Top 10 Best All Terrain Tires of 2019 – Reviews

As you may already know, all-terrain tires are designed to combine on-road stability with a superior ride comfort and off-road capabilities. While it used to be that off-road tires were separate from their on-road counterparts, the advent of new tire manufacturing possibilities allowed for all-terrain tires to not only exist but to take over such a huge sector of the market. In fact, the greatest thing about all-terrain tires is that their versatility recommends them for virtually any type of car running on any type of terrain.

We should point out that back in the day, all-terrain tires used to compromise between traction and stability, which isn’t the case with modern versions. If anything, some high-end all-terrain tires are miles ahead of even the smoothest on-road tires when it comes to stability and general reliability. With that in mind, we should perhaps take some time to learn about the particularities of good all-terrain tires and what to look for when buying some. Let us then find out what are the ten best all-terrain tires the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best All Terrain Tires – Top List

10Kumho Road Venture AT51

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Known for their top performance and durability, the Kumho Road Venture AT51 are solid tires that are designed with the special ability to channel water perfectly. Crafted to provide traction in all seasons, these tires are ideal for SUVs and pickup vans. Offering optimum comfort and control, they can easily adapt to tough winter weather, muddy plains, and damp highways as well as off road plains. Featuring a black sidewall, these tires come with a T speed rate to help with their fuel-efficiency.

9Nitto Terra Grappler G2

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Ideal for all seasons, the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 are premium quality all-terrain tires that are compatible with most light trucks and vans. Designed in a 285/70R17 116T size, these tires can be utilized for light travel purposes including to and fro to work, towing as well as traveling up a mountain. Built to offer multiple miles of usage, these tires are suitable for both on and off-road traveling. Not just that but due to their full-depth sipes and high-quality shoulder lugs, these heavy duty tires offer optimum traction in the toughest weather conditions.

8Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud Tire

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Offering ultimate traction and control on the toughest terrain, the Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud is the ideal tire on rocks, mud, snow or sand. Whether you are driving casually through mountainous terrain, dunes, and rocky terrains or simply exploring the desert, this tire glides over any kind of surface. Thanks to its high-void construction, it is also uniquely designed with biting edges and self-cleans. Featuring off-center tread blocks that are staggered, this tire offers enhanced on-road performance. The 3-ply sidewalls protect from outer impact and damage, while the special ejectors safeguard the tire from any stones and chips, especially while traveling over rocky terrain.

7Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire

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Featuring a center rib block, the Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire enhances the stability and control of your vehicle while changing direction. Thanks to an advanced pitch design technology, it helps to reduce the noise produced by tires. Equipped with a full coverage without any joints, this tire improves the brake performance and adds to the durability of the tire. The single strand beaded wire helps to improve the ride while the hard bead filler helps to optimize durability.

6BF Goodrich T/A KO2 All-Season Radial Tire - Car & Truck Accessories

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Featuring the latest CoreGard technology, the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 All-Season Radial Tire is uniquely designed with a robust sidewall made from high-quality resistant rubber. Unlike others of its kind, this tire comes with an added thickness that extends right down the sidewall for optimal protection. It also comes with an advanced deflection design that automatically deflects objects from splitting or damaging the sidewall. Thanks to its premium quality upper sidewall traction bars, this tire offers optimum traction on muddy, snowy and rocky terrains. Its specially designed serrated shoulder blocks provide added maneuverability even on soft soil and deep snowy surfaces.

5Hankook DynaPro AT RF10

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The Hankook DynaPro AT RF10 is a durable tire that comes designed with a wraparound tread that prevents punctures and gives the tire a rugged look. Thanks to their two-steep side walls, these tires offer optimum performance and extend the life of the tire even on wet terrain. Featuring layered side grooves, it offers easy maneuverability and predictable cornering. Unlike other tires of their kind, these all-terrain tires are 8% wider and offer optimum grip and road contact.

4Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Tire

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The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is an all-terrain robust tire that is designed to offer enhanced performance both on and off road. Thanks to its silica-based tread compound, this tire is suitable for wet terrain and provides optimum traction while offering resistance to cuts, gravel, and rocks. The center rib is broken and provides traction on the softest surface without hampering control. This tire also comes equipped with a dual draft tread element on its sidewalls to help in the reduction of stones getting jammed and is resistance to chips.

3Federal Couragia M/T Radial

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Designed with large shoulder lugs, the Federal Couragia M/T Radial tires come with a robust block of protection on the upper shoulder to avoid bruises, cuts, outer impacts, and off-road threats. Thanks to their block edges, these tires clear off sand and dirt offering a smooth consistent performance on road. With a sloped radius gradient design, they add to the stiffness of the block and help to enhance traction and performance as much as possible. These tires also feature a special tread compound that is resistant to chips, cuts, stones and outer impact, ensuring an increased durability and even wear.

2Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire

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Designed and engineered to glide through any terrain during any weather condition, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a premium grade tire made for adventure. With the impressive ability to withstand the imperfections of any terrain, this tire features an optimized silica tread compound that enhances the performance on snow, wet roads and rocky terrain. Made with high-quality rubber, this tire is ideal for severe winter conditions and deep snow. Not just that but it also comes with full-depth sipes and well-designed grooves to help optimize performance and durability long-term.

1Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire

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Popularly considered as one of the most trusted tire manufacturers in the world, Goodyear is known to deliver strength, durability, and an optimized control through all their tires. The Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire, for instance, offers all-terrain traction with a unique tread design that makes the tire ideal for pickup trucks and vans. Thanks to its large tread blocks, it helps deliver an optimized control and glide through all kinds of terrain during the toughest weather conditions. Featuring an S speed rating and a load rating of 105, this tire offers a noise-free, stable ride for you to enjoy at any speed across any type of terrain.

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All-Terrain Tires Buying Guide

We refer to All-terrain tires when talking about tires that provide optimum traction on any kind of surface. These tires provide stability and balance and are designed to handle the capabilities of off-road or highway tires. They are also called all-purpose tires and can handle various surfaces like roads and highways, wet surfaces, snow-covered roads, rocky terrain, and muddy roads or soft soil conditions that would stifle a regular tire. If you drive on both on and off-road terrain, it is ideal for you to opt for all-terrain tires. Typically utilized on vans, pickup trucks, camping trucks, SUVs or any four-wheeled vehicles, these tires should also be adjusted to the suspension system of your vehicle.

Benefits of Utilizing All-terrain Tires

Although some people might be under the impression that they do not necessarily need all-terrain tires it is important to know their benefits and whether they represent a comfortable option for you on different circumstances. In principle, these tires aren’t just designed to help with your traction and stability but to also deliver a more fuel-efficient driving experience regardless of your car. Here is what all-terrain tires have to offer across the board:

  • Versatility – Those of you who own a large vehicle like an SUV, a pickup truck, or a van, most likely need all-terrain tires even if you don’t know it yet. These tires are perfect for off-road driving and are usually suitable for larger vehicles. The primary advantage of these tires would be that they are comfortable for both on and off-road driving regardless of what car you drive.
  • Mileage – Those who drive their trucks or SUVs on a regular basis, all-terrain tires are the ideal choice as they offer a higher mileage that off-road tires. The fact that they offer a higher mileage also optimizes the value and durability of the tire, as they would not need to be replaced too often.
  • Toughness – Featuring sturdy sidewalls and made from high-end rubber to protect the tire from punctures and chips, all-terrain tires are a tougher choice. Most all-terrain tires are also equipped with steel cables to help with optimum traction and also have the ability to deflect stones and gravel, keeping them protected from outer impacts and damage when on rocky terrains.
  • Traction – Many if not most all-terrain tires offer optimized levels of traction on all kinds of tough surfaces including muddy, rocky, and snow-covered and soil. No matter how wet or snowy the surfaces are, these type of tires come with large treads and can cover a maximum surface area quickly.
  • Value – All-terrain tires are much more affordable as compared to regular tires. And as mentioned above, they do not need to be replaced often, all-terrain tires can definitely help you save money. Not only are they designed for all kinds of terrain, but they also provide you with your money’s worth.
  • Even Wear – We should point out that all-terrain tires wear down but do so evenly, unlike regular tires. This is also an advantage as uneven tires can lead to accidents and do not offer good control when driving at any speed.
  • Noise – Although manufacturers are aware of this fact, older versions of all-terrain tires used to make a lot of noise when on the road due to their large-sized block-treads. Although this might still be true for some low-end versions to this day, there are also many such tires that have been designed to produce less noise overall.
  • Low Fuel Efficiency – Owing to their optimized friction, weight, and air-resistance, all-terrain tires deliver better fuel efficiency regardless of the car. This has been a trend with most high-end all-terrain tires for quite a few years now and understandably so.

What To Consider When Buying All-Terrain Tires

  • Large Treads – As compared to regular tires or highway tires, all-terrain tires are designed with a chunky tread pattern. This is to increase the surface area of the tire so that the amount of traction achieved is greater.
  • Internal Reinforcements – In order to optimize the rigidity when traveling over tougher terrain, most all-terrain tires are reinforced with steel cables. For this purpose, they are wrapped with a nylon fiber to increase their overall strength. This also makes all-terrain tires much more durable and robust than standard tires.
  • Stone Ejectors – Most all-terrain tires are designed to prevent chips and gravel from entering the wheel or getting caught between the treads. This not only prevents the tire from getting damaged but helps keep the tread clear, hence improving traction.
  • Treated Rubber – All-terrain tires are usually treated with silica or carbon which is a compound that helps the tire to achieve optimum grip over wet surfaces. It also helps to keep away mud and gravel from getting lodged into the tires treads.
  • Self-cleaning – Thanks to their unique design, most all-terrain tires are made to self-clean as they spin. The treads on these tires are constructed to prevent dirt and stones from getting caught allowing it to work its way out while the wheel turns. This also delivers an optimized traction and helps to `a lot of time long-term.