Top 10 Best Backup Cameras of 2019 – Reviews

No matter how good of a driver you are, you will always find it difficult to park your car at an awkward angle, especially if the visibility is lacking. It’s not just the parking that gets infinitely more difficult if you lack the visibility but also any pulling out maneuvers that might otherwise take little of your time and effort. Say you want to back up from between two tall vehicles impeding your vision and there is traffic behind you; that can be a bit scary if you don’t have the visibility for such a maneuver, right? Well, a backup camera might come in handy in times like these, but these cameras are usually pre-installed in high-end, expensive vehicles, not the ones most of us are driving.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of stand-alone backup cameras out there for you to choose from. These are cameras that you can freely install on your vehicle regardless of how old your car may be or how much it is lacking in onboard technologies. But don’t take our word for it, here are the ten best backup cameras the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Backup Cameras – Top List

10HDE N92 Waterproof Backup Camera

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The HDE N92 Waterproof Backup Camera is a high-quality rear view colored camera that comes with 7 LED lights and night vision. The camera is a high-resolution CMOS 480 TV that comes with 110 degrees super wide range along with distance scale lines. Resistant to water and fog, this high-end camera is ultra-reliable, durable, and made to withstand any kind of weather. Thanks to the 7 inbuilt LED lights, it provides optimum visibility in the lowest light conditions. Interestingly enough, this camera also features a swivel feature and can be adjusted for better visibility as effortlessly as possible.

9eRapta ERT3 2nd Generation Rear Reversing Backup Camera

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The eRapta ERT3 2nd Generation Rear Reversing Backup Camera is a reliable and easy to use backup cameras by all standards. Built to deliver a 149-degree perfect viewing angle, the camera comes with an adjustable lens to help you get the best position so you receive optimum visibility while parking. Featuring automatic LED lights that turn on every time you back up, it provides enhanced visibility in the darkest areas. Made from premium quality materials, the camera comes equipped with a rubber ring made from resin that protects it in bad weather conditions.

8Esky EC180-19 Car Backup Camera

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The Esky EC180-19 is a premium quality Car Backup Camera that designed for a 180 degree viewing angle with a lens that can be adjusted to 45 degrees. Featuring 2 flat LED white lights and equipped with special night vision, this camera is water resistant with an IP67 waterproof casing and can work great in all kinds of weather conditions. Extremely quick and easy to install, it requires no drilling as it utilizes the license plate holes instead. Offering HD picture quality, the special viewing angles help to eliminate blind spots if any.

7Pyle PLCM7200 Car Backup Camera

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The Pyle PLCM7200 Car Backup Camera is a robust rear viewing device that is equipped with wide viewing angles and a full-color reproduction. License plate mountable, this camera can be easily mounted on to your car license plate with the help of a slim bar that comes with the camera. The camera also comes with a high-quality TFT/LCD monitor with an NTSC/PAL video system. Thanks to the IP-68 marine grade water-resistant casing, this camera can be utilized in the roughest weather without getting damaged. Along with night vision, it also features IR LED lights for added illumination in the lowest lit areas.

6Yada BT53328M-1 Wireless Backup Camera

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Easy to install and packed with great functions, the Yada BT53328M-1 Wireless Backup Camera is a user-friendly device that can be placed over your car license plate. Resistant to water, featuring night vision and specifically designed to help in the reduction of blind spots, it comes equipped with an LCD monitor measuring 4.3 inches that instantly shows the live footage of the back of the car. This monitor comes with durable suction cups that allow easy mounting anywhere in your car. This backup camera also comes with a special parking assistant feature and displays a sharp, clear picture quality. Thanks to its special wireless feature, it does not need any wired connections to and from the camera to the monitor.

5Pyle PLCM18BC Car Backup Camera

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Well known for its performance and quality, the Pyle PLCM18BC Car Backup Camera is a lightweight, compact bar camera that can be easily mounted onto a dashboard or bracket. Available in a chrome zinc black color, it can be matched perfectly with any car. Featuring the IP67 waterproof case, this camera can withstand fog, heavy rain and storms without getting damaged. Thanks to the latest distance scale line display, it allows easy, effortless parking and reversing without using the side mirrors. This license plate camera comes equipped with low light performance, 420 TVL horizontal resolution, true color reproduction, automatic white balance and adjustment of images.

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4AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit

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Park with safety and easy with the latest AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit. Without the need of any batteries, this quick and user-friendly backup camera helps you park in the tiniest parking spaces. Thanks to its wireless design and construction, you need not worry about tangled wires or complex installations. Install this handy camera anywhere near your reverse light and get all the assistance you need to park your car effortlessly. Designed and equipped with 6 LED lights that include 6 lumens per LED, the camera offers optimum brightness but automatically adjusts itself depending upon the environment light. Thanks to its strong silicone bracket, the monitor holder can be easily mounted onto any windshield or dashboard and can be reused by simply washing the suction pad.

