Top 10 Best Car Covers of 2019 – Reviews

Car covers are a necessary tool for anyone trying to keep their vehicle in pristine, showroom condition. When a vehicle is left uncovered, it’s prone to not only rain, snow, and sleet, but also to dust and UV rays that can also be just as damaging. Keeping the car covered will protect its finish from these elements and help it look better for longer.

Naturally, when a person is looking for a cover for their car they want to choose one that will not only keep the elements away from the car’s finish but one that won’t be degraded over time by the weather. Fortunately, those are pretty easy to find. We’ve found ten of the best car covers that are very durable and will protect a car’s paint job for many years to come.

Best Car Covers Of 2019

10Coverking Universal Light Weather Cover

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Although this car cover isn’t designed to protect the finish of a vehicle from harsh weather conditions, it is a good option for protecting the vehicle against light weather such as rain or snow. This product is designed using a 3-layer construction that features a UV-treated polypropylene that doesn’t smother the vehicle but still protects its paint from fading due to ultraviolet light. Since this cover breathes, it not only prevents moisture from reaching the car but it also allows moisture that’s already on the car’s surface to escape. And because this cover has an elasticized bottom hem, it can be securely fitted to the car to keep it from blowing away.

9Leader Accessories Basic Guard Dust Cover

Chemical Guys Car Care Products

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Not everyone needs an expensive car cover that protects the vehicle from everything short of hurricane-force winds. Some people only need a dust cover that protects their car’s paint job from ultraviolet rays, dust, and dirt. Fortunately, this inexpensive dust cover is suitable for just that job. This product features an elastic hem that allows it to be properly fitted to the vehicle, and that ensures that it fits nice and snugly. It also features a strap and buckle that can be used to keep the cover from blowing away when the winds kick up. And since it’s made out of a material that breathes, moisture on the vehicle will properly evaporate.

8Classic Accessories Over Drive Poly-Pro

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This high-quality cover is designed to be used for sedans 176-inches to 190-inches long, and it is suitable for storing the car for long periods. That’s because it’s manufactured from a material that protects the vehicle from all kinds of different insults. It can protect not only against UV damage, rain, sleet, and snow, but it can also protect the car from scratches, dirt, and dust as well. Unlike cheap car covers, this model is made from a soft material that won’t end up scratching the vehicle it’s supposed to protect. Some of the other features it has is a convenient storage bag for the cover, tie-down grommets, and an antenna reinforcement patch.

7XCAR Breathable Dust Prevention Cover

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When XCAR invented this car cover, they put a lot of thought into it. Not only did they make it out of a material that’s capable of protecting sedans and hatchbacks from UV rays, dirt, dust and tree sap, but they also incorporated several useful features into it. This model features a free strap and cable lock that can be used to keep winds from blowing it away and also keeps people from removing the cover. This product can fit cars up to 200-inches long, and it has elastic hems for a snug fit. And when the cover isn’t in use, it also comes with its storage bag for convenience.

6Classic Accessories Over Drive Poly Pro 3 - Car & Truck Accessories

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Designed specifically for mid-size sedans up to 190-inches long, this heavy-duty car cover is ready to protect sedans against just about any insult. This cover is made using a reinforced material that’s capable of protecting the car’s finish against rain, snow, sleet, and sun damage, too. It comes with an antenna reinforcement patch, tie-die grommets designed to never scratch the car’s finish. Additional features that can be found on this corners that have an elasticized hem for a custom fit and zippered driver’s door access, so the vehicle owner can get into the car when they need to do so.

5OxGord Signature Waterproof Cover

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This extra-large car cover is approximately 17-inch by 4.59-inches by 4.43-inches and is designed to fit cars up to 204-inches long. This product is made with a specially blended waterproof material that consists of three different layers of polypropylene, a layer of micro-porous film and a layer of fleece. This combination of materials allows the cover to breathe, so that moisture trapped inside can get out, but also completely blocks out outside moisture from getting into the car. Additional features found with this cover include an antenna patch and a storage bag for added convenience.

4Bliifuu Breathable Outdoor Cover

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This advanced car cover is designed from a blend of materials that not only ensure that it’s tear-resistant but also ensures that it’s resistant to rain and snow. This high-density and ultra-strong material have an outer UV coating that protects the car from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun. Another key feature found on this cover is its fluorescent light strips that allow other cars to see the vehicle at night. This cover can quite easily protect a car’s finish from a variety of insults including rain, snow, dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings or just about of the other typical things that usually damage paint jobs.

3Kayme All-Weather Waterproof Cover With Zipper

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This car cover contains four distinct layers that give it an edge over some of the lesser quality automobile covers that are often sold. These four layers work together to protect the vehicle from a variety of insults such as dust, dirt and bird droppings. Its aluminum foil reflective surface is also better than some other car covers at protecting the vehicle against the onslaught of rain or sunlight. Other features found on this innovative cover include windproof straps that help to keep it securely in place, a door zipper so the car owner can enter and exit the vehicle and reflective strips for night parking safety.

2GunHyi All-Weather Automobile Cover

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Even though most automobile covers are made with 3 or 4 layers of material, this one just so happens to be made with an astounding 6 layers of material. That not only helps this cover protect the car from rain but also helps to protect it from snow, dirt, dust, UV rays and even tree sap. The layer that sits closest to the car is made out of cotton, so it’s designed to not scratch the car’s paint job. It’s also designed with a little bit of extra material, so not only the front and top of the car is covered, but the back can be covered as well. It’s a high-quality cover that should protect just about any car for many seasons to come.

1Audew All-Weather 6-Layer Car Cover

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This car cover is one of the best because it’s not only designed to have a universal fit, but it’s also designed to protect the vehicle’s paint job from just about anything. This product is made using 6 high-quality layers that include a PE layer, a nonwoven layer, an aluminum film layer, an EVA layer, and a cotton layer. The cotton layer protects the surface of the vehicle from the cover itself, while the other layers work together to keep out rain, snow, sleet, dirt, dust, tree sap, and bird poop. This product also has a windproof design that keeps it in place and will fit cars up to 190-inches long.

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