Top 10 Best & Cheapest Bunk Beds of 2019 – Reviews

A lot of people don’t seem to realize this but bunk beds can be just as comfortable as king-sized beds at times, depending on who makes them and how they’re being made. In fact, even an inexpensive bunk bed can be comfortable for the right kid, just as long as it meets all the safety standards. For kids, bunk beds are a godsend, you see, especially the ones who would otherwise be forced to share their beds with their siblings.

This being said, one must always pay attention to what the market has to offer before making such a purchase because not all bunk beds can be held to the same standards. In this respect, we put together a list of the ten best bunk beds out there to give you a better idea of what to look for.

Best & Cheapest Bunk Beds 2019

10Walnut Finish Wood Twin Over Full Size Convertible Bunk Bed

buy from amazonThis elegant bunk bed enjoys a walnut wood finish that makes it both stylish and practical. At the same time, the bed is designed to easily separate into two beds – one twin and one full. For greater accessibility, the bed includes a safety ladder and a safety rail for the top bed. Not only that but the overall construction of the bed is a lot sturdier than you would normally expect a bunk bed to be.

9Donco Bunk Bed Twin

buy from amazonThanks to its solid wood construction, this particular bed is a lot more durable than most bunk beds, without affecting its overall weight all that match. As you would expect, the bed can be separated into two separate beds with relative ease. Furthermore, this bed comes mattress ready with slat roll foundations for each bed, meaning that you won’t need any bunkie boards to speak of.

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8Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

buy from amazonWalker Edison’s Twin-Over-Twin bunk bed is a modern bed that converts to two single beds in an instant when necessary. The reason behind this lays in its tubular steel framing equipped with an integrated ladder and full-length guard rails for good measure. It also has to be said that despite its steel construction, this particular bed is surprisingly lightweight, especially when compared with most bunk beds out there.

7Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Cherry

buy from amazonThanks to its attractive solid wood construction, you can fit this stylish bed into any decor with relative ease. It’s not just stylish, mind you, but practical as well. For instance, it enjoys a very sturdy construction that enables each of the bunks to hold up to 250 lbs. Not only that but it also conforms to the latest consumer product safety standards while being very easy to assemble at the same time.

6King’s Brand Furniture Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed

buy from amazonThanks to its wood arched design that involves hardwood and veneer, this ingenious bunk bed isn’t just durable but practical as well. It has 65 mm wood posts, enjoys an arched curved design, twelve slats for an improved mattress support, and the capacity to split into two individual beds if needed. Also worth mentioning is the fact that despite its relatively small size, this bed is surprisingly spacious.

5Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

buy from amazonIf you are looking for something that is both pretty and practical then look no further. The Coaster Bunk Bed from Coaster Home Furnishings is a kids bed at its core, which explains the slide and the tent, but this doesn’t make it any less durable than you would expect a bunk bed to be in this day and age. In fact, the bed enjoys an improved durability specifically due to the fact that it is designed to take quite a beating before showing any signs of damage.

4Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed

buy from amazonThis particular bed comes with a full sized slat roll mattress support that may prove very useful in the long run. At the same time, it holds the capacity to be split into two separate beds if the situation requires it, with minimal effort on your part. It also has to be said that this bed was designed with safety in mind, which explains why it meets all the current U.S. and Canada safety standards.

3Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed

buy from amazonThanks to a rich white lacquer finish, this stylish bed will blend into any modern household in today’s world. It’s not just style that recommends it, mind you, but also its practicality and its ability to sustain quite a bit of damage while maintaining its standards. We should also point out that this versatile and accommodating bed meets all ASTM and CPSC specifications along with the safety standards of most European countries.

2DHP Twin Over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed

buy from amazonThe first thing you notice about the DHP Twin Over Twin is how accommodating and spacious it is. For instance, it can accommodate two twin mattresses, which is a lot more than can be said about most bunk beds on the market today. It’s not just its spacious design that’s impressive, you see, but its overall design as well. We say this because apart from the durable metal frame, the bed also benefits from a slanted front ladder that won’t inconvenience the occupant of the bottom bunk.

1Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed

buy from amazonThis ingenious bed from Stork Craft was designed with safety in mind, meeting both current U.S. and Canadian safety standards. It also includes a full sized slat roll mattress support built to withstand almost any type of mattress. Furthermore, the bed benefits from a solid wood construction and it includes fastening systems, full-length guardrails, and a sturdy fastened ladder for good measure. Last but not least, it can easily be converted into two separate twin beds if needed.


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