Top 11 Best Baby Beach Tents of 2019 – Reviews

A baby’s skin doesn’t have the same UV resistance as an adult’s skin, a fact any parent should be well aware. It is for this reason that you should invest in a baby beach tent if you ever plan on taking your baby with you at the beach. Your average sunny day can cause catastrophic damage to your baby’s skin unless you take the right precautions. To save you the hassle of browsing through everything the market has to offer, we went ahead and made a list of the ten best baby beach tents on the market for you to look at.

Best Baby Beach Tents – Top List

11MinGz Large Baby Travel Tent

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The MinGz Large Baby Travel Tent is a reliable travel bed and beach tent for babies. It is made of quality fiberglass and polyester materials that provide a 50+ UV protection your little darling needs at all times. Convenient and easy to use, this beach tent is easy to pop up as well as to fold down to fit in a compact carry pouch. Also, it is quite durable thanks to the thick polyester construction, giving your kid protection against inclement weather elements.

10Nequare Baby Beach Tent


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This baby tent from Nequare allows you to go anywhere on the beach without having to worry about your baby getting sunburnt. It is specially designed for children up to three years old and features a mini-pool at the bottom of it. The tent will also give you a lot of privacy, as it has a zipper window design. This tent is lightweight and removable, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere you go!

9Kilofly Original Baby Beach Tent

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This is a highly portable and convenient instant pop up baby beach tent by KF Baby-one among the smallest available models out there. Nevertheless, it offers your kid all the protection of its larger counterparts. It is made of approved lead-free, chemical-free, baby-safe materials to keep your baby free from health dangers. It further features a self-expanding screen, allowing you to easily open it up and fold down in next to no time.

8Pacific Play Tents Kids Under the Sea Cabana

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Pacific Play Tents Kids Under the Sea Cabana is among the easiest to set up baby beach tents today. Its unique design EasyUp Hub System allows you to erect it in a few seconds. It provides UPF 50+ sun UV protection, at the same time shielding the baby from wind and other elements. However, it allows proper ventilation. It further has internal pockets for safe storage of personal belongings. Moreover, its waterproof PE floor prevents your little one against wet.

7MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent

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MonoBeach is another reliable pop up baby beach tent for your baby’s outdoor experiences. Made for kids below 3 years, it features a mini pool at the bottom to engage your baby. This allows you more freedom to enjoy your beach trips. Its 50+ SPF UV protection ensures your baby doesn’t hurt from the sun. At the same time, this baby beach tent is light in weight and pops up automatically for portability and convenient use.

6Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Portable Dome Tent

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Also by Pacific Play Tents, the Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Portable Dome Tent ranks as one of the best baby beach tents today. It has a zippered T-style quality mesh door for safe access. A solid back guarantees protection against sun, while stabilizing sandbags offer stability when strong winds blow by. It is made of a 70-denier quality polyester fabric for reliable UV shelter. Simple to clean, this is an ideal accessory for your kid during pool, park, or beach visits.

5Schylling UV Play Shade

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The Shylling’s UV Play Shade offers all you need for your baby’s safety during outdoor escapades. It protects the kid from the harmful sun up to 50+ UPF. It is quite effortless to assemble, store, and carry. Moreover, this great baby beach tent has a patented design for instant pop up and collapsing. It further boasts a waterproof polyester body for greater value, a construction that recommends it for any environment.

4Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery – Portable Play Tent

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The Lil Nursery baby beach tent by Pacific Play Tents is a little taller than most other models in its class. It, therefore, offers more interior space for your kid’s movement and play. It is SPF 30 treated to provide the toddler with UV harm. Moreover, it has a side mesh panel for ample ventilation. A front roll-down mesh door has Velcro closure for easy access and safety. Lil Nursery also provides an easy to clean, durable and waterproof polyethylene floor.

3DayTripper Beach Shade

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Designed by Coleman, a popular tent manufacturer, DayTripper is a compact shelter ideal for your baby’s peaceful moments on the beach. It features a 50+ SPF UV rating to guarantee your baby optimal protection from scorching rays. It further includes sandbags for stability, long stakes, floor mat, dry line and a carry bag – all that you need for all-around tent use convenience. Additionally, its four interior hanging pockets are handy for storage of your baby items.

2Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

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Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent is perhaps one of the best baby beach tents out there. This dome tent could just be the best thing you and your baby need for a rewarding and relaxing beach relaxation. You can even set it up in your backyard or any other places where your toddler or infant might be at risk from environmental elements, mostly because this tent offers a reliably safe space for your little beloved to play and sleep. For ventilation and light, it has two quality mesh side panels. UV treated to SPF 30, the kid is fully protected from the sun’s harm.

1Gorich Beach Tent


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The Gorich Beach Tent is sure to protect your baby from harmful UV rays, as it has a special silver-coated fabric around it to ensure protection. Additionally, this is a beach tent that can fit more than just your baby — it can fit the entire family. It is perfect for a day on the beach. It comes with stakes, pegs, and sandbags to easily set up and take down the tent in no time!


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Choosing The Right Baby Beach Tent

We should point out that a baby beach tent doesn’t exactly enjoy the same construction as an adult beach tent. We say this in regards to not only the materials used in their making but also when it comes to design, storage, and portability. In other words, you can expect baby beach tents to require a whole different type of maintenance and the price is sure to reflect that to some extent. Let us then find out what to look for when shopping for one.

Types of Baby Beach Tents

Although they all serve roughly the same purpose, baby beach tents do indeed differ from one another, mostly as far as construction goes. As such, you have tents mostly designed to provide an adequate UV protection, tents intended for maximum relaxation, or tents designed to cradle the baby/toddler while you’re enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. More to the point, here are the main types of beach tents out there:

Pop Up Beach Tents – These tents can quickly be erected from what appears to be a standard tarpaulin into a stand-alone tent. As the name suggests, these tents can be erected easily and effortlessly. Another great benefit of pop-up tents is their portability, one that guarantees you won’t have any issues carrying it around any way you wish. One thing to consider with pop-up tents, however, is that they’re often more expensive than most.

Standard Beach Tents – Often referred to as ‘regular’ baby beach tents, they usually employ a simplistic design, one that maximizes comfort and protection. Conveniently sized to be easy to carry, these tents are the preferred choice of parents everywhere and understandably so. This is because along with their comfortable design, they also sometimes provide their own entertainment, be it in the form of inbuilt toys or a separate play area.

Benefits of Baby Beach Tents

Similar to wearing sunglasses, baby beach tents are mostly designed to protect babies from harmful UV rays. This isn’t the only thing they do, mind you, often boasting a variety of equally useful features:

Privacy – Even though your baby might not fully understand the concept of privacy, he/she will genuinely enjoy some time alone for themselves from time to time. One thing to consider is that babies can quickly change their mood if they don’t feel your presence nearby, so make sure to get a tent that provides the baby with some degree of visibility.

UV Protection – Like we said, this is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when buying a baby beach tent. Anything from UV 300 to UV 400 should do in this regard unless you plan on spending an awful lot of time at the beach. You should also consider the fact that the more a tent spends in the sun the warmer it can get unless it also features insulating properties, so ponder about a tent’s thickness when buying one.

Environmental Protection – It isn’t just UV rays you have to be wary of when taking your baby to the beach. In fact, the wind may cause just as many problems for your baby if it happens to blow any sand inside the tent; reason enough for you to look for a tent that can be sealed at will when needed. Although unlikely, you should also check if the tent you’re fancying is also waterproof to some extent.


It is important to always consider a beach tent’s construction, not only in terms of what UV protection it offers but also in regards to the comfort and additional features it has. A tent’s coating usually determines its overall quality, along with whether it has protected sides with optimal ventilation. At the same time, one should also consider how heavy the tent is because you’re going to be carrying it around a lot.

Last but not least, bear in mind that a tent’s design is also very important when it comes to baby beach tents. Often employing colorful patterns, these tents tend to stand out through their design and coloring. Speaking of which, you don’t want a tent that features any dark colors because they are sure to attract sunlight. If possible, go for a plain white or blue tent that’s easy to carry and easy to set up.