file transfers, and a big battery. It does lack a few features which it’s competitors currently have such as image stabilization and lens distortion correction. However, this neat little camera is still excellent value and a great addition to any adventurers kit.

3GoPro Hero (2018)

buy from amazonNot everyone can afford the flashy GoPro Hero 7 model, however, you can still pick up a relatively good GoPro Hero model on a budget. Due to its age and price point, this model does lack some of the features of the newer models. Some examples include 4K video recording and HyperSmooth stabilization, however, it does still capture brilliant Full HD video footage. It is waterproof straight out of the box and has an excellent 2-inch touchscreen on the back. This means that it is just as simple to operate as the newer, more expensive models.

2TomTom Bandit

buy from amazonBullet-shaped cameras may have fallen out of fashion more recently due to the GoPro and its box-shaped cameras, however, the TomTom Bandit keeps up with the old trend. It features many top specifications which make it one of the best cameras on the market today.

With years worth of GPS experience TomTom has built in a series of sensors within this camera which not only record the location that you’re shooting in but also the speed and G-force as well. So when these built-in sensors pick up that something exciting has happened, it will automatically tag the footage.

Opening the app and completing a simple shake of your phone, it will automatically edit your footage so that it is ready for uploading immediately. It is incredibly easy to function.

1Olympus TG-Tracker

buy from amazonThe futuristic design of the TG Tracker is hard to miss. It features an ultra-wide 204-degree lens and the headline video resolutions include 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and an impressive 240fps at 720p for slow-motion capture. This is a brilliant action camera which is ready for absolutely anything and it features a small LED video light which is built in.

Built in to this compact model is a GPS system, compass, acceleration sensors and even a barometer and thermometer. The intel from all of these features can be displayed when viewing back the video footage that you have taken, or in the video edit so that you can show off just how extreme you are.


Best Action Cameras: Conclusion

The list above highlights the ten best action cameras that money can buy today. All of these cameras contain some amazing features and specifications which make them the best on the market.

We hope that this list helps you in choosing the right action camera for you.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share with us about a time you used an action camera? We would love to hear your ideas and experiences. Please leave us a comment in the comments section below this article.