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Top 10 Best Ankle Support Braces of 2019 – Reviews

If you find yourself in need of an ankle support brace for whatever reason, you would do well to first find out what the market has in store before settling on a specific model. We say this because the market has been flooded over these past few years with sub-par models that will not provide the kind of support your abrasion, sprain, or strain requires in order to heal properly.

After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best ankle support braces money can buy for you to look at.

Best Ankle Support Braces – Top List

10Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

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When it comes to supreme stability, one of the best braces you can get your ankles in is the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace. Unlike many other braces, this features a hard exterior construction that allows you to have as much support as you need. When compared to traditional ankle sleeve braces, the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace offers you the ability to continue moving around without the worry of any damage. The best part is that you can move your ankle around in all the ways you could before, but the hard shell ensures that no awkward movements will happen to further complicate an injury. 

You can use the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace in a variety of sports for additional support. Users prefer using the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace for high impact sports like volleyball, basketball, and tennis. You can even use it when hiking and jogging as well. When it comes to the design, you will find the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace comes in two shades; white and black. Both colors will fit men and women. And although the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace features a hard shell with adjustable straps, you can use it on both your right and your left ankle. Overall, if you are looking for a great ankle support brace that will help protect you from injury but will also provide support, then the Ultra Zoom Ankle Support Brace is a great option to go with. 


9Zensah Ankle Support

buy from amazonMade from nylon and spandex, this ankle support by Zensah offers great pinpoint compression. Not only is it soft and lightweight, it is also fairly smooth on your skin and hence a wonderful choice for volleyball, basketball, jogging, running or even everyday wear. Its unique design and ultra-breathable and moisture-wicking materials keep your ankle dry even when you’re performing intense activities while providing you with a complete motion range.

8DocBear Ankle Support Brace

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As you know, an ankle support brace can come in all shapes and styles. When it comes to the most flexible ankle support brace, the DocBear Ankle Support Brace is one that can provide the support that you need and the flexibility you want in order to carry it around with you everywhere you go. This breathable ankle brace is one that hundreds of Amazon customers simply love. This is in part to the level of practicality it provides. The brace provides an increase of blood circulation so that more oxygen can get to your muscles and help repair them. The DocBear Ankle Support Brace can also provide an ample amount of soothing warmth to help with any discomfort that you may be feeling due to an injury. Other reasons why you may want to use this brace is because of arthritis pain, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, and other muscle issues around your ankle area. Users love that the DocBear Ankle Support Brace provides you the perfect level of comfort thanks to the adjustable straps that feature crisscross reinforcement straps. These straps gently help to support your ankle without causing additional harm.

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The material used with the DocBear Ankle Support Brace will also provide you with an ample amount of comfort. The breathable and sweat absorbent high elastic and moisture wicking material will help your ankle nice and secure without causing any itchiness due to a moisture buildup. If you are looking for a great ankle support brace that you can wear on a regular basis, the DocBear Ankle Support Brace is a great option to go with. 

7SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace

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Another one of the best support braces to use for injuries is the SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace. The SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace is designed to help protect you and support your ankle after an injury. You will find that there is an upgraded 360 degree support around your ankle. This support allows you the ability to continue moving as you normally would, but you will be protected from all sides. The stability will allow you to continue with your day to day activities all while allowing you to heal up. 

You will find that on either side of the ankle stabilizer, there are two steel spring. These springs are what allow you to have the needed support. They are cushioned with a neoprene elastic that is both durable for any activity and breathable. Because the material is quick drying, you can wear the SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace all day without having to deal with the buildup of any moisture. Although you will want to shop with the correct ankle support brace in mind, you will be pleased to find that there is an adjustable strap that will allow you to find the right fit. Lastly, the price point of the SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace is one that makes it a great buy, especially for the quality that it provides. In addition to that, if you are not totally satisfied with your SNEINO Ankle Support Lace Up Brace, you can take comfort in the 100% money back guarantee

6McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace

buy from amazonCited as one of the best ankle braces around, the McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace is one that offers both flexibility and breathability. Aside from boasting a standard medical-grade spring steel that firmly puts it in place, it is equipped with a breathable two-layered polyester material that facilitates proper blood and air circulation. Moreover, the brace is quite long lasting due to its extra-sturdy construction. It is also designed with support stays that offer optimal comfort and control along with a great deal of flexibility.

