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The Best Compression Socks Stay Stylish While Keeping You Healthy

Tired, achy legs that swell as the day goes on are nothing to sneeze at. This is a common problem experienced by a lot of people who spend lots of time on their feet. But you don't have to suffer once you find the best compression socks to keep your circulation in tip-top shape.

Compression socks offer a hassle-free way to prevent swelling, reduce pain, and get the support you need to make it through the day. Whether you're on your feet or off them for the majority of the day, leg issues no longer need to be a daily struggle.

Once you slip on a pair of these socks expertly designed for support and comfort, you'll wonder how you ever functioned without them.

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Things to Know About Compression Socks

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Before looking over the best compression socks on the market, it may help for you to learn a bit more about them and what they can do for you. Knowing if these socks are even the right fit for your issues can help you choose the right pair.

How do compression socks work?

According to Rite Aid, compression socks work by applying pressure to your legs and feet to help move blood from your feet back to your heart. They support better circulation and prevent blood from pooling in your feet while standing or sitting for long periods.
Typically, a sock will have graduated compression. This just means the applied pressure is more intense at the foot and lessens as you go up the length of the sock.

Why should I wear compression socks?

The medical field is a huge proponent of these socks. They can help prevent swelling, reduce aches and pains, prevent lightheadedness when standing, and lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

Doctors often prescribe compression socks to those with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, that are associated with poor blood flow in the extremities.

Athletes may also wear them as they help keep blood moving, which encourages faster muscle healing and prevents aches.

Who should use compression socks?

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While athletes and those with certain medical conditions that affect circulation can benefit from wearing compression socks, they're also great for anyone who is sitting or standing for an extended time. For example, nurses use them a lot, as do people who are taking long flights.

The Mayo Clinic explains that you can buy them over the counter or get them with a prescription. If you have a medical condition related to your heart, nerves, or circulation, or if you have skin problems, you should check with your doctor before giving these socks a try.

How do I use them?

You can wear these like any other sock, or you can wear them only when you need, such as during work hours or on your flight. Compression socks usually come in knee-high length, but you can also find them in ankle length.

Compression socks can be tough to get on because of how tightly they fit around your leg and foot. It helps to stretch them a bit before attempting to put them on. You also need to make sure your legs and feet are completely dry.

Once you have them on, they need to lay smooth. They also shouldn't cause pain when you wear them. If they do, you may need to adjust the size.

How We Researched This Review

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To provide the highest quality review of the best compression socks, we first looked at manufacturer information, expert reviews, and customer reviews. We understand that reviews are very subjective, so we made sure to look at the overall picture to eliminate any bias.

For our review of the best compression socks, we also compared basic product specifications like sizing, materials, and available colors.

We took all the information and used it to put together a unique and comprehensive look at the best compression socks on the market right now. Through the various sources, we feel we were able to present you with an excellent guide you can use when buying your own socks.

The Best Compression Socks for Relief Right Now

Now that you have a better idea of what this type of sock can do for you, it's time to take a look at the best compression socks you can buy today.

This list is not in any particular order. Each of the socks listed gets high Amazon ratings from consumers and are available in a range of prices, so there is something for every budget. All of the socks below are also available for both men and women.

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks

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These FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks feature copper ions that help reduce odor and encourage circulation. They come in a knee-high length with various colors and patterns from which to choose.

These are some of the best compression socks for anyone looking for around 15 to 20mmHg compression. They also feature breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

Reviewers say these socks work as promised and really help to prevent tired legs. They're also very easy to put on.

However, some customers also note that the sizing is complicated to get right even with the size chart. They often run small and do not offer tight compression.

Physix Gear Compression Socks

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The Physix Gear Compression Socks have double stitching for extra durability and comfort. They come in a knee-high length and feature stay-put cuffs.

You can order these Lycra-blend socks in a variety of colors. They offer 20 to 30mmHg of compression and provide moisture-wicking properties.

Many said they work effectively against both pain and swelling. They also loved the many color choices and that they work great for wide calves.

On the other hand, some say they run too long and are too thin. Some reviewers feel these socks lose compression throughout the day.

SB SOX Compression Socks

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Coming in a nice selection of colors, these SB SX Compression Socks offer 20 to 30mmHg of compression. They feature a reinforced and cushioned heel and toe.
This option for the best compression socks is anti-odor and anti-static. The fabric is also breathable.

Reviewers also say they work great for taller people, and the band does not cut into the calf. Plus, they retain compression all day.

Some customers say that sizing is tough and there may be issues with extra fabric in the toe if you buy to fit your calf. In addition, they don't hold up well after multiple washes.

CHARMKING Compression Socks

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The CHARMKING Compression Socks provide 15 to 20mmHg of compression. You can also choose from several cute patterns and many colors.

These compression socks feature a nylon blend with 360-degree stretch. They are breathable and provide temperature control for dry feet.

Consumers give them an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Reviewers say they're comfortable and work well for swelling. They're also easy to get on.

However, some consumers didn't like that they're loose in the toe. They also experienced some confusion with sizing and said the socks do not offer a lot of compression.

Laite Hebe Compression Socks

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These compression socks from Laite Hebe come in a range of colors and pattern choices. They feature breathable, moisture-wicking fabric made from nylon. These are some of the best compression socks for 15 to 20mmHg of compression in a knee-high style.

