Top 10 Best Brake Pads of 2019 – Reviews

Buying the best brake pads is essential to the safety of not only the car’s driver but everyone in the car as well. Decent pads eliminate the amount of distance the car travels after the driver has applied the brakes and helps to make the entire drive a whole lot safer. Unfortunately, too many people don’t think about what choices they have for brake pads, so they simply choose whichever ones are the cheapest. And that’s a huge mistake.

Finding the right brake pads is something everyone should carefully consider. This will ensure that their vehicle is as safe as possible, and also ensure that they get the best performing pads currently available. Towards those ends, we’ve done some research and have found what we feel are the best pads currently available and we’ve listed the fruits of our labor below.

Best Brake Pads Of 2019

10Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Pads With Shims

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Even though Centric might not be a name familiar to everyone, they do create some of the best brake pads available. That’s because they manufacture them using the same molding process that’s often utilized by original equipment manufacturers. This positive molding process uses high amounts of pressure to compress the backing that provides friction to its associated backing plate. This ensures that the pad has consistent density levels throughout all of its layers, and this results in pads that are not only extremely safe to use but also wear evenly. And as an added perk, this also ensures that the pads are as quiet as possible.

9Power Stop Extreme Carbon-Ceramic Pads

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These carbon-ceramic brake pads are designed to provide muscle cars with the extreme stopping power that they need. They do this because their proprietary ceramic materials provide a great deal of friction, but do it without producing a lot of noise or dust. These pads are also heat-resistant as well and can stand up to temperatures as high as 1,500 degrees. This allows these pads to handle even heavy braking loads on vehicles that have large wheels and/or a whole lot of horsepower. All of which is why they’re consistently able to provide higher brake torque than OEM pads.

8Genuine Toyota Pad Kit

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Toyota owners often don’t want to trust the safety of their vehicles braking to aftermarket brake pads. They may not feel confident in using pads manufactured by companies that create a lot of different products. And that why these pads are often the solution that Toyota vehicle owners are looking for when shopping for new pads for their brakes. These are genuine Toyota OEM pads, so consumers can rest assured that when they install them on their vehicle, they are getting some of the best brake pads currently available. And not only that, but they can also rest assured they will fit properly when they’re installed.

7Wagner Thermo Quiet Ceramic Disc Pad Set

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There’s a number of reasons why car owners may want to buy this Wagner Thermo Quiet Ceramic Disc Pad Kit for the front brakes of their vehicles. One of the biggest reasons for them to buy it is that the brakes are up to 35% quieter than OEM brakes. They also have a tendency on lasting longer than original brake pads and they don’t produce a whole lot of ceramic dust, which means wheels stay cleaner. However, the best reason of all for someone to buy these front disc pads is that they provide 15% more stopping power, so when the consumer hits the brake pedal, the car actually stops.

6Wagner Quick Stop Ceramic Disc Pad Set - Car & Truck Accessories

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When the car has to absolutely stop on a dime, then these ceramic disc pads are waiting to do the job. These pads produce stopping power that far exceeds the ability of OEM pads to stop, and it does without making a lot of noise. Another positive feature about these pads is that they don’t cause vibrations like some lesser quality pads have a tendency of doing. They’re also formulated with a low-copper ceramic formulation that meets or exceeds many industry standards. And since they are always OE-post cured, they will always provide consistent braking throughout their useful life.

5Bosch BC905 Quiet Cast Premium Pads

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These brake pads are engineered according to strict standards and are designed to provide the stopping power that people need. They not only stop well, however, they also don’t produce a whole lot of brake dust, which helps to keep the wheels cleaner longer. Another thing to like about these pads is that they’re exceptionally quiet as well. That’s because they’re made with a rubber core multilayer shim that helps to insulate against vibrations and helps increase the pad’s overall strength. And since these pads have a protective transfer layer as well, they last longer and are easier on rotors than other pads.

4AC Delco Professional Ceramic Pad Set

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AC Delco ceramic brake pads are trusted by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. That’s because they’re designed according to professional specifications. These pads are designed to not only provide the braking power that drivers need but do it without a lot of harsh noise emanating from it and while maintaining respectable durability. They’re integrally molded, which means they are bonded to a backing plate for increased performance and life, so users don’t have to worry about changing them as frequently as some other brake pads. It’s no wonder that the AC Delco name has become so well known in the automotive industry.

3AC Delco Advantage Ceramic Rear Brake Set

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These pads are made with a new ceramic formula that relies less on metal than other pads tend to do. That allows them to provide high-quality braking ability to the driver and do it while being virtually noise-free. Another plus on these pad’s checklist is that they’re also dust-free as well. And since all of the machining, curing, and preparation of these pads is done at the factory, the end consumer can just install them right from the box. Speaking of installation, putting these pads on your car is even easier than it has ever been because it comes with everything needed for a quality installation job.

2AC Delco Advantage Ceramic Pad Set (14D882CH)

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Probably one of the best things about this product is that it can be installed straight from the box. That’s because all of the machining and curing of these pads were done at the factory. It’s also because it comes with all of the hardware a person needs to slap them on their vehicle. However, ease-of-installation isn’t the only reason these pads made it up so high on our list. It’s also because they provide great stopping power just when the driver needs it the most. And since they’re made from high-quality ceramic, they don’t produce as much noise or dust as comparable products.

1Akebono Pro Act Ceramic Pad Set

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Akebono has been quietly making a name for themselves in the automotive industry. That’s because they’ve been making high-quality pads for just about every Japanese, European, and American car and truck manufactured since 1990. They have over 400 different pads in their collection now, and these pads are the pinnacle of performance and trustworthiness. These pads are also super quiet, have a low vibration level, and produce little to no brake dust. Probably the greatest thing about these pads, and what makes them the best pads around, is they stop when the driver needs them to stop. You simply can’t ask more than that of any brake pads.

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