5Zenith Ankle Support Brace

Zenith Ankle Brace, Lace Up Adjustable Support - for Running, Basketball, Injury Recovery, Sprain! Ankle Wrap for Men, Women, and Children

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Another one of the best ankle support braces is the Zenith Ankle Support Brace. With the Zenith Ankle Support Brace, you get the stability you need regardless of the sport you are participating in. The Zenith Ankle Support Brace comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. With each size, you will always find the perfect fit because of the adjustable straps. When it comes to the construction, the Zenith Ankle Support Brace is made out of a high quality nylon and neoprene material. The material used is also super breathable so that you do not have to worry about any discomfort or itchiness. This is further enhanced thanks to the double stitched seams that prevent irritation. The quality and durability of the material ensure that your Zenith Ankle Support Brace lasts a long time, so it will be years before you have to replace it. 

Overall, customer reviews can attest to the fact that the Zenith Ankle Support Brace is able to help prevent ankle pain and ankle injuries from further being exacerbated. Whether it is a sports related injury or you just need additional ankle support, the Zenith Ankle Support Brace can be a great option to go with. 

4Kunto Fitness Compression Ankle Brace

buy from amazonKunto Fitness’ compression brace is the ideal accessory to safeguard your ankles when you’re recovering from any ankle injuries. It is designed to offer phenomenal support and relieve pain from arthritis, joint aches, swelling, and sprains among others. Thanks to its ingenious construction, it reduces the chances of slipping, thus reducing the danger of chafing. It also stands out through how easy it is to put on and take off.

3POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve

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When it comes to a good ankle support brace, comfort is something that everyone with an ankle injury looks for. This is something that POWERLIX has nailed with their POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve. This ankle support sleeve provides you with a level of comfort that will allow you to wear your ankle support sleeve all day long. The POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve provides a level of compression that helps to encourage blood flow to your muscles in order to help repair them. This level of support works for muscle injuries due to athletics as well as muscle injuries because of health issues like tendonitis, arthritis, and swelling. 

What makes the POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve great is the fact that you can use it with all types of activities including volleyball, basketball, hiking, and jogging. You will get the stability you need, and because it is a sleeve, it will not get in the way of your activities due to it being bulky like many of the hard shelled competitors.

The POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve comes in a variety of sizes and it is exceptionally form fitting. The material used is quick to absorb moisture and you will never have to deal with any foul odors due to sweating or itchiness. 

Lastly, customers love that the POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve comes with a great warranty. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve, you get six months to return it hassle free. Though many users who have purchased the POWERLIX Ankle Support Compression Sleeve will tell you that it is a quality product that provides the stability and support that so many need.

2OrthoSleeve FS6 Foot Sleeve

buy from amazonThe OrthoSleeve FS6 is a wonderfully designed ankle sleeve that meets both therapeutic standards and sports-related activities. It comprises Nylon(76%) and Spandex(24%), a construction that gives your ankles the firm support they require during training or playing any sport.

Moreover, it also works well in relieving pain after an incident or during the recovery process for any injury. This medical-grade material is not only soft on your skin but also boasts great moisture-wicking characteristics which facilitate maximum moisture absorption.

1ASO Ankle Stabilizer

buy from amazonForming a complete figure-eight, this ankle stabilizer by ASO is an ideal choice if you need protection and support on your ankles while playing sports. This ingenious ankle stabilizer has enjoys an underlying ballistic top-grade material construction which makes it not only durable but flexible as well. At the same time, this ankle support brace benefits from a typical bilateral design which allows you to use it on both feet while its lower profile offers optimal comfort in the long run.


