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Top 10 Best Charcoal Masks of 2019 – Reviews

Although the existence of charcoal face masks was scarce, even up until just a few years ago, you can’t go anywhere on the Internet nowadays without running into some beauty guru who is recommending a particular mask brand. These masks are all over social media, too, and all of them claim to be the product that you absolutely have to try. This can make it difficult for the average person to decide which ones are great and which ones aren’t so great.

To help our readers find the best charcoal masks available, we’ve decided to really do some extensive research and find out which brands were really the best and which brands were duds. The results of our finding can be found below in our top ten list of the best charcoal masks currently available. We’ve also included a handy guide that will give you the expertise you need.

Best Charcoal Masks Of 2019

10Body Merry Mud Mask

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Not only is this mud mask made with the power of activated charcoal, but it’s also infused with a rich clay that helps to remove excess oil, grime, and impurities from the skin. This product comes in a 4-ounce jar and is full of helpful ingredients which help to make this mask a full beauty treatment. Infused in this formula are aloe, antioxidants derived from fruit and sunflower oil to help remove impurities and improve the condition of the user’s skin. This product is certified by Leaping Bunny as being cruelty-free, and it is also made without any animal products, so it’s also a vegan formulation that works quite well.

9Detox Pore Minimizing Face Mask

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Although the main ingredient in this product is charcoal powder derived from bamboo, it’s not the only ingredients worth mentioning. Also in this formula are a wide range of supplemental ingredients which help to exfoliate the skin, minimize pores and reduce the likelihood of acne, all while improving the underlying condition of the user’s skin. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this formula include organic aloe, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, organic coconut oil, organic Jojoba oil, juniper fruit extract, witch hazel, cayenne extract, and kelp extract. And all of these work together to make the user’s skin brighter, softer and younger.

8Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask

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Contained in an easy-to-use tube, this deep facial cleansing mask is designed to remove blackheads, acne and the blemishes that make skin look bad. It’s designed to absorb excess oil off of the skin and to restore the skin to a brighter more even complexion. It does this not only with the judicious use of activated charcoal but also does it by using Kaolin—a clay that helps the charcoal absorb oil and even out the tone of the skin. This product is ready to use and will not only help the skin look better but is also designed to help increase the blood flow in the user’s skin.

7Redmond Deep Cleansing Mud

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Redmond Deep Cleansing Mask doesn’t just contain activated charcoal in its formula, even though it’s one of its main ingredients, but it also contains a number of other essential elements which help to smooth out pores, minimize blackheads, and make the skin look and feel younger. It uses bentonite clay along with lemon essential oils, cucumber peel extract and Tea Tree oil that work to clean and improve the condition of the skin. It also has rosemary extract in it, which helps to balance out the look of the user’s skin. All of these ingredients work together to make the user’s skin lighter and brighter.

6Fine Vine Activated Charcoal Facial Detox

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Unlike some of the other brands which compete against it, Fine Vine is a charcoal mud mask that’s completely made in the United States. This allows the company to use the highest quality ingredients in its formula and avoid some of the toxins that might seep into the formulas of other brands. This 2-in-1 mud mask not only uses activated charcoal to cleanse the skin, but it also uses Dead Sea mud that helps to shrink pores, remove dirt, and pull out toxins from the skin. This leaves the user’s face with an even, well-toned complexion and helps to get rid of acne and blackheads.

5Aliceva Blackhead Remover Mask

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This peel-off charcoal mask is designed to be easy to apply and to pull the impurities out of the user’s skin. It provides true deep pore cleansing that quickly exfoliates the skin and removes excess oil. It’s formulated without the use of any animal oils, without mineral oils and without parabens. It’s a product that’s been tested by dermatologists and has been deemed safe for use by people with all different skin types. And because the charcoal that’s in its formula is derived from all-natural bamboo, this product is safer to use than some of the products manufactured by their competitors.

4Freeman Facial Polish Mask

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Although this product isn’t your typical peel-off mask, it is a wonderful charcoal face mask that can exfoliate the user’s skin and help to remove oil from their pores. It does this by using two powerful ingredients that work together to brighten skin, minimize pores, and exfoliate dead skin cells. These two powerful ingredients are black sugar and charcoal. These two ingredients work together to bring balance to the user’s skin and help them regain that youthful glow. And because it doesn’t contain all of the harsh chemicals that some masks contain, it can be used several times a week for best results.

3Brickell Men’s Purifying Face Mask

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Although there are hundreds of different charcoal masks made for women, there aren’t that many that cater to men’s needs. At least, not until now. This product is specially formulated to handle the skin issues that men face on a daily basis. It’s designed to tighten the skin, improve elasticity, diminish pores and reduce wrinkles. It’s made not only with organically-derived activated charcoal, but it also contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, two ingredients which tighten and moisturize the skin. This men’s face mask is designed for any man who wants to make their skin look better.

