Top 10 Best Area Rugs For Kitchens of 2019 – Reviews

More and more people are beginning to realize just how handy area rugs are when they’re used in the kitchen. Not only do these rugs help to insulate bare feet from the cold kitchen floor, but it also adds a little splash of color to the kitchen area. And if they’re placed properly, these rugs can even give the homeowner a little bit of traction and help prevent them from slipping.

Before all of these benefits can be fully enjoyed, however, the homeowner first has to buy the best area rugs for kitchen floors in the first place. And that’s where we come in. We’ve done a bit of research and have found ten of the best rugs available. Anyone of these rugs can be placed into just about any home and do its job well.

Best Area Rugs For Kitchens Of 2019

10Seamersey Home & Kitchen Rugs 2-Piece Set

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This 2-piece kitchen rug set features a 20 by a 31-inch rug and a 20 by a 47-inch rug. These rugs are designed to be fade-resistant and stain-resistant, so it’s easy for homeowners to keep them looking nice. They are made with a high-density backing that protects the kitchen floor from scuffs or other damage. What’s really sensational about these rugs, however, is that they are made with a beautifully printed design on them. These rugs are available with either a design that features pots and pans, or they can choose from other design patterns such as coffee beans, cocktail wine, a chef motif, colorful cups, geometric patterns or even wine glasses.

9Ottomanson Glamour Collection

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Using a Moroccan trellis design that should fit in with the decor of any kitchen and available in a number of different colors, this area rug for kitchen floors will add a bit of pizazz to just about any kitchen. It measures 20-inches by 59-inches and is available in grey, green, yellow, pink, orange, blue, seafoam or red. It’s hemmed on all 4-sides for a clean look, and it has a rubber backing that makes it slip-resistant. And since it’s made using a nylon material, this rug doesn’t stain and doesn’t absorb liquids the same way that cotton rugs tend to do, which makes them extremely easy to clean with just a damp sponge.

8Ottomanson Ottohome Collection

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Made of out 100% Polypropylene, this rug is ideal for use in the kitchen. It has a 2 by 5-foot oval design that can be used alongside breakfast islands or even in front of some kitchen sinks. It has a floral design that can fit in well with both modern kitchens as well as rustic ones. This rug is not only stain resistant, but is also fade resistant and doesn’t shed. Equipped with non-slip rubber back and a low surface profile, this rug will also help prevent people from slipping in the kitchen. And since it has such a versatile design, it can not only be used in the kitchen but also can be used in bathrooms, children’s room or even in living rooms.

7Maple’s Rugs Rebecca

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This small accent rug can easily be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom or even in a hallway. It’s approximately 20-inches by 34-inches in size and is a part of Maple’s Rugs Rebecca rug line. This rug is manufactured using Olefin polypropylene, which allows it to be spill resistant and to hold up to heavy foot traffic. It’s lightweight and has a low-profile, so people won’t trip over it, and it has a non-slip back which makes it skid-resistant. And since this rug is made from a company that’s been making quality rugs since 1928, consumers can rest assured its made with the highest quality standards in mind.

6Maple’s Rugs Reggie Artwork Collection

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Manufactured in the U.S using 100% nylon pile, this 30-inch by 46-inch kitchen accent rug is ready for use in just about anyone’s kitchen. It’s a part of Maple’s Rugs Reggie Artwork Collection, so it’s not only durable and functional but also looks quite nice as well. Its eye-catching design is well printed, and it features a dark background that has shades of green, blue, yellow and orange. This product has a low-profile and is lightweight, so it won’t cause the homeowner to slip as he or she walks through their kitchen. And since it has a latex backing, it’s skid-resistant and very safe to use.

5Imprint Cumulus 9 Kitchen Island Runner

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There are quite a few reasons to be impressed with this high-quality kitchen island runner. This product is not only 60% thicker than many of the kitchen mats made by its competitors, but it’s also made without using heavy-metals, toxic chemicals or Phthalates, which makes it safe for both children and for pets. It’s been tested to reduce overall fatigue and discomfort, especially when the user has to stand on it for long periods of time. It also always stays-flat and is equipped with no-curl edges for a cleaner design. This kitchen mat measure approximately 26-inches by 72-inches and is a good fit in most kitchens.

4Mohwawk Home Fruit Crate Set

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This printed rug set comes with three rugs that each have a different size and is printed with a rustic kitchen fruit crate motif. The larger rug has an apple fruit crate design, the next largest has a peaches fruit crate design. The smallest rug, which is just the right size for using as a kitchen sink floor mat, has a pears fruit crate design. Each of these rugs is made with 100% nylon and are manufactured in the U.S. They have a height of 13/32-inch, and can be easily spot cleaned with a solution of water and dish detergent. They can also be vacuumed when needed to keep them looking their best.

3Urvigor Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

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This all-purpose kitchen rug is different than many of the other area rugs featured on this list, but it’s one that needs to be here. That’s because it’s designed to sit in front of the kitchen sink to give the homeowner or anyone else doing dishes a comfortable place to stand while they’re doing their chores. It’s an anti-fatigue mat that’s 3/4-inch thick and helps to relieve the stress on the dishwasher’s feet, legs, and lower back. This 20 by 39-inch rug is made of non-toxic materials, is safe to use around both pets and children, and won’t compress over time with use. And it has a cool antique surface that anybody can appreciate as well.