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What To Look For In An Ankle Support Brace

ankle support braceGiven the wide variety of ankle braces out there, it usually comes down to personal preference when choosing one brace over another. Whether it is for prophylactic purposes or for dealing with a specific type of injury, the use of an ankle support brace is usually accompanied by a great deal of deliberation.

The reason behind this being that each individual type of brace is tailored for a specific range of afflictions, which is why you want to do your homework well before choosing one for yourself.

Flexibility – It is the very nature of ankle support braces to be customizable and easy to use. Like we said, there is a wide array of braces to choose from, so you’re bound to get one that best suits your needs unless you’re suffering from a rare condition that requires a special brace. For most afflictions, however, a standard ankle support brace should do the trick. You will find that not all braces can be adjusted to fully support rare conditions but that the ones you can rely on are usually fairly flexible overall.

Ease of use – One thing to consider when shopping for an ankle brace is how easy it is to put on and how quickly you can take it off. Although its use may seem quite intuitive for most, the fact that some of these braces are equipped with variously complicated contraptions will surely add to the time it usually takes you to put your gear on. In this regard, you will find high-end braces to be much more user-friendly, even though they also have a price tag to match.

Construction – Even though you want such a brace to be as flexible and lightweight as possible, you still want it to be sturdy and durable. For this reason, you might want to choose one that involves not only nylon and spandex but a sturdier material as well. As far as aesthetics go, an ankle support brace isn’t necessarily required to be pretty as long as it does its job well, although you do want it to blend in with whatever sports gear you’re already wearing.

Different Braces To Choose From

types of ankle support bracesIt is important to keep in mind that not all braces were designed to meet the same standards, with some being more flexible than others.

Construction-wise, you will find some braces to be better at alleviating older injuries while others are purposely designed to provide support in motion. So if you weren’t aware already, we should point out that there are quite a few different types of braces one could choose from.

With Straps – When it comes to strap-style braces, keep in mind that they are usually designed to provide a heel-lock hold on the foot at all times. For this purpose, these braces enjoy a cloth-based construction, one that makes them lightweight and easy to put on. Although not as therapeutic as perhaps other types of braces, strap-based braces are highly popular among athletes of all kinds.

With Sleeves – Given their construction, sleeve-based braces are usually the most comfortable. On the other hand, the fact that they’re so comfortable means that they’re relatively loose, thus incapable of providing the support certain injuries demand during the healing process. Still, sleeve-based braces are perfect for hose of you who look for comfort along with protection, not to mention the superior airflow they provide.

With Stirrups – It should be said that stirrup-based braces aren’t as popular as they once were, even though there are plenty who still use them to this day. These particular braces were highly popular in the old days, yet they have been replaced by modern designs which focus on a more versatile type of support. Having said that, let us point out that stirrup-based braces are sure to alleviate discomfort over short periods of time thanks to their gel-filled bladders which can be cooled down in freezers or refrigerators before being worn.

With Lace-ups – Some believe that lace-up braces are among the first ever created, a design that recommended them initially as aids in dealing with a wide variety of ankle injuries. Over time, lace-up braces have lost some of their appeal, mostly because of how rigid they are. With this in mind, let it be known that these type of braces are usually the best you can use if you’re looking for a way to strap your ankle firmly in place. For this reason, they are also among the least comfortable braces out there.

Hybrid Braces – Hybrid braces, as the name would suggest, are designed to meet a wide range of expectations. Their versatile nature recommends them for almost any injury or affliction, thanks mainly to their customizable construction. It isn’t uncommon for these type of braces to benefit from the presence of stirrups, lace-ups, sleeves, and straps, all built within the same brace. As you would expect, these type of braces are also the most expensive you can get, a price tag that usually reflects the high standard you can expect.’