Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers of 2019 – Reviews

There are many reasons for fitting your car with car seat covers, either for practical or aesthetic purposes. Either way, we can all agree that car seat covers can range from cosmetic to incredibly useful, depending mostly on the type of people who ride inside your car. For instance, you definitely need protective covers if you have children because they tend to dirty everything around them, car seats included. If luxury and style are what you’re after, then you should perhaps invest in a set of pretty covers to add a bit of color. Whatever the reason, you should know that not all car seat covers can be expected to meet the same standards, thus the need to do your homework before buying some. To help you in this regard, we put together a list of the ten best car seat covers money can buy for you to look at.

Best Car Seat Covers – Top List

10Cheekie Monkie Auto Seat Cover

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This is quite a decent seat cover by most standards, one that is ideal for car seats and boosters alike, ensuring your car leather or cloth upholstery remains clean and new over time. It is the ideal auto accessory for you if you ride with kids or pets, made to endure through long road trips. Featuring a firm non-slip backing, this mat covers your car seat back, seating, and front, fully preventing stains, spills, and scuff marks, this uniquely designed cover is compatible with many vehicle seats and it also has organizer pockets for added storage along with firm padding for extra comfort.

9BDK UltraFit Sweat Towel Auto Seat Cover

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From BDK, comes this high quality, moisture wicking car seat cover made of microfibers and designed mindful of the athlete’s interest. Sweat stains on your car seat are not cool at all, and this cover keeps it all at bay for that matter. It is a machine-washable seat cover created to wick moisture away. Moreover, it clips into position in a jiffy for hassle-free installation. It also works with any car seat model and it easily rolls up with an attached strap for convenient storage.

8FH GROUP FB102112 Classic

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This is another popular and top-quality car seat cover, one that boasts an air mesh for making it extra breathable to eliminate unpleasant odors. The breathable material is also easily washable, stylish, and highly durable. Coming in various colors, it offers you options to choose from, ensuring that you get something that perfectly suits the interior décor of your great car. Moreover, the seats in this set of seat covers feature a padded element for helping with the heat dissipation and overall comfort.

7Happy Healthy Parent-Child Seat Protector

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Very simple to wipe clean, this car seat protector cover ranks among the best options in its category. It is a thick padded, comfortable to use seat protector combo that keeps your car seat protected from stains and wear. It is a tall back model that catches spills and dirt from you’re your rear-facing toddler’s shoes, while an integrated kick mat ensures your pre-schooler doesn’t mess with the seat back. It further features organizational pockets to offer storage for various kid’s items.

6Smiinky Infant Car Seat Protector

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If you want a top performance car seat cover to use as you ride with your baby, you can as well go for the Smiinky’s. It will keep your child secure and comfortable while retaining the tidiness of your car. It also has pockets for storing your baby’s toys and straps for proper installation. At the same time, it is simple to adjust to make it fit the full length of the seat and keep the kid comfortable, a feature that ensures the seat remains free from stains, spills, crumbs, and scratches.

5FH-PU001102 Front Seat Covers

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For those of you who love leather seats, you have the FH-PU001102 as a superb addition to your car. These high-quality car seats are not only stylish but also made of well-treated leather to make them very durable. To ensure the cover doesn’t freeze during winter or be scorched by the sun, it is padded with a great heat dissipating pad. Moreover, these covers have an easily stretching material for ensuring a full coverage.

4Auto Expressions Braxton Universal

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The Braxton by Auto Expressions is a great choice as a universal car seat cover, one that features an innovative design and quality fabric. Updating the interior of your car, it protects your seat from stains, spills, dirt, pet hair, and fading. It is also simple to install and works with many bucket seats. Not only that but it also integrates a super-fit flap for a wrinkle-free, snugger fit.

3Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Universal Baja

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The Bell Automotive’s Baja is a universal bucket car seat cover that boasts stylish Southwest-inspired design plus an advanced feel for great comfort while offering protection to your seats against mess and wear. This allows you to keep it cool with a traditional look while enjoying riding comfort. The cover is compatible with most standard car seats and integrates an easy-adjust headrest. You can always expect quality and style from Bell Automotive and this is a perfect example of just that.