2KMat Memory Foam Rug

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This 47 by 17-inch memory foam rug is designed to be used in front of kitchen sinks or along breakfast islands. It’s also designed to be an anti-fatigue mat that takes the pressure off of a person’s feet and back. This product is 100% machine washable and is designed to dry quickly without deforming. It’s also water absorbent and helps to resist water that may try to seep through it. And since it’s made with memory foam, this mat has a softness to it that’s unmatched by other kitchen rugs. This mat also provides cold insulation and adds a layer of soundproofing to the room.

1Kangaroo Brands Antifatigue Kitchen Rug

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Not only does this trendy 32 by 20-inch rug come in one of a variety of exciting colors, but it also has a number of features which make it perfect for anyone to place in their kitchen. This mat is 3/4-inch thick and is made with some of the highest quality foam available. This means that it provides lower back relief to those who have to spend a long time in front of the kitchen sink or counter. It’s made out of durable materials that don’t compress over time and are designed for long periods of use, and it’s waterproof so it can easily be cleaned.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Area Rugs For Kitchens—An Extensive Guide

Once upon a time, just about everyone had a rug in their kitchen. These rugs were especially popular in rural farmhouses where they served a very utilitarian purpose and not only provided insulation for bare feet but also prevented dropped dishes from smashing all over the floor if they were dropped. Unfortunately, this began to change after the end of WWII due to the increased use of designer floor surfaces that many people were hesitant to cover up with a kitchen rug.

Fast forward several decades, and we’ve now come to a point where these rugs are once again prized for their usefulness. Nowadays, people are using all kinds of different rugs in their kitchens, and are fully enjoying their benefits. Now, most people have some kind of rug in their kitchen, and after looking at some of the benefits of using one of these rugs, it’s easy to see why they do.

The Benefits Of Kitchen Rugs

Although we’ve covered some of the basic benefits of kitchen rugs in the previous paragraphs, we really want to look deeper into the subject. Let’s take a more detailed look at why most homeowners would benefit from using one of these area rugs in their kitchen.

  • Insulation For Feet: Yes, it feels better to walk on a kitchen rug than it does a cold, bare floor. This is a lesson we all should’ve learned from our bathroom rugs.
  • Noise Reduction: If you’ve ever talked in an empty room, then you know that empty spaces echo sounds. That’s because furniture and other materials absorb sounds, as do rugs. Adding a rug in your kitchen can reduce not only the sound of you walking on the floor but also the echo that people hear when they’re talking in rooms with hardwood or linoleum floors.
  • Dish Protection: Yes, we’ve covered this previously, but it’s worth repeating here. Kitchen rugs provide a little bit of protection against accidental dish breakage. Do you think that a coffee cup is more likely to survive when dropped on a linoleum floor or on a linoleum floor covered with a rug? It’s pretty easy to see that the rug does add a little bit of extra protection and depending on how often you drop dishes, may save you a pretty penny.
  • Protection Against Allergens: A common misconception about rugs is that they contribute to allergy problems. And while that may be true if they are never cleaned and just allowed to accumulate dirt and dust, it doesn’t have to be if you keep the rug properly laundered. In fact, a rug that’s properly maintained can actually provide protection against allergens because they absorb and hold onto dust and other allergens.
  • Protect The Homeowner’s Lower Back: Another benefit of having a kitchen rug—particularly in front of the kitchen sink—is that it helps to ease the pressure of standing on a hard surface, which in turn helps reduce stress on the lower back. And if you need a little bit more of this stress relief than what’s offered by an ordinary rug, then consider purchasing an anti-fatigue mat which really helps to reduce lower back stress occurred from prolonged periods of standing.

How To Choose An Area Rug For The Kitchen

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of owning a rug for use in your kitchen, it’s time to turn our attention to how to purchase the said rug. Regardless of whether you’re buying an area rug for a farmhouse kitchen, looking for area rugs for use under a kitchen table, or are simply looking for rugs for the kitchen sink area, the following tips will help you buy the best one possible.

  • Choose The Correct Size: How you’re going to use the rug is going to inform you of what size you need. For example, the size of a rug for use in front of a kitchen sink is going to be different than a rug used under a kitchen table, or even a runner that runs along the breakfast island. So be sure to measure the area you want to equip with the rug and purchase the appropriate one.
  • Choose The Material: There are a variety of materials used to make kitchen rugs, but the two most common are polypropylene or cotton. Cotton is a good choice because it can absorb spills, and is also washable, but polypropylene is also a good choice for the exact opposite reason. Meaning that it doesn’t absorb spills, so it doesn’t have to be washed very often.  Choose the one you feel is appropriate for your kitchen area, and you’ll be just fine.

Other Considerations To Think About

  • Whether or not the rug has a non-slip backing
  • Whether the rug fits into your kitchen’s décor