Top 10 Best Body Washes For Men of 2019 – Reviews

Males who are looking for a product that’s easy-to-use, economical, and cleans well may want to check out the best body wash for men. Body-washes do a great job at getting rid of the day’s grit and grime, and it does it without costing a fortune. And since it’s easier to get to foam than traditional bar soaps, then it’s also a product that’s quicker to use, allowing you to jump out of the shower quickly.

However, that’s not to say that it’s also easy to find the men’s body wash that’s suitable for you. After all, there seems to be an almost infinite number of body-washes out there, even though these products have only recently begun marketing to men. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to look into some of the products currently available and choose ten of the brands we feel are the best ones to give men the cleaning power they want.

Best Body Washes For Men – Top List

10Brickell Invigorating Mint

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Using a combination of natural and organic ingredients, this body wash is designed to not only clean the surface of a man’s body quite well but to do it without harmful chemicals. This product contains an impressive selection of ingredients which include tea tree oil, peppermint, aloe vera, jojoba oil, glycerin and Vitamin E. These ingredients come together to help remove dirt and grime, and to deep clean the skin. And it does it without using the drying sulfates that many other body washes tend to use. It also has an invigorating and refreshing mint scent that will keep the man’s mind sharp and focused all day long.

9Premium Nature Tea Tree

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Men who have dry and itchy skin need a body wash that can handle their unique needs and this particular product can serve these needs. This product is made with a number of ingredients which can eliminate bacteria and fungi, add moisture to the skin and leave the skin clean dirt-free as well. Some of the exciting ingredients which can be found in this product include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, peppermint, and oregano. It also contains rosemary oils and can be used as both a body wash and as a foot wash. This product will address dry skin problems quite well.

8Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Wash

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Made with a blend of natural botanicals and devoid of many of the harmful chemicals found in body washes for men, this product can not only clean a man’s skin but also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Some of the ingredients which can be found in this product include tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Eucalyptus oil, oregano, peppermint and a variety of vitamins. What it doesn’t contain are parabens, petroleum, synthetic dyes or fragrances, and silicone. It also is not tested on animals so men can use this product with a clear conscious. It’s a wash that treats itchy skin, cleans and can be used by both men and women.

7Old Spice Fresher Collection Amber Scent

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What does the fragrant combination of amber and black currant smell like? Well, if you believe the label of this product, then it makes men smell good enough to be the subject of many landscape paintings and the main character of at least three made-for-tv jungle movies. Of course, it’s smell really just a warm, resinous scent that has Earthy overtones and has citrusy undertones. Smelling great isn’t the only reason to use this product, however. It also provides excellent cleaning power and is a good middle of the road body wash for any man looking to get clean. Let the adventure begin.

6Old Spice Pure Sport Body Wash

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The label of this product says that it drop-kicks dirt and then hits odor with a folding chair and that is probably a perfect simile for what this product can do. While it’s not made with natural ingredients, it is made with several commonly used body wash chemicals which do a really good job of removing dirt, grime, and oil. This product is not suitable for men with dry skin but should be just fine for men with normal to oily skin. Cleaning is not its only strong point though. This product also has a fresh clean scent that’s stronger than many body washes but won’t overpower the cologne of most men.

5Nivea Men Active Natural Charcoal

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When some people first see this product, they wonder why it has charcoal in it. Which is an easy point to address. This product has charcoal in it because it draws oil, dirt, and sweat out of pores like a magnet and therefore allows them to be washed away. This product reaches down into men’s skin and deeply cleanses it without drying it out. It also provides long-lasting freshness and has a fresh scent that lasts up to 8-hours. While its scent is definitely masculine and pleasant, it won’t overpower the man’s cologne or deodorant. It’s just a nice lightly scented body wash for men that’s been dermatologically tested and is ready to do its job.

4Axe Apollo Body Wash

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Axe has created some of the most popular male body washing products out there, and this body wash is sure to continue the trend. It has a nice clean smell that has notes of fresh sage that intermingles with notes of green fruit. This refreshing smell is sure to excite the user’s senses and get him ready for the day ahead. It’s also sure to be attractive to the opposite sex and should make the men quite popular with the ladies. This body washing product just doesn’t smell nice, however. It also cleans quite well and should serve the shower soap needs of just about any man who decides to use it.

3Old Spice High Endurance Fresh

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This product is designed to give the user up to three times the cleaning power of traditional soaps and body washes. It is ideal for men with normal skin and not only cleans well but has a nice fresh scent to it. It comes in a nice 18-ounce size bottle that should give the man plenty of product to use for many, many showers. It’s a product that’s designed for men with extremely active lifestyles and should provide them with a refreshing and fresh scent all day long. And it’s powerful ingredients clean extremely well but also rinse off equally well, so the man never feels gritty or oily.