3LeeKooLuu LKL-080 Backup Camera

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Powered by a direct connection to a 12V fuse box or a lighter point or ignition switch for continuous use, the LeeKooLuu LKL-080 Backup Camera can also be powered by connecting to reverse lights while the vehicle is in reverse gear. IP68 waterproof with a 135-degree viewing angle, this premium grade camera comes with 7 LED lights and night vision. The camera comes with a 4.3 inch LCD screen monitor that can be easily attached to your dashboard or any flat surface with the help of the adhesive that is provided with the kit. Furthermore, the monitor comes with 2 video inputs including V1 and V2, the V2 output being for the reverse camera.

2Esky EC170-09 Car Backup Camera

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Designed to fit all types of vehicles, the Esky EC170-09 Car Backup Camera is a heavy duty, stylish camera that is crafted with a chrome plated frame that protects your license plate from bad weather. Constructed with IP67 standard waterproof material with aluminum zinc, this camera resists fog and dust. Providing users with a wide 170-degree viewing angle, with a 45-degree adjustable lens angle, the camera features a macro lens, an image sensor, and CMOS full color. Equipped with 7 IR LED lights, the camera delivers crisp and clear images in full light as well as in complete darkness. These lights turn on automatically when during low light and offer optimum visibility.

1Esky EC135-05 Rear-View Camera

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Considered to be one of the best backup cameras available today, the Esky EC135-05 Rear-View Camera is a premium quality device featuring a ton of great functions. Offering the perfect viewing angle, it is designed with a 135-degree view, allowing users to get full visibility while driving and backing up. Thanks to the 7 infrared LED lights built-into the device, it makes for a safe and easy driving with optimum visibility even in the darkest areas. Constructed with an IP67 waterproof casing, it prevents any kind of outer damage and provides you with a clear view even in the roughest weather conditions.

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What To Look For In A Backup Camera

Backup cameras have come a long way over the years, reaching remarkable standards as of lately. According to studies, reverse backup cameras have reduced car accidents by up to 57% over time. That itself should summarize that having a backup camera is both advantageous and beneficial. To some extent, stand-alone backup cameras deliver the same reliability as the ones we commonly find built into luxury cars. You shouldn’t expect all of these cameras to meet the same standards, mind you, especially the low-end budget versions. Let us then figure out what characteristics to look for when buying a backup camera and perhaps learn what makes a good backup camera in the first place.

Types of Backup Cameras

  • Surface Mounted – Mostly found in large-sized vehicles including RV’s trucks and vans, this type of camera can be easily mounted on a high level so that the driver can get a commanding view of the back of his car.
  • Flush Mounted – This type of camera is for those car owners who would like to keep their rear-view camera system discreet. In this, a hole in drilled big enough wherein only the lens and bezel is visible. The only issues here is that the camera is often placed too close to the ground so the visibility isn’t that great.
  • License Mounted – This type of rearview camera is not only the most commonly used but also the easiest to install. Directly mounted onto the license plate, visibility depends on where the camera is placed.

Advantages of Using A Backup Camera

  • Eliminates Blind Spots – Most cars offer a 120 degree or 170-degree view of the rear of our vehicle. With this, you only get a certain amount of visibility and for that, you have to turn back to ensure you do not run into anything. With back up camera systems, you do not have to turn your body as you get a complete view directly on the monitor.
  • Effortless Parking – All backup camera systems come with parking guides and grid lines to help you with proper maneuverability. By simply following the lines you can park your car with ease without causing any damage. A decent backup camera also notifies you if you are too close to another vehicle or structure.
  • Safe Reverse In Heavy Traffic – Getting stuck in traffic is definitely a pain, especially when you decide to drive into another lane and need to back out of the one you are stuck in. Backing up during traffic jams is challenging and this is where a backup camera system comes in handy.
  • Increased Safety – The primary reason why a rearview camera is beneficial is that it increases the safety and protection for the passengers inside the vehicle. It does so by avoiding collisions and accidents and keeps the occupants safe at all times.

What To Consider When Buying A Backup Camera

  • Sensor – Today’s backup cameras come with 2 image sensors or more, sensors that offer high-end image quality in low light conditions. CCD sensors are a little on the expensive side but there are also CMOS sensors that provide enough lighting and are just as reliable and durable.
  • Parking Lines – These lines are virtual lines that show up on the monitor that help the driver during the reverse procedure. These lines offer the driver a better idea of the amount of distance between the vehicle and any other structure that might be close to the vehicle. It also notifies the driver if the vehicle is too close and guides the driver by showing him the correct direction to take.
  • Viewing Angles – According to experts, all vehicles must have a backup technology that provides the driver with 10 x 20-foot visibility of the area behind the vehicle. In the case of a backup camera system, a higher viewing angle is definitely preferred. This should be between 150 degrees to 170 degrees.
  • Low-Light Visibility – Backing up during low-light conditions can be a challenge due to the low level of visibility and the higher risk of bumping into something. This is where a camera with low light visibility comes into play. For those who cannot afford CCD sensor back up cameras, back up cameras with infrared LED lights are also a great option and offer great clarity.
  • Mounting – Ease of installation is definitely something you must consider before buying your backup camera. Some can be simply mounted onto the license plate without the need to drill any holes while some can be clipped on to the license plate. But then there are others that need holes drilled into the bumper etc. So when it comes down to logistics, it usually depends on personal preference more than anything.