Top 10 Best Cat Toys of 2019 – Reviews

Cat toys are a great way for pet owners to give their cats exercise, to keep them mentally engaged and to allow them to have a little bit of fun as well. They also give these owners a chance to connect with their cats by using them to play games with their cat. Which makes these toys extremely important for any household with cats.

However, it can be quite difficult deciding on one or two of these toys because there are so many different varieties on the market. And that’s where this guide comes in handy. We’ve listed not only some of the best toys currently available but have also provided some guidelines for determining if a particular toy is the right one to buy.

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Best Cat Toys – Top List

10Hartz Just For Cats Midnight Crazies

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Toys with jingle balls in them have been around for a long time but Midnight Crazies are a little bit different than these other models. Instead of having an outer ball that’s completely enclosed, these balls have slots in them that allow the cat to get their claws into them and really bat them around. These balls are made from plastic and can be tossed around on a daily basis without fear of them breaking. Seven of them come to a pack, and they come in a variety of different colors. Cats can shake them, roll them or toss them and they’re designed to give the cat hours of fun.

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9Kong Kickeroo Pattern Catnip Toy

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This unusual toy is designed to give a cat a variety of interactive features. It has a fluffy tail and makes a crinkling sound that gets cats excited and has a shape that’s designed to promote hind paw kicking. It’s a toy that’s designed to be wrestled with and should provide most cats with hours upon hours of entertainment. And as if that wasn’t enough, this toy also contains a potent North American blend of catnip that will capture the cat’s attention and ensure that the toy doesn’t lose its entertainment value too quickly. This makes this toy one that will appeal to cats who like larger toys.

8Petstages Tower of Tracks

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This toy is designed with three separate levels stacked upon each other, with each level containing a ball. The balls can be swatted around by the cat, and they will race around their particular level. This engages the cat’s hunting instincts and gives them hours of entertainment as well. One cat or multiple cats can use this toy, and it provides the type of interactive fun that many cats need, all while giving them physical exercise, too. Overall, this toy is ideal for any age cat who is curious and need to have some form of physical activity to keep them healthy and engaged.

7Petedge 30 Zanies Furry Mice

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Cats who love to hunt down their toys will love these furry mice. They come in an assortment of different colors, have a soft exterior and rattle when they are shaken. The best thing about these furry mice, however, is that they come in a 30-pack that gives the cat plenty of toys to play with during the day. They can be left in one big pile for the cat to fish out or they can be hidden around the home so the cat has to find them. Either way, these furry mice are designed to give cats their daily dose of entertainment. Cats love to swat, shake and toss these cute and colorful little mice.

6Purrfect Leather Bouncer Toy

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This cat toy is designed for pet owners who like to have a little bit of interactive fun with their cats. It’s a clear 18-inch colored wand with a 6-inch flex cable attached to it. On the end of the cable is a furry toy that has leather strands coming out of it. When it is whipped, this toy excites cats to no end, and they will try to swat, lick and chew it over and over again. It’s a consistently popular toy that’s used by many different cat owners, and after using it for awhile it’s easy to see why. This toy provides cats with lots of fun and social time with their owners.

5Fashion Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack

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This variety pack of toys is ideal for anyone who wants to give their cats different types of toys to play with or want to give an assortment of toys to friends as gifts. This pack contains twenty different toys in a variety of different styles. There are balls, jingle balls, toys with catnip, furry mice, feather toys and so much more. These toys are designed to give the cat hours of daily play and contain a large enough of an assortment to keep them from getting bored. These toys are also a very economical way to furnish a cat’s collection of toys.

4Mibote 2-Piece Variety Pack

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Linen balls, crinkle balls, and fake mice are just some of the items that can be found in this 21-piece variety pack of toys. These toys are designed to provide a cat with many hours of fun and to be an economical choice for any pet owner who wants to build up their cat’s collection of toys. All of the toys in this set are non-toxic and safe to use. They can be used by both kittens and full-grown cats alike, and they also make great gifts to give cat owners for Christmas or other holidays. Whether they’re given to the cat all at once or given one at a time, this set will provide cats with the entertainment they need.

3Pet Favorites Foam Soccer Balls

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This 12-pack of foam soccer balls are a great way to keep the cat’s entertained during the day. They are soft and lightweight and can be batted around by the cat for hours on end. They are made from a nontoxic sponge, and each pack contains three balls of a particular color: 3 pink ones, 3 blue, 3 yellow ones and 3 green balls. And since these balls don’t contain a noise-making device inside them and are made from a soft material, they can be played with by the cat all night long without the cat’s owner worrying about these toys keeping them up all night.

2Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Wand

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The Cat Charmer is a toy which is designed to help the pet owner give their cats the aerobic exercise they need. This American made toy has a polycarbonate wand with a colorful fabric on the end of it. When the owner twirls it, cats will jump and twirl trying to grab the end of it. It’s safe and interactive fun for cats of all ages and is designed to be durable enough for daily use. Almost anyone who’s looking to entertain their cats all while they’re spending time with them will enjoy this unique wand toy. It also makes a great gift to give cat owners as a holiday present.

