Top 12 Best Air Hockey Tables of 2019 – Reviews

Those of you who have had the pleasure of playing at some point or another should know by now just how addictive air hockey can be. Entertaining and fairly easy to play, air hockey tables are quickly making their way into more and more homes nowadays and understandably so. These tables can range from simplistic and generic to high-tech and feature-packed, a good indication of the sheer variety the market has to offer. To give you some pointers about what makes a good one stand out, we put together a list of the ten best air hockey tables money can buy.

Best Air Hockey Tables – Top List

12Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

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This awesome air hockey game is easy to assemble in under fifteen minutes and provides endless hours of fun. It is the perfect addition to parties and game nights with friends and family. Simply attach the padded legs and goal box to the table-top and you’re ready to go. The set comes with everything you need to get started including two scoreboard options, 2 mini pushers, and 2 mini pucks. Despite being a small air hockey table, this particular table offers no lack of power. This particular air hockey machine comes with a CUL-certified, AC-12V motor for optimal air-flow and puck fluidity. It runs off two AAA batteries so is very simple to get started. This is a hockey table which will provide a lot of fun and laughter for all the family.

11ESPN Air Hockey Game Table

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This ESPN air hockey table is great because it features two games in one – air hockey and ping pong. This is the perfect table for competitive families or for when you’re having friends over for a party. It features powerful fans and a flawless, glossy finish which means that the table-top is perfect for playing. The slick and smooth surface prevents the puck from sticking or bouncing and so this guarantees for uninterrupted playing. It has a lot of great extras including an LED scoring system, push-button controls, and integrated sound effects which add excitement and intensity to every game!

10Atomic Blazer Hockey Table

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With this ingenious table, you get to stay engaged in the game for hours on end without worrying about any of the particularities that sometimes plague low-end hockey tables. The 84-inch table boasts a Glazier Compound Coated top surface, shining and never wearing out. Thanks to its generous size, it allows two or four players to get into the match, recommending it as the perfect family choice. It also integrates automatic LCD electronic scorer for tracking the scores without any interruptions to the players. Four pushers and four pucks are included while the game comes to full life thanks to incorporated real stadium sounds.

9Goplus 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

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If your children enjoy playing air hockey, you must not incur huge costs in buying a very much detailed table for them. Some less costly models can also do. For instance, the Goplus 54-inch air hockey table is a great choice, designed lightweight and compact to fit in almost any room. It features four adjustable legs, allowing you to easily set it to a level, stable playing platform. The table’s top boasts aesthetically inspiring design—patterned after hockey rink to add to gaming excitement. Its 5-inch top offers a great space for a great play. The scores can be tracked in two ways—using a side integrated LED electronic scorer or manually thanks to a built-in manual score.

8Carmelli Face-Off 5-ft Air Hockey Table

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This 5-ft Air Hockey Table by Carmelli brings the experience of arcade-style hockey right to your home. The table features reinforced rugged legs that, coupled with the extra-thick CARB-approved MDF construction makes the table very stable and durable. The strong L-shape legs and supportive levelers ensure you have a level playing platform on any of your room’s floor. Carmelli’s electronic scoring system easily and accurately tracks the players’ points in each match. Moreover, candid hockey graphics make Carmelli NG1009H rank among the best air hockey tables today.

7Atomic Top Shelf 7.5-ft Air Hockey Table

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Atomic Top Shelf provides another top-grade arcade-style model of air hockey table of 7.5 ft. The table boasts lots of modern tech features that you would expect to get from an actual arcade. First, it features a high quality, reflective surface that is elegant and designed to help the player’s puck glide seamlessly. Its blowers are quite powerful—you will feel as if your pusher and pucks do fly with every strike. Atomic Top Shelf further integrates LED lighting. You can, therefore, turn the lights off and utilize the LED lights from the goal zone as well as in both the pucks and pushers.

6Harvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Table

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Another great, fun-packing model, the Harvil 4-ft Air Hockey Table boasts new and greatly improved features that support your continued fun at home. For instance, it has a consistent electronic scorer for accurate counting of your scores. Again, it offers wider goals for easier puck retrieval without risking your hand, while its fan speed is higher for more impressive matches. The table can conveniently fit in almost any room. Moreover, its specially crafted L-shaped legs include easy-to-adjust levelers for improved stability.

5Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

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For those who are serious about enjoying a quality air hockey game at home, the Home Pro Elite air hockey table can be an ideal investment. It is an arcade-style model with a premium-grade construction, meaning the table will provide you consistent value for a lifetime. Owing to its big 8-ft size, you will need a bigger space to set this air hockey table. However, you will also have a better, more flexible gaming experience with it. It is a serious table model in that its rails are completely tournament-tested to ensure that you enjoy your games just like anyone playing high-profile air hockey. The table also features a scoring unit in an overhead design, providing a clear and stress-free view of the game progress for both players.

4Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table

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Hathaway’s Face-Off is a big and sturdy face-off air hockey table that is quite reliable and easy to set up. It features a rugged construction using eco-friendly materials, while its engineering can withstand the rigors of competing players for real long. The 5-ft table has a poly-sealed playing surface which is powered a robust blower fan that provides optimal air flow over the whole playing field. Hathaway’s L-shaped, reinforced legs have end and side panel supports deliver great table stability no matter what. Included large leg levelers provide for adept table leveling on just any room floor, while integrated electronic scorer keeps correct track of who has what between the players.

