Top 10 Best ATVs of 2019 – Reviews

It doesn’t matter what a person intends on doing with their all-terrain vehicles because everyone wants the same thing. They want a vehicle that can travel over rough terrain well, handles well, and one that is easy enough for just about anyone to use. And of course, they don’t want to spend more than they have to. It doesn’t matter if the vehicles are used for deer hunting, checking trap line or for riding with the family.

It’s not always easy finding the vehicles that not only perform well but won’t break the bank. It can take a person weeks of research to narrow down the results and find some that may be suitable for them. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek out the ten best ATVs currently available, so people can spend less time researching vehicles and more time riding them.

Best ATVs Of 2019

10ATA-1101B1 Tao Tao Kids Pink Spider

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This Pink Spider kid’s ATV is a great gift for anyone to give their daughter or granddaughter. This model features a 110cc gas-powered engine that requires a battery to get it started and has a carburetor that’s approved for use in California. This model also features 14.5×7.6-inch front and rear tires and has a 24.81-inch seat heat. And since it’s easy-to-assemble, just about anyone can have it set up and ready to roll in no-time flat. A big feature that we liked about this model was that it had a remote control kill-switch that allowed parents to shut it off when necessary, which is a big safety enhance for any all-terrain vehicle built for kids.

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9Coolster 3125R 125CC Army Blue

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Available in either a solid army blue or an army blue with a spider-web design, this children’s ATV looks pretty cool. Looks isn’t the only thing to like about this machine. It also holds up well to difficult terrain, has great maneuverability and feels very sturdy. It features a powerful 125cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and an automatic transmission. It also has nice thick tires with a good tread design that really digs into softer soils. This vehicle’s top speed is approximately 35 miles-per-hour. Other features include an easy-to-assemble design and a remote kill switch for safety.

8Coolster 3150DX-2 150cc Army Blue

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This Coolster ATV looks very much like the 3125R model, except that model is designed for a child and this one is definitely designed for adult use. It features a very powerful 150cc 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine that’s air-cooled and has an automatic transmission with full reverse on it. This model also features hydraulic rear foot brakes and drum front hand brakes for increased stopping power. It’s approximately 69-inches long, 42-inches wide, and has a height of a little bit over 43-inches. The other specifications of this model worth mentioning include 5.32-inches of ground clearance, and a California approved Carb.


7CRT Sportrax 125cc Apollo Red

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The Apollo Red Sportrax has everything a person may want in an ATV. It has a powerful single-cylinder 125cc air-cooled engine, it has drum brakes for the front and disc brakes for the rear, and it has a maximum speed of approximately 31 miles-per-hour. It also has a beautiful sporty design and a bright red color that can be seen from a mile away. The dimensions of this all-terrain-vehicle are 56-inches long by 38.5-inches wide by 38.9-inches high. This vehicle holds approximately 2.7-liters of gasoline and is rated to hold a person up to 220-pounds in size.

6Ice Bear 110cc Spider Black

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Not only is this kid’s four-wheeler suitable for children to get around on but it’s also pretty cool looking, too. It’s available in a variety of different designs including black or red spider designs, pure black, pink camo, or green camo. Enough about its looks, however. What most people are looking for when they buy a new kid’s four wheelers is one that’s safe to use and has some get up and go. This one, fortunately, covers both of those things. It has a 110cc 4-stroke engine, 6-inch tires and it comes with a kill switch remote so parents or grandparents can shut it off from afar.

5Tao Tao TForce 100cc Burgundy

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This rugged all-terrain-vehicle not only looks good but it also performs quite well, too. This model features a 110cc air-cooled 1-cylinder engine that’s equipped with an automatic transmission with reverse. It has large front and rear tires and has a seat height of approximately 29-inches. It also has a ground clearance of 6-inches and has drum front hand brakes and hydraulic rear foot brakes. This children’s ATV also has an 11.6-inch suspension and it can travel anywhere from 25MPH to 30MPG, all depending on the roughness of the terrain. All of which makes it a great learner four-wheeler for any appropriately aged child.

4Best Choice Products Children’s 4-Wheeler

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Not only does this children’s ATV look rugged but it actually is pretty rugged. This vehicle is designed to look like a real full-size ATV and is capable of really sparking a child’s imagination. Although it’s powered by a 12-volt battery, it still provides a good 3.7-MPH maximum speed and has a 4-wheel suspension so it can travel on sidewalks and driveways, grass, and dirt. It features a full-reverse, nice treaded tires and has LED headlight. It also has a built-in media center and radio that allows music to be played through it with an auxiliary cable. It’s a great beginner’s ATV for any child.

3Tao Rhino 250 Adult-Size 250cc Black

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This adult-sized four-wheeler has just about everything a person could want out of an adult ATV. It features an extremely powerful 250cc engine with electric start, a fuel capacity of 4.2-liters, drum front hand brakes, hydraulic rear foot brakes, a rear suspension of 15.7-inches, and engine kill switch, and a maximum loading weight of 364-pounds. This means just about any full-size adult can ride this machine and get good use out of it. And because of its powerful engine, this vehicle can easily reach a speed of about 40 miles-per-hour, depending on terrain. It’s a good 2-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that has a very nice look.

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2Best Choice Products Kid’s Ride-On ATV

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This children’s ride-on 4-wheeler is a great beginner ATV for any child who needs to learn the ropes of driving one of these vehicles before they can graduate into a full-size model. It’s made out of high-impact plastic and is available in a number of different colors including black, green, red or pink. It also features real horn sounds, a toy storage basket, and working LED headlights. It’s powered by a 12-volt motor, has 2-speeds and a maximum speed of 4 miles-per-hour. Additional features found on this model include a sound system, a built-in MP3 player and a 4-wheel suspension with all-terrain tires. It’s a great starter all-terrain-vehicle for any child aged three years to eight years old.

1Razor Dirt Quad Electric Off-Road Vehicle

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Designed for children ages 8-years and older and riders up to 120-pounds, this is one of the best ATVs for getting children used to driving off-road vehicles. It looks like a cross between an all-terrain-vehicle and a dirtbike, but it really has the power for off-road use. It’s powered by a battery, has twist-grip acceleration controls and hand-operated rear disc brakes. This model is also equipped with 13-inch tires that really grip the earth and gives the rider some control. All things considered, this inexpensive model is one that parents might want to check out if they’re looking for a child’s ATV that works well.

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