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Top 9 Best Bubble Baths of 2019 – Reviews

At the end of a long day, a warm bath can be the tonic you need. It is made all the more relaxing by a combination of holistic ingredients. To stimulate your senses, the aroma and feel on your skin can be uplifting, invigoration or just soothing depending on the contents of the bottle.

Not all bubble baths are the same though. Some of them promise the world but do very little for you. Depending on your mood, there is a bubble bath that can help to bring you back to life after a hard day. Maybe you just feel like treating yourself, and what better way than among the candles and bubbles in your bathroom. Here are some of the best including some organic, some with relaxing properties, and everything in-between, here are the top ten bubble baths.

Best Bubble Baths Of 2019

Deep Steep Bubble Bath, Lavender Chamomile, 17 Ounces

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From Deep Steep comes a bubble bath that will help you get a deep sleep. The ingredients of lavender and chamomile are well known for their relaxing properties. When you see that this is a product that’s free from parabens, sulphates, SLS, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals, you can see why it leaves your skin feeling so nourished after. We like that it is also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and made with no alcohol or dyes. The carefully selected ingredients leave your skin feeling revitalised thanks to the organic coconut oil, argan oil, shea buttered aloe vera. It is a universal bubble bath that can be enjoyed by the whole family and creates long lasting bubbles whilst you enjoy the aroma.

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe, Milk Bath, White Tea and Jasmine

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Not only do you get two bottles of this high-quality bubble bath, but you are also getting some of the best ingredients for a relaxing bath. The Shea butter helps to moisturise your skin, leaving you feeling silky when you get out. You get a real burst of white tea and jasmine which are there to give you a sense of inner peace that lasts throughout your bath. We’ve heard how this bubble bath makes great suds and helps to strip your mind of the troubles of the world. The bubbles are soft, and gentle on your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated. Pour a generous amount into pouring water and watch your tub fill with the wonderful bubbles and scent.

L’Occitane Ultra-Rich Foaming Bubble Bath with 5% Shea Milk, 16.9 fl. oz.

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From one of the world’s leading brands comes their specialist bubble bath. This cream has a rich texture that is perfect for sensitive skin. It is an award-winning bubble bath that feels luxurious, without breaking the bank. The 5% shea milk pampers your skin through its antioxidants and is a common ingredient in beauty products for a reason. After a long soak, your skin will feel smooth and soft as a result of these soothing bubbles. The gentle creamy aroma will leave you feeling relaxed. Known to leave cracked skin feeling smooth, L’Occitane has a reputation for being one of the worlds favourite bubble bath products, with this formula, it’s easy to see why.

Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Foaming Bath with Avocado Oil

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Thanks to avocado oil, this bubble bath will moisturise your skin, leaving you feeling silky after a relaxing bath. The creamy aroma helps you to chill in a spa-like bubbles with multiple benefits. The avocado oil is hydrating and nourishing, perfect for dry skin that needs some care. The citrus notes help to rejuvenate after a tough day and the product as a whole is easy to use. Just pour it into running water to deliver a health-promoting bath. Hypoallergenic and kind on skin, the bubbles last a long time ensuring you have a bath that can last as long as you wish. Dr. Teal’s have a reputation for making quality bath products, and this is one of their best.

Algemarin Original Foam Bath 500ml/16.9oz

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A bubble bath with unusual secrets can often lead to something surprisingly good. This is the case with Algemarin Original Foam Bath and their use of sea algae. This might sound like something that is best kept in the ocean but the benefits are clear, it is used by many ocean spas around the world. The nutrients from the seal algae help to rejuvenate the muscles and moisturise your skin and even help your body to relax thanks to the soothing aroma. Many people describe a soak in the fragrant bubble as an uplifting experience, and it is guaranteed to be one that is different from your usual brand. With all the vitamins and minerals you will be surrounded by, this bubble bath will help bring you back to life.

Thymes – Goldleaf Bubble Bath – 11.5 oz

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Gold might be the kind of luxury addition you need to your bath, and with Thymes’ Goldleaf Bubble Bath, you certainly get an indulging soak. The art-inspired bottle makes it a nice gift to pass on to a loved one, but if you need to keep it for yourself, you’ll benefit from some carefully selected ingredients. these include smooth jasmine for a floral bouquet that helps you to relax. It also contains Lily of the valley for a silky fragrance that helps make this botanically based product so unique. An environmentally friendly bubble bath that looks luxurious, but is also kind on your skin and smells great. The majority of the ingredients are plant-based, and of high quality which means you are in good hands from the first bath.

Maple Holistics Eucalyptus Essential Oils Blend

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For a truly refreshing soak, you need the right ingredients in your bubble bath. It doesn’t get much better than this holistic eucalyptus blend. First of all, the ingredients are all hypoallergenic, paragon free, and free from sulphates, making them kind on your skin. This bubble bath will help you to relax before bed, helping you to get a good night’s rest. If you suffer from dry skin then this gentle formula should be high on your list of bubble baths as it soothes rather than irritates sensitive skin. The aroma will help your mind to rest after a busy day, knowing this is waiting at home for you will help you get through a tough afternoon at work. The aloe and Vitamin E combination helps to give you a serene experience, making this a favourite for many.

Honest Bubble Bath, Sweet Orange Vanilla

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What better way to relax than with the scent of orange and vanilla to soothe you. This gentle formula has organic chamomile and combines it with calendula help to provide a perfect bubble bath for gentle skin. Whether you want to use it with young children or fancy a soak yourself, it is free from SLA’s, paragons, dyes, sulphates and synthetic fragrances to be kind on your body. The ingredients work to make sure your body can retain the moisture in your skin, so it won’t dry you out. With enriching oils to leave you feeling smooth and soft it is a great product that makes foaming bubbles that last and ensures a relaxing time.

Maple Holistics Relaxing Bubble Bath for Sleep – Pure Lavender Essential Oil and Aloe Vera

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One of the leading brands has made a bubble bath for everyone. The sweet-smelling lavender formula is perfect for dry skin meaning it is fine to be used by anyone. Bio friendly, it is homeopathic meaning it will help alleviate stress through the unique aroma. It also contains muscle relaxing properties that help to lift the weight of the world from your shoulders. It is free from artificial fragrances leaving a natural scent that boosts your mood. The inclusion of Palmarosa helps to clean your body, combined with the clary sage it works to freshen your skin and leave it feeling and smelling great. It makes loads of bubbles that last and comes with a money back guarantee, giving you everything you need for an at-home spa experience.

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