Top 10 Best Cheese Slicers of 2019 – Reviews

We could talk all day about the practical uses for a reliable cheese slicer and the many dishes one can help you prepare. Practical and inexpensive, a cheese slicer can ease up an awful lot of tiresome slicing work, which is particularly useful when dealing with creamy or thin cheese. No matter how good your knifing skills might me, there is no way you will be able to achieve the thin slices a cheese slicer can produce courtesy of your own knife handling. So if you’re thinking about getting a cheese slicer for yourself, then you should perhaps check out our ten best cheese slicers list, a list we spent quite some time compiling given how wide the offer is.

Best Cheese Slicers – Top List

10True Wire 2419 bulk

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Entertaining your guests or family is a lot easier with this simple-to-use, handy tool. Ideal for slicing your soft cheese, the True Cheese Lyre is your power to create thin and precise cheese slices. Its wire and handle are made of premium stainless steel for improved performance and longer value. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Use this tool for effortless soft cheese cutting of any kind.

9Manno Italiano Cheese Slicer

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During party and come-together events, you want to see accurately cut thin cheese slices. Manno Italiano Cheese Slicer is a premium-performance model that delivers to your satisfaction. With a stylish, comfortable handle and a heavy-duty zinc alloy construction, it is a well-designed professional tool you will definitely love. It further boasts an ultra-strong cutting wire that goes through any cheese type with easily and precisely. The 4-inch long cutting wire and 5-inch handle offer a great deal of flexibility.

8Fox Run 5047

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With the Fox Run 5047 wire cheese cutter, you are free to cut thin, thick, as well as paper-thin slices of various cheese types. Made of quality zinc alloy and featuring an easily adjustable cutting wire of stainless steel, it also comes with two extra replacement wires for longer use. Whether an after-dinner course or an hors-d’oeuvre paired with wine, you will serve your guests with a perfect cheese platter—quickly prepared, evenly cut beautiful cheese slices, paired with meats, crackers or veggies.

7RSVP White WMCS Marble

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Now serve a presentable cheese platter in the next party or after a night’s out thanks to this excellent cheese cutter by the RSVP. Made of quality white marble, its elegant board keeps your cheese at pretty cool temperature. The cutting wire is made of sturdy stainless steel to be able to cut through both soft and hard cheese seamlessly. Its base features rubber feet to keep it stable while not scratching your countertop. Its size is user convenient, and it includes a replacement wire for added value.

6OXO Good Grips 1071567

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Slicing cheese gets a lot easier with the OXO Good Grips 1071567, a great wire cheese slicer that comes with replacement wires. It is an easy to adjust and convenient to use slicer that features sturdy, durable die-cast zinc construction with a comfortable handle for convenient pulling of the cutting wire through medium to hard cheeses. By adjusting your wrist angle, you can change from thick to thin cheese slicing. We should also point out that the slicer is 100% dishwasher safe.

5Westmark Germany 102031

buy from amazonThe Westmark’s Germany 102031 is a highly reliable, non-stick wire cheese cutter that cuts smooth and also rolls properly. It features a top-grade stainless steel wire that cuts through your cheeses with little to no effort at all. With a powder-coated aluminum construction, it is a durable unit that offers prolonged value, while its friendly design makes it an ideal cutter for any semi-hard cheese.

4Norpro 330

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If you’re looking to cut your cheese effortlessly and evenly, now you can with the premium-grade Norpro 330 Cheese Slicer. It is a heavy duty and versatile model that is adjustable to cut various cheese size thicknesses. Norpro 330 is made of durable zinc alloy, and it boasts an extra cutting wire made of stainless steel for optimal performance. Not only that but it handles a lot easier than most cheese slicers out there on account of its design.

3Prodyne 805B

buy from amazonThis is another attractive yet high-delivery cheese slicer that, with its server tray, is perfect for an impressive cheese-and-crackers presentation during a party. However, it is small enough for the outdoors. It features a high-tension cutting wire made of stainless steel and that cuts through your semi-soft cheese smoothly and harder cheese without sticking or breaking. Its beechwood board natural finish exudes rare elegance.