1Ethical Colorful Springs

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These colorful springs are 2-inches long and 1-inch in diameter, but the amount of fun they provide to cats can’t be measured. These toys are designed for use by both kittens and older cats. They come in an assortment of colors, and their unpredictable bouncing will give cats hours of fun and excitement. Each package contains 10-springs, more than enough to be used by multiple cats in a household. Cats will love chasing these toys around, and cat owners will love watching them play with these toys. They also make great gifts to give cat owners for the holidays, too.

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Tips For Buying Cat Toys

The best cat toys are not only designed as entertainment for the cat but are also designed to stimulate them. They help to exercise their senses and to engage them mentally. After all, a stimulated cat is often a happy cat. Another key component of a good toy is that it allows the owner to play along with their cat, but also allows the cat to engage in individual play.

Taking all those things into consideration, I’ve decided to come up with a list of tips that will help cat owners find toys that will engage and entertain their cats. These tips will also ensure that the owner buys a toy that not only makes their pet happy but makes them happy as well.

Safety & Durability

It is absolutely vital that cat owners make sure that the toys they purchase are not only strong but are also safe for their cat to use on a daily basis. Cats tend to use their claws and teeth during play, so any toy brought to them better be ready to hold up to this kind of abuse. While there are a lot of inexpensive toys sold at dollar stores or discount stores, they aren’t as economical as people think they are. That’s because the cat tends to tear them up quickly and they then have to be replaced. And that’s why cat owners should buy quality products and consider all parts of the toy to make sure that it will hold up to heavy cat play.

Cat Toy Types

When it comes to feline toys, there are a number of different models available. There are toys that have to be chased, ones that are meant to be pounced upon and others that are designed to be chewed on by the cat. There are even toys that dispense food as a prize for solving a particular task. While these food dispensing toys can be extremely fun for the animal, the cat owner should keep a few things in mind when using them. They should ensure that they buy ones that are easy to clean, only fill them with healthy treats, and don’t rely on them for regular cat feeding. Food dispensing toys also shouldn’t be the only toys in the household. For maximum cat stimulation and entertainment, the cat owner should provide their pet with a variety of different types of toys.

Cat Toys That Move

Cats love to hunt. It’s ingrained in their very nature. Which is why pet toys that move are so popular among cat owners. The ones that perform the best for cats are the ones that either resemble prey or move in a way that small animals move. This can mean small circular movements, zig-zag actions or other types of movement. To ensure that their cats are engaged as much as possible, pet owners should buy a variety of different pet toys, all with different movements, so the cat has options when it wants to play.

Sound Considerations

Buying toys that make sounds can be a bit difficult. That’s because some toys end up scaring the cat more than it engages it. These toys often emit a high-pitched sound that the cat hates or makes a whirring sound that can be alarming to the cat. If the pet owner’s cat is timid, then they may want to skip getting a toy that’s sound equipped. However, if the cat tends to be intrigued by sounds made in the home, then buying a cat toy that has sound may help engage the cat more than one without sound. It’s really up to the owner to take into account the personality of their cat and use that information to buy the best toy possible for their cat.

Toy Size

The size of the toy is something that a lot of cat owners don’t think about enough. Most cats assume anything that’s smaller than them is prey, which allows their instincts to kick in and play time to be entertaining to them. However, if the size of the toy that’s bought for them is too big, then they may no longer view it as prey but begin to look upon it as an adversary. This can result in the cat becoming aggressive towards the toy or becoming afraid of it. Either way, the cat isn’t having a whole lot of fun, so it’s important to choose a toy that’s the appropriate size.

Toy Texture

Toy texture is another important consideration and its one that’s dictated by the personality of the cat. Some cats prefer harder toys, and some cats prefer soft ones. However, it’s my experience that most cats prefer to have a variety of different textures available to them. And that’s why the pet owner should give their cats a variety of different pet toys.

Catnip Enhancement

Regardless of how they operate or what they are made of, most toys can be separated into two different categories: those with catnip and those without catnip. Cat owners should consider whether their cats like catnip or not. Some cats really enjoy this product and others could care less. If a cat owners cat does prefer catnip, then they should consider buying a toy that doesn’t have catnip and then treating the toy with catnip. This is a good way to transform a toy that was previously ignored by the cat into something that the cat can’t play with enough.

One Last Thing To Consider

Now that we’ve covered some of the best cat toys available and what to look for when buying one, it’s time to talk about one more thing: toy rotation. It’s important that toys are rotated in and out of home circulation. This not only helps the toys remain “new” in the cat’s eyes but also allows the pet owner to examine the toys for wear, tears or any damage they may have. This way, the toys can be taken out of circulation before they pose a hazard to the cat.