Top 10 Best Bamboo Pillows of 2019 – Reviews

The reason why bamboo fabrics and bedding arrangements have become so popular these days is mainly because of the soft, comfortable nature of the material that soothes people’s sensibilities in an impressively comfortable fashion. When it comes to bamboo pillows, they are perhaps the softest, most comfortable out there. Not all, however, can be expected to meet the same velvety standards, which is why we thought it would be wise to find out what constitutes a good bamboo pillow before delving into the specifics. So without further ado, here are the ten best bamboo pillows money can buy.

Best Bamboo Pillows – Top List

10Original Bamboo Natural PEDIC Pillow

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A great quality customizable bamboo pillow by Original Bamboo, this adjustable memory foam model features a zippered liner that allows you to adjust the quantity of memory foam filling for your preferred comfort. The company-special memory foam is made to adjust to your body contours to deliver a specially customized relaxing experience. This pillow is accompanied by a special design bad for storing extra memory foam. Not only that but the cover is safe to wash in the machine, which is always something to look for in a bamboo pillow.

9REST Full Body Bamboo Pillow

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As the name suggests, the REST Full Body bamboo pillow features premium-grade memory foam technology that conforms to your body, offering a more comfortable and relaxing sleep. With a conveniently breathable 60%-40% polyester-bamboo blend cover, it offers regulated nighttime temperatures, ensuring a cool-cozy rest. It is also durable and machine washable, a construction that sets it apart from many similar pillows in this price range.

8Five Diamond Collection Bamboo Pillow

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With a 100% CertiPur-US special memory foams blend, this Five Diamond’s bamboo pillow adjusts automatically to offer a more relaxing and comfortable sleep. Its machine washable and durable bamboo-polyester fabric cover provides improved breathability as well as hypoallergenic temperature control. It is firm to gently cradle your neck and heat yet soft enough for optimal comfort and smoothness.

7CozyCloud Bamboo Pillow

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Filled with 100 percent top-grade memory foam that is chemical-free and allergen-free, the CozyCloud Bamboo Pillow has a proprietary Air-Vent cover made of a unique blend of choice polyester and bamboo for advanced air circulation. It is known for its allergy-relieving properties in poor respiratory and snoring-troubled persons. It is filled with high-density memory foam that is both very comfortable and soft and supports a refreshing cool sleep.

6The Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow

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The Original Miracle Bamboo pillow is expertly designed to be a head and body pillow. Its dust mite and microbe-resistant quality bamboo cover, the Original Miracle is perfect for people with respiratory and also snoring complications. It is filled with strips of unique quality memory foam to deliver soft cushioning that steadily contours to your body for custom comfort and maximum support for your head.

5Clara Clark Rayon Pillow

buy from amazonBoasting a firm, stay-in-shape design, Clara Clark’s Rayon pillow is a top ranking option featuring an eco-friendly 60%-40% microfiber-bamboo zippered cover that ensures not only improved breathability but also resists dust mites and microbes. The interior of the Rayon Pillow is made of 100% quality memory foam which isn’t kisted durable but also machine-washable. In fact, this particular pillow is extremely easy to maintain, which may explain its popularity.

4Brentwood Home Zuma Pillow

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Made of quite firm, anti-slip bamboo fibers, Zuma by Brentwood Home is your ultimate therapeutic pillow if you struggle with respiratory issues, snoring problems, or unhealthy circulation. The gently sloping design of the pillow is also supportive when reading in your bed or watching your favorite TV show. You can also put it under your torso to deflect cases of acid reflux. Being hypoallergenic, the pillow is perfect for sleepers suffering from allergic responses.

3Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow

buy from amazonMade of 40% quality bamboo and 60% polyester, this Hotel Comfort’s pillow makes you sleep like a baby. Ideal for everyday use, it is a large model that looks elegant on your queen-size bed. Its shredded memory foam filling provides superior comfort and support, yet it maintains good shape for long. Indeed, this is a top-grade bamboo pillow that does not cause any allergic reactions and repels dust mites. Furthermore, its removable zippered cover is very simple to clean, a feature that makes it stand out in this price range.

2Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

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Featuring a unique viscose blend of choice bamboo, Lycra, and polyester, the Snuggle-Pedic pillow is incredibly comfortable and smooth. It is also sweat-absorbent and breathable for a more accurate heat regulation during the night. Interestingly enough, this bamboo pillow features a special memory foam design that stays in great shape at all times, regardless of how much pressure you put on it. It is also certified as an environment-friendly product, and for easy maintenance, is entirely machine-washable.

1Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillow

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Designed and produced by the Coop Home Goods, this bamboo pillow has a unique cover with 40% quality bamboo 60% polyester blend that delivers an improved durability and breathability. Proudly made in the United States this pillow utilizes a special memory foam technology which can be tailored to meet any sleep position demands. It is also certified as an environmentally-friendly product, which is definitely something to look for in a Bamboo pillow.


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Bamboo Pillows Buying Guide

There are many reasons for owning a bamboo pillow, starting from the soothing, comfortable support they offer which is unparalleled by any other type of pillow. You would also be glad to find out that most of these pillows are naturally organic and that they are hypo-allergenic by design. As such, they are recommended for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues much due to their naturally breathable construction. That said, let us find out what makes a good bamboo pillow and what characteristics to look for when shopping for one.


Perhaps the most important criteria for determining if a pillow is of a good enough quality is to find out just how durable it is. Luckily for you, most bamboo pillows are guaranteed to provide the same level of comfort and relaxation for years of regular use, mainly due to how the fabric itself behaves over time. In this respect, a bamboo pillow that consists of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester can be expected to last between three and five years if maintained properly.


Bamboo pillows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Although the dimensions differ between brands, king size pillows, for example, can be expected to share the same measurements regardless of their manufacturer. When choosing a pillow, one must always pay close attention to their bedding arrangements and the available size that they might be comfortable occupying during the night. For the most part, the size of a pillow also affects the level of insulation it provides, not to mention the maintenance requirements.

Sleeping Position

Another thing to consider when buying a pillow is your sleeping conditions, mainly your sleeping position. The way you lay in bed is closely connected to the amount of sleep you get during a good night’s sleep, thus the need to employ a pillow that best suits your individual needs. With back sleepers, for example, you normally need a thin pillow that doesn’t put too much strain on their upper neck area. Side sleepers, on the other hand, prefer thicker, higher pillows to maintain a certain symmetry in regards to their spine, neck, and head.


A pillow’s firmness also reflects on the comfort of your slumber, either by virtue of its softness or rigidity. In this respect, let us point out that people differ in preferences quite a lot, mainly because of their sleeping position. Like we already established, side sleepers prefer thick pillows whereas back sleepers prefer thinner ones. When it comes to firmness, people’s choices also range from extremely soft to extremely rigid and everything in between. Gel-based or foam pillows also stand out among the most popular pillows, both for Bamboo pillows or traditional ones.

Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

Most Bamboo pillows enjoy a polyurethane filling with a polyester & Bamboo cover. These pillows are generally accepted to be more comfortable than standard pillows, along with being healthier and easier to care for. The main reason why these pillows are so popular, however, is because of the softness they provide, which is an underlying property of Bamboo bedding of any kind. Furthermore, Bamboo-based fabrics are renowned for their sustainable, biodegradable properties, which may explain why their price ranges to much depending on the manufacturer.

Hypoallergenic – Seeing how Bamboo is a naturally hypoallergenic material, it is very unlikely to cause any long-term afflictions. It is also unlikely that it will cause or aggravate any already existing allergies. This is mainly because dust mites and bacteria usually don’t fester on Bamboo fabrics as they do on other types of fabrics. To some extent, they are even recommended for people who suffer from allergies or irregular breathing problems. In fact, the hypoallergenic properties of Bamboo-based pillows are so well-known that some doctors even recommend them to patients who deal with long-term ailments.

Environmentally Friendly – Bamboo is seen as a great alternative to synthetic fabrics, not only in terms of smoothness and durability but also because of how environmentally-friendly it is overall. Unlike other types of fibers, Bamboo is grown without pesticides and processed without involving any potentially hazardous chemicals. It also requires very little water to grow as a plant, which minimizes the risk of yielding any toxins. This is always something to consider when using plant-based fabrics of any kind, not just pillow covers.

Comfortable – Perhaps the greatest advantage of Bamboo pillows is the high standards of comfort they provide. This is mostly owed to their inner filling, which usually involves memory foam of the highest quality. This foam provides the desired head, neck, and back support your body requires during a good night’s sleep while the Bamboo covers soothe the skin and allow it to breathe without causing it to sweat at any point during the night. As a matter of fact, the combination of Bamboo and polyester is also guaranteed to cool down your skin throughout the night by minimizing the heat transfer between your body and the bedding arrangements.