2Bellemain TRTAZ11A

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The high quality, easy to use Bellamain TRTAZ11A is the most elegant, great performance wire cheese slicer available on the market today. It solid cast zinc alloy body lasts for long. With the easy and quick cheese slicing experience of the Bellemain, you will never go back to using knives to cut those cheese blocks. Its cutting wire will never require sharpening. Moreover, it comes with a replacement wire for you to use once the inbuilt wire dulls out.

1Fox Run 3841 Marble

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Made of quality white marble, the Fox Run 3841 cheese slicer is elegant and ideal for slicing soft and hard cheese alike. It includes two replacement cutting wires for maximum performance and efficiency, which is something you want from a cheese slicer of any kind. Furthermore, it also has an 8-inch by 5-inch base along non-slip rubberized feet for guaranteed stability. Also worth pointing out is that it uses a stainless steel wire that is quite durable by all standards.


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What To Look For In A Cheese Slicer

Even though the usage of a cheese slicer is pretty self-explanatory for the most part, it still pays to learn as much as you can about the slight differences between slicers in the long run. We say this because some slicers are designed to help you slice cheese for immediate consumption whereas others can be fully adjusted to slice different types of cheese into various sizes for preparation purposes. Other than that, pretty much all you have to do is pay close attention to how a slicer is made and to its general sturdiness.


Seeing how cheese slicers are made for cutting, you absolutely have to check how safe a slicer is before buying it. You do this by checking to see whether a slicer has rubber handles and.or rubber stands. With handheld slicers, the handles have to be non-slip and built in a way that ensures you won’t drop it accidentally when slicing a thick cheese. Not only that but the quality of its handles also affects the slicer’s overall handling during the slicing process.

When it comes to slicers with bases, always look for rubber feet. These rubber feet stop the slicer from slipping off the counter when using them while also providing you with better control of the process. While you’re at it, make sure that the blade(s) are securely attached to the body of the slicer. Under no circumstances should the slicer feel wobbly or loose when performing slicing tasks of any kind.

Slice Quality

You judge a cheese slicer first and foremost by its capacity to slice cheese. This should really be a top priority above everything else about the slicer, regardless of how well-built or versatile it might be. We say this because some slicers are notorious for being unable to handle soft cheese while working relatively well with hard cheese or the other way around. In some cases, they might be able to cut through the cheese but they will do so unevenly.

Keep in mind that the quality of the slices is more or less a clear indication of the overall quality of the slicer itself. So in this regard, the quality of the slices should be judged according to not only the thickness but also according to how much control you have over the process. In all fairness, the lack of control in regards to slice thickness is a common problem among slicers, especially those in the low-end of the spectrum.


A cheese slicer should not cause you any discomfort when using it for long periods of time. Truth be told, you shouldn’t be using a slicer for too much time anyway, but if it happens that you need to process a large quantity of cheese, then the last thing you want is for the slicer to hurt your palms or get loose after a certain number of slices. It is generally handheld slicers that develop looseness issues when used for extended periods of time, so keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Tabletop slicers can also develop certain particularities over time, mostly in regards to their ergonomy. It is very important for a cheese slicer, especially one with a base, to have rubber feet and ridges on the handles. Not only will this give you more control over the slicing process but it will also ensure that the slicer maintains its structural integrity long-term as you use it more often.

Types Of Cheese Slicers

For the most part, cheese slicers can be split into two main categories – handheld slicers and tabletop slicers. Even though handheld slicers are the most popular, tabletop versions can be expected to be more reliable in the long run. Another great advantage handheld slicers have is being fairly portable. On the other hand, tabletop slicers can process a whole lot more cheese than their handheld counterparts, so it usually comes down to their particularities.

Handheld Cheese Slicers – Highly popular thanks to their compact form, handheld cheese slicers can be expected to look just like vegetable and fruit peelers to some extent. If we’re honest, some of them can even be expected to behave as such, although you shouldn’t expect a cheese slicer to do the job of a vegetable peeler with the same efficiency. Not only that but they also take up less storage space, which is a great feature in itself.

Tabletop Cheese Slicers – These slicers usually have a sturdy, accommodating base to help you process a large quantity of cheese at a time. These slicers are perfect for those of you who do not lack the storage space. The great thing about tabletop slicers is the stable base that provides you with a good grip during the slicing process, which makes the slicer much easier to control at all times. Furthermore, tabletop cheese slicers can also be expected to process hard and soft cheese with roughly the same efficiency.