3MD SPORTS Titan Air Hockey Table

buy from amazonMD SPORTS Titan is a sleek 7.5 ft air-powered hockey table which hockey enthusiasts find incredibly valuable. It is among those models that feature a charming high-gloss playing surface on which are featured great hockey graphics, giving it a professional style and feel. Although not LED-enabled, the Titan has a reliable lighting system along the table’s rails. Scores are displayed on a unique over-the-table scorer, allowing both the competing players and spectators an easy view of the game progress. Moreover, this hockey table’s legs are strongly designed to provide stability and also durability. They are also easy-adjusting to achieve the right balance for a perfectly level playing surface.

2Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table

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The Sport Squad’s HX40 is a fun and exciting air hockey table for players of all ages, sizes. It is electric-powered to keep a continuous and even airflow across the compact table-top so as to provide a smooth-flowing air hockey gaming experience. This table is very durable since it is made of premium-grade wood, yet it is easily movable and simple to store even in houses with small rooms. The included rubber pads on the feet of this table ensure no scratches on the floor or carpet. The goal boxes are designed to return your puck easily, and they incorporate manual scorers for keeping track of the possible winner of the game.

1Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table-Top Air Hockey

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For those upbeat about playing air hockey but lack the space for a full-sized table, the Playcraft 40-Inch air hockey table is waiting. It is an ideal choice for the space-limited households, and also ideal for young kids who are not yet able to reach to a rather big table. The hockey table is made of strong MDF hardwood, and it integrates a powerful and reliable air-powered motor. Equipped with 2 strikers and 2 pucks, this table further has an ABS puck catcher, supporting fast puck return. Although there are much more technologically advanced air hockey tables out there, this particular tabletop game should be more than enough for casual players.


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Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Increasingly popular these days, air hockey tables can provide hours upon hours of entertainment for the whole family. As an activity, air hockey can be enjoyed by people of all ages as it doesn’t cause any physical strain whatsoever. That said, we should point out that there are quite a few differences between tables depending on the manufacturer, size, inbuilt features, and add-ons. For this reason, we should perhaps try to first understand what makes air hockey tables differ from one another.

Types of Air Hockey Tables

In principle, air hockey tables fall into four major categories – basic tables, electronic arcade-style tables, portable tabletop tables, and multi-game tables.

Basic Tables – These are the most simplistic tables you can buy right now. They do not have any electronic scoring features, music, or flashing lights, although they make up for this by being quite sturdy and easy to set up. They can also vary in quality and price depending on the manufacturer, as well as in terms of size and construction. Speaking of which, we should point out that basic tables are among the largest.

Arcade-style Tables – These tables are sturdy, tall, and packed with a host of interesting features. Among them, powerful blower motors, electronic scoring, music, sound effects, and a variety of other interesting technologies. It is because of their many features that these tables make a great addition to any arcade room or any gaming area. Needless to say, these tables are also quite expensive when compared with basic tables and understandably so.

Tabletop Tables – Like the name suggests, these tables are compact, portable, and easy to move. Perfect for rooms where space is of the issue, tabletop tables allow you to quickly set up an air hockey game with the option to take it down with ease at any moment. Given their compact construction, these tables can be placed on any existing table, game room table, or even on the floor if the environment allows it.

Multi-game Tables – As you would expect, multi-game tables feature a variety of other games along with air hockey. Traditionally, these multi-game tables allow you to not only play air hockey but foosball, table tennis, shuffleboard, bowling, and a host of other games as well. For this reason, you cannot expect multi-game tables to offer too much in terms of electronic features like scoring or sound effects, yet they are good enough for any casual player.

What To Look For In An Air Hockey Table

Size – Perhaps the first thing to consider is the table’s size. Unless you have unlimited space at your disposal, you should seriously consider how much of your room will such a table take up, because like we said, most of these tables cannot be folded or packed. In general, these tables are at least 90 inches in length and 50 inches in width, keeping in mind that you should have plenty of room to move around the table when playing.

Construction – Most of these tables are made of solid wood and have sturdy legs to not only support the heavy top but also the weight of the players leaning against them. For this reason, these tables should have strong joints and solid screws to keep it all together. You will also find that some of these tables have levelers on the base of each leg to enable players to adjust the playing surface even if the floor is uneven.

Rink Walls – You want an air hockey table with strong nylon or solid aluminum rink walls. A table’s rink walls determine the deflection and rebound of the puck, while also withstanding any occasional scratching or blunt damage. A good indication that a table is of a high standard is if it has thin laminate aluminum rink walls. Keep in mind, however, that these rink walls will dent over time.

Table Motor – Any good air hockey table requires a table motor to supply the air that gets pumped across the surface of the table. With a high output motor, you get an even flow of constant air across the playing surface. You also want a table that uses a quiet motor, one that should also be strong enough to supply a good airflow without overheating. On a related note, some of these motors can also boast a Plenum chamber to pressurize the air before blowing it across the table.

Puck Size – Last but not least, you also have a choice between small pucks or large pucks. The biggest advantage of smaller pucks is that they are easily blown across the table by the table motor, whereas larger pucks require a much stronger motor. The main disadvantage of small pucks is that they sometimes get blow out of bounds while large pucks tend to stay on the table no matter how hard you hit them.