2I Dew Care Space Kitten T-Zone Mask

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This mysterious mask is designed to handle the skin’s problem areas, particularly in the dreaded T-Zone area of a person’s face. It’s capable of removing blackheads, deep cleansing pores and exfoliating the skin. This product also does a marvelous job of brightening the skin by removing toxin, impurities, and dirt from the surface of the skin. It’s made with a combinate of charcoal powder, volcanic ash, topaz powder, and witch hazel that all work together to bring the skin back to its proper level. Anyone looking for a quality mask made with charcoal will want to take a look at this one.

1AsaVea Black Peel-Off Mask

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This product may just be the best charcoal mask currently available. This product is designed to reduce acne, absorb oil, and to shrink the skin’s pores. It’s also capable of exfoliating the skin and brightening the skin at the same time. This product is not only made with the best-activated charcoal currently available, but it’s also made with other exciting ingredients which include polypeptide collagen, castor oil, and glycerin. It’s this nourishing blend that helps to balance the user’s skin, improve skin quality, and help them make a difference with their daily beauty regimen. And since it’s in a convenient tube, it’s easy to use on a regular basis.

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A Guide To Charcoal Masks

Since charcoal masks are still somewhat of a mystery to some people, we decided to write this guide on this subject. In this guide, you’ll find about the benefits of using these masks, and also how to properly use these masks for the best results. Having set the stage for what’s apt to be a great guide, let’s jump right into the action and start off with the benefits of charcoal masks.

The Benefits Of Using A Charcoal Mask

As you probably already know, using a charcoal mask can provide the user’s skin with a wide range of different benefits. After all, if you didn’t suspect that charcoal masks had particular benefits, then why would you be reading this guide. However, while most people have heads these masks provide their skin with benefits, they often don’t know just exactly what these benefits are. Below are some of the more common benefits of using a charcoal mask on a regular basis.

They Absorb Oil

One of the big benefits of using these masks is that charcoal absorbs oil from the skin. In fact, they’re so good at absorbing oil, they can actually pull oil out of your pores. So, if you have acne-prone skin, then you may want to consider using one of these masks on a regular basis. However, it should be noted that using a mask too often can actually irritate the skin, and this could potentially cause your skin to produce even more oil. Therefore, as is the case with just about anything, moderation is the key to success.

They Exfoliate The Skin

Another big benefit supplied by these masks is that they tend to exfoliate the skin. Thanks to the product’s coarse texture, and the fact that they shrink as they dry, these masks do a wonderful job of pulling dead skin cells off of the user’s face. This can leave the skin feeling soft, supple, and very touchable.

They Brighten The Skin

These masks do a wonderful job of removing dirt, dust and other particles off the surface of the skin. Although this product doesn’t actually whiten the skin, it does make it appear brighter. They also ensure that the skin is as clean as possible.

How To Use Charcoal Masks

Although most charcoal masks have detailed instructions on how to use them, we decided to write a brief section that sums up the process. As is the case with just about any beauty product, if the instructions on your charcoal mask are different than these instructions, then the product’s instructions should be given precedence. Having stated that, let’s get started with applying a charcoal face mask.

Step One: Read Instructions & Gather Supplies

The first step toward applying a face mask is to thoroughly read the product’s instructions, including the safety warnings. Once that’s been done, you can then gather together some of the supplies you’ll need. These will include the following items:

  • Charcoal Mask
  • Makeup Brush
  • Small Bowl
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Facial Moisturizer

Most of the charcoal masks also have a warning on their labels that tell the user to test a small portion of their skin first before they apply it to their face. This is to make sure that the user isn’t going to have an allergenic reaction to the product. So be sure to apply a little bit of any mask you use to a small portion of the skin on the back of your hand. If there isn’t an allergic reaction in 30-minutes, then the product can probably be safely used. However, if there’s an allergic reaction, then don’t use the product.

Step Two: Apply The Mask

Put a quarter sized portion of the mask into your bowl and then use your clean makeup brush to spread the mask over the surface of your skin. Be sure to pay particular attention to oily or blemished areas of the skin. Use slow, gentle strokes to evenly apply the product and do it without irritating the skin. Be sure to avoid getting any of the masks near your eyes or mouth.

Step Three: Wait For The Magic To Happen

Now all that has to be done is wait for approximately 10-minutes (or less depending on your product’s instructions) for the mask to work. If the mask begins to hurt or burn, then you should immediately remove the mask. If it doesn’t, then allow the full recommended time to elapse before removing.

Step Four: Peel Off The Mask

Beginning at the lower edge of the mask, begin pulling the mask off of your face. Be sure to use a slow, even upward movement when removing the mask to avoid irritating the skin.

Step Five: Clean & Moisturize Your Face

When the mask has been removed, gently clean your face using a facial cleanser. Since charcoal masks tend to have a drying effect on the skin, you should also moisturize your skin to replace some of the moisture that may have been lost to the process.