2Axe Phoenix Body Wash

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Axe Phoenix Body Wash is an extremely popular brand, and after smelling it, it’s easy to see why. This product has a masculine scent that’s resplendent with notes of citrus, geranium, and coumarone, and is backed by lavender and fruit bottom notes. This blend of fragrant and earthy blends invigorates the senses and definitely makes it an attractive smell to the opposite sex. A good smell isn’t the only positive about this product, however. This body wash also does a great job of removing oil, dirt, and grime. It really pulls dirt out of the pores and rinses off completely without leaving a soapy residue.

1Gillette Body Hydrator Dry Skin Relief

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Any man with dry skin not only knows how miserable it is but also how hard it is to find a body wash for men which address the problem. Fortunately, Gillette has designed this product to address the problem of dry skin. It’s formulated with three times the moisturizers of ordinary body washes and contains a blend of mineral oil and petrolatum. Keeping men’s skin hydrated isn’t the only concern of this product though. It’s also designed to thoroughly clean a man’s skin and keep him smelling fresh all day long. Any man who needs not only a great body wash but also one that hydrates, may want to inspect this product.

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How to Use Body Wash for Men

Without a doubt, men’s body wash has become the greatest innovation in male hygiene since the invention of bar soap itself. This product often does a better job of cleaning than regular bars of soap and are way easier to use. In only a few moments, a man can jump in the shower, use their favorite men’s shower gel and be out of the shower. That’s why it’s a great product.

Of course, a product is only as good as how it’s used, and that’s why we’ve decided to create an article on how to use body wash for men. Yes, I’m aware that some people will refuse to read this article because they feel like they know everything there is to know about showering, but let me assure you that this article will give you some tips you may not have considered. Having said that, let’s get started on this guide.

Step 1: Choose a Men’s Body Wash

The first thing that needs to be considered before you purchase a body wash is your skin type. If you have dry skin, then you’re not going to want to buy a shower gel, and if you have oily skin, then you’re not going to want to buy a moisturizing body wash. Here some things to consider:

Shower Gel—This type of body wash is great for normal skin and for removing dirt and grime. They normally contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient which cleans well but may cause irritation to sensitive skin. This ingredient can also dry out skin, so if you have sensitive or dry skin, then you are probably going to want to find something else. However, if you have normal to oily skin, then this is probably the product for you.

Moisturizing Body Washes—This type of men’s body wash is designed for people with dry skin. This product contains oils that help to add moisture to the man’s skin. Some of the oils which may be found in these products include soybean and sunflower oil, Shea butter, coconut oil, petroleum jelly and/or argon oil. This product is good for dry to normal skin but is definitely not suited to oily skin types. This type of product may also be more expensive than traditional men’s body wash products.

Antifungal Body Washes—Another product to consider are antifungal body wash products. These body washes contain tea tree oil and can be used for all kinds of fungal problems such as jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot. It’s also good for bacterial problems including acne, so it’s suitable for people who may have acne problems. It’s usually a little more expensive than traditional body washes, but it’s antifungal and antibacterial properties make it useful to have around the home.

Step 2: Apply the Body Wash

Make sure that you are in the shower and wet your body head to toe. Now, apply a small amount of body wash to either a washcloth, a loofah or a bath sponge. If you have acne problems, then you may want to avoid using a loofah because it can harbor bacteria. If you use a washcloth, be sure that you rinse it out after each use and replace it often. Some men choose to use a clean washcloth every time they shower, while other men change it on a weekly basis. If you’re prone to athlete’s foot or jock itch, then you’re going to want to change your washcloth each time you shower.

Use your preferred bathing tool to not only apply the product to your body but to also help remove dead skin cells. Make sure that you start with your face and move down your body. The last two areas of your body that you want to wash are your armpits and your feet. In fact, your feet should be the very last thing that you wash because if you have any sort of athlete’s foot going on, then you want to be sure that you don’t spread it to other areas of your body.

Step 3: Rinse & Dry

Using warm water, be sure that you rinse all of the body wash for men off of your body. Be sure to pay special attention to your armpits and your groin area to make sure that all of the product is rinsed off. You want to be sure that none of the men’s body wash remains on your skin because it can cause irritation and in some cases, may provide bacteria a medium to grow in.

Using a clean towel, make sure that you dry off your body. As you did with the washing part, start with your head and work down your body. Make sure that you’re armpits are the second to last thing you dry and that your feet are the last thing you dry.

Some Additional Things to Consider

Now that we’ve completed our guide on how to use body wash, it’s time to list a few things we didn’t get a chance to put in the article. Here are a few extra considerations to keep in mind when using any body wash.

Don’t Skip Moisturizers—Even if your body wash has a moisturizer in it, you may still want to add moisturizer when you’ve finished with your show to ensure that your skin isn’t dry and flaky.

Use Warm Water—When showering start off with warm water, not hot. If the water is too hot, then it will dry out the skin. It’s best to start off with a warm shower and then turn the water temperature down to cool to close up the pores after you have rinsed off the body wash.

Don’t Apply Too Much—Be sure that you only use a dime to a nickel-sized amount of body wash on your washcloth, loofah or sponge. Too much is a waste and too little won’t get the job done. Use the correct amount each time and you’ll feel better. Body wash is a great way to get clean and will provide you with a great showering experience if you give it a shot.