Reviewers love that they're lightweight and wider in the calves than many other compression socks.

Many customers did note that sizing is tough to pinpoint. These socks also seem to lack in durability, with holes appearing in the toes after repeated wear.

SOOVERKI Compression Socks

Compression Socks Women and Men Circulation (3 Pairs) - Best for...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CIRCULATION SOCKS- You are getting an amazing offer to keep your feet stay with optimal compression all...
  • COMPRESSION SOCKS - OR new age IMPRESSION SOCKS? Comfortable material and careful construction. No stitches in places...
  • EFFECTIVE - Our compression socks (15-20 mmHg) are recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers. They are designed...

With numerous color and pattern choices, these SOOVERKI Compression Socks are made of durable nylon, polyester, and elastane. They provide 15 to 20mmHg of compression.

These socks are on our best compression socks list partially because they come in so many different styles. They also offer padding on the top and ball of the foot.
Customers say they're comfortable and offer a great fit. They also like that they are made from a breathable fabric.

However, customers don't like that they're very thin. Also, some found the knee-high style too short and that it didn't actually reach the knees. There is also some size variation between the various color and pattern options.

Go2Socks Compression Socks

Go2Socks Compression Socks for Men Women Nurses Runners 20-30mmHg...
  • STRONG COMPRESSION: 20-30 mmHg. Do you end your work day or workout with tired and fatigued legs? Our socks reduce...
  • CHOOSE QUALITY: High quality fabrics are blended to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture for maximum level of comfort. Our...
  • TREAT YOUR FEET: Our socks are fun, funky, and functional. Experience a swift and fast recovery from an intense workout,...

Providing you with 20 to 30mmHg of compression, some of the best compression socks come from Go2Socks. The Go2Socks Compression Socks come in many brightly colored patterns and are both anti-odor and anti-bacterial.

These compression socks are also moisture-wicking. Plus, they feature temperature control to avoid sweaty or cold feet.

They love the thick sole that helps with foot pain. They also feel they work well for pain and swelling. Plus, these socks have a good height on the shin.

One issue reviewers mentioned was that they're not a good fit for larger calves. They also mention sizing issues and that the sock is hard to fit even while referencing the sizing chart.

Crucial Compression Socks

Crucial Compression Socks for Men & Women (20-30mmHg) - Best Graduated...
  • Instant Stamina and Recovery – You will feel the difference immediately. Durable, professional-grade graduated...
  • Ultra Soft and Comfortable – Some compression stockings are too hot, too tight, itchy and impossible to get on. Our...
  • Style and Confidence for Your Legs – With unmatched quality lycra and long-lasting durability, our performance...

Next on our best compression socks list are these socks from Crucial Compression. They provide 20 to 30mmHg of compression.

These socks feature the ComfortFlex design for the best fit. Made from Lycra, nylon, and Spandex, they're moisture-wicking, breathable, and non-slip.

These socks get great reviews for being comfortable and heavy-duty. Reviewers also say they're perfect for fighting fatigue.

What reviewers do not care for, though, is that they don't seem to offer the compression advertised. They also said you have to size them to your foot and leg, or they won't fit correctly.

TechWare Pro Compression Socks

TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks for Women & Men-Plantar Fasciitis...
  • HELPS RELIEVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS PAIN: Helps with STANDING & WALKING Pain. THERAPY Socks Brace the Splint Area to Relieve...
  • THOUGHTFUL FEATURES: GRADUATED COMPRESSION Foot Socks Designed with a Slightly FLARED RELAXED TOP for Easy Dressing....

These ankle compression socks from TechWare Pro provide arch support, relief from Achilles tendonitis and heel pain, and help with injury recovery. Unfortunately, they're only available in a limited range of neutral colors.

These socks are moisture-wicking and feature a relaxed top band for a more comfortable fit. The materials used include nylon and Spandex.

Customers say they're comfortable and work great for heel pain.

However, they also say they lose elasticity quickly. Plus, they're quite thin.

Blitzu Performance Compression Socks

BLITZU Compression Socks 20-30mmHg for Men Women Running Travel Nurses...
  • Compression therapy technology - Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow,...
  • Kinesiology taping design - the one-of-a-kind compression socks that combine the stability of kinesiology taping with...
  • Designed for everyday use and outdoor activities - bring more energy into your feet. It's perfect for jobs that require...

The Blitzu Performance Compression Socks give you a few different color options. They feature a kinesiology tape-inspired design and provide 20 to 30mmHg of compression.

These socks also have a circular knit for 360-degree stretch and stay-put cuffs for comfort.

Consumers say they have a nice feel and provide excellent pressure in the right spots to relieve foot pain.

However, some customers feel they're bulky and too hot. They also warn that the material snags very easily.

Slip into Your Best Compression Socks Yet

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Now, you have all the information you need to weed through the options and find one or more brands of compression socks to try out for yourself! Everyone's feet and legs are different, so you may have to try out a few before you find the ones that fit you perfectly.

However, our best compression socks guide will give you insight into what to expect from each brand and style of sock. This should help you to figure out which brands are most likely to provide you with the fit and feel that you need.

When you find the best compression socks for your needs, be sure to let us know!
Have a favorite brand of compression socks not on our list? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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