2BDK PolyCloth Car Seat Covers

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These are sporty but classy, quality seat covers that add vibrancy to your car while keeping the seats protected. The covers provide a soft feel since they have great foam backing and are easy to wash. The front ones feature a one-tuck-bar as well as one-strap-installation, while the back covers utilize ‘S’ hooks for hassle-free installation. At the same time, simple zip-to-fold down or up the car’s center console allows you to use the center console for storing drinks and resting arms.

1Brica Car Seat Guardian

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Guard your car seat against spills and dirt with this ingenious car seat cover by Brica. It not only offers essential protection to the leather or fabric from undesired compression but also an integrated crumb and spill catcher to ensure that the car floor remains mess-free at all times. Its unique, sturdy design and built-in extra-tall back panel make the Seat Guardian durable, allowing you to use it efficiently for a very long time. It also features a Dual-Grip traction technology for preventing unwanted car seat movements, thus keeping your kids and pets in a secure position at all times.


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What To Look For In A Car Seat Cover

Many of you may be well aware of a car seat cover’s protective capabilities, yet not many are those who understand what to look for when buying one. As you may already know, car seat covers are designed to meet multiple needs, either aesthetic, protective, or practical. For this reason, most car seat covers have to be easy fitting, flexible, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and effortless to install. Over the next few minutes, we will try and learn as much as possible about what makes a good car seat cover.

What Do They Do?

You don’t really want to sully your car seats if you can help it, which is easier said than done as unavoidable events tend to dirty your seats anyway over time. This is very likely if you have children or pets, and if you tend to store things on your seats for convenience. With the help of car seat covers, you can avoid any permanent damage to the car seats by allowing the covers to take the brunt of whatever damage may befall them. These covers are easy to clean for the most part and are relatively inexpensive overall. For the most part, you can expect car seat covers to provide protection from:

Stains and Spills – Most covers will protect your car seats against stains, spills, and water damage, even the cheaper ones. Spillage may only cause a minor inconvenience short-term, but some spills have the capacity to cause long-term damage to the seats if not dealt with immediately. To save yourself the trouble, you should perhaps wrap your seats in seat covers that you can take off and wash at your convenience once you have the time for it.

UV Rays – Not many people consider the damage that UV rays can cause to some car seats, especially those made of leather. In fact, prolonged exposure to sunlight will surely cause a certain degree of fading and cause your seats to lose color and texture. Fortunately for you, most car seat covers tend to provide a decent protection against UV rays, which is great for those of you who are forced to leave their cars parked on the street for long periods of time.

Everyday Wear – The greatest feature car seat covers have, however, is their capacity to protect the seats against everyday wear. This is particularly useful with the backseat which is most likely to take damage from spillage, tearing, or pet wear. It is also friction damage that sometimes messes with the backseat of a car, or when pants rub off against the surface of the seats, causing them to fade and crack over time if left unprotected.

Types Of Car Seat Covers

One must also consider the construction of their car seats when choosing a set of car seat covers. Mind you, some covers are designed to be used with specific car seats, thus the need to think about the construction of the covers themselves just as well. There are indeed several types of car seat covers to consider and they each share their own particularities, a good enough reason as any to educate yourself on what type of cover best suits your seats.

Neoprene Covers – Some of you should know by now just how durable and waterproofing neoprene covers tend to be. Made from the same materials as diving suits, these covers offer an excellent protection against spills of any kind. This makes them perfect for offroading enthusiasts or for people who tend to carry groceries in the backseat. They are also quite useful for people who have children.

Nylon Covers – While not the most comfortable fabric out there, it is certainly durable enough to withstand a fair amount of dirt, spillage, and light tearing. Furthermore, you also get the option to get ballistic nylon covers which are even stronger and easy to maintain. This material is also quite good when it comes to UV rays protection, not to mention how durable it is in regards to blunt damage and tearing.

Velour Covers – These covers are usually made from cotton or polyester and are generally very soft. Similar to velvet in many ways, velour covers offer a high degree of comfort for the passengers, even though it doesn’t offer much in terms of spillage protection. Furthermore, velour covers are also designed in a very aesthetically pleasing fashion, for the most part, making them perfect for anyone who wishes to add a touch of style to their car’s interior.

Leather Covers – Leather seat covers are among the most reliable and durable covers out there. Although leather isn’t known for its liquid absorbing properties, it will definitely stop liquid from penetrating the surface all the way through the seats, thus preventing any long-term damage to the seats underneath. It is for this reason that most leather covers aren’t just reliable in regards to their protection but also very easy to clean.