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Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves of 2019 – Reviews

You can play baseball almost anywhere as long as you have the right gear on hand and we’re talking here about baseball bats and gloves. These items are widespread across America and they can be found in many households across the country. Although the popularity of baseball as a sport has dropped to some extent over these past ten years or so, there is still plenty of interest for one of America’s favorite sports.

In this respect, you should not be content with any sub-par gear, even if you’re playing the sport casually. To give you some pointers on what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best baseball gloves money can buy.

Best Baseball Gloves 2019

10Easton APB1275 Alpha Series Baseball Glove

buy from amazonEaston is a company that always stands out with innovative and creative products. This baseball glove certainly lives up to that reputation with its lock-down Velcro straps, which guarantees a very index finger and comfortable fit. The leather laces in the front and the contoured index finger padding makes the glove very durable and easy to wear for extended periods of time.

9Louisville Slugger Fielding Glove

buy from amazonThis top-notch product from Louisville Slugger should be seen as a great investment and is guaranteed to meet all of your expectations. Because of the all-natural oil-treated cowhide leather construction, this glove is one of the most durable ones on the market today, and you could easily use it to a ripe old age.

The slugger-touch finger linings on this glove are constructed to wipe away perspiration from your hand, to give you, even more control and dexterity. Furthermore, the linings and lacing emulate a pro-baseball league feel.

8Rawlings Player Series Glove

buy from amazonThis flagship product from Rawlings makes our list of best baseball gloves and for very good reasons. Designed primarily for playing performance and durability, this is the ideal choice for serious players of the game. The basket-web and deep pocket design make it a delight for both fielders and pitchers. The traditional back design and a wide opening at the wrist also make it a very cozy and comfortable wear.

7Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

buy from amazonAs we’ve said before, Rawlings’ high-quality gloves leave very little to be desired, and this one is no exception. It features a traditional backside with a flex loop function, which should make it an ideal choice for experienced players of the game. The padding is designed in a Pro-H format for additional comfort and dexterity, which is further enhanced by the 13-inch pattern and strong stitching. This glove is a perfect choice for novices and experienced players alike.

6Rawlings Players Series Gloves

buy from amazonWhen scouting the market for baseball gloves, Rawlings is a name that comes up all too often. The padding is soft and pliable, and the glove comfortably envelops your hand in a soothing blanket of comfort. On top of this, the glove is outfitted with a neo-flex conventional back along with a velcro strap for an even more compact fit. A slanted basket web and reflective binding further add to the glove’s reliability.

5Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

buy from amazonRawling’s success in the baseball glove industry can be largely attributed to its practice of emulating professional major league baseball designs in all their gloves. This particular model is by far, the most durable of all of the gloves made by Rawling because of it’s exceptionally tight and strong stitching. Rest assured this glove will easily last you a lifetime and maybe even your children’s.

4Rawlings Player Series Tee Ball Glove

buy from amazonAnother top contender from Rawlings, the Renegade series model is a premier variant, and it is a joy to wear and use for baseball enthusiasts everywhere. Featuring an original 12-inch pattern and basket web design on the front, the backside of this glove is surprisingly traditional. The strong stitching and high-grade materials used, make this glove a lot more durable than all other rivals in the same price range.

3Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

buy from amazonThe most ingenious of the lot, the Wilson A360 is not like any glove you’ve seen before. It can be effortlessly worn in any position by anyone, because of its highly versatile design. Apart from this, the glove is one of the most durable ones on the market today because of the top-of-the-line construction materials, and it will easily resist all forms of wear and tear for years on end.

2Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

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buy from amazonSpecially designed for younger players, this glove also works very well for those with a smaller hand. The power lock feature of this glove makes guarantees a very snug fit and makes for a very reliable glove under all sorts of weather and playing conditions. Furthermore, its patented PowerClose design will make sure you never miss a catch ever again, a feature usually reserved for professional gloves alone.

1Rawlings Premium Pro Series Glove

buy from amazonThe Rawlings Pro Series is the closest you’ll ever get to a major league baseball glove, as this model emulates professional gloves down to the very last detail. Made from a particularly unique type of leather, this glove is extremely flexible and dexterous, making it a far better buy than all other gloves in a similar price range. Although a tad heavy because of the leather padding, this glove is still the one to buy if you’re looking for a professional feel at less than half the price of a genuine professional glove.


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