Top 10 Best Cookie Sheets of 2019 – Reviews

Everyone who has ever baked a batch of cookies will tell you that baking cookies is no easy task unless you have the right equipment for the job. We’re not just talking about quality ingredients here but reliable cooking utensils and bakeware as well. When it comes to baking cookies, a cookie sheet is perhaps the most important piece of equipment to own when you’re planning on making cookies. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best cookie sheets the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Cookie Sheets – Top List

10Baker’s Secret Cookie Sheet

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buy from amazonFor amazing cookies, this is perhaps the best available option in an affordable price range. This cook sheet features an enhanced coating which guarantees that nothing you prepare sticks on it. Moreover, it comes with significant and contoured handles that make it simple to handle aside from being dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean. Other than that, we should also point out that it will withstand a lot more abuse than most cookie sheets.

9Calphalon Nonstick Baking Sheet

buy from amazonCalphalon 1826034 provides you with a set of two quality baking sheets. These sheets feature interlocking layers which guarantee they easily release the cookies not to mention being completely dishwasher safe. They have been comprehensively assessed for performance and have been deemed to be 2x better than the standard baking sheet options. What’s more, these sheets are also amazingly dishwasher safe.

8Circulon Non-Stick Cookie Pan

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buy from amazonIf you choose the Circulon Non-stick, you get one of the best cookie sheets on the market. This model features a set of three premium grade cookie sheets which make use of an exclusive food release system that ensures no food sticks on their surface. What’s more, you also enjoy perfectly shaped cookies courtesy of their unmatched heating and cooking ability. Along with a remarkable durability and sturdiness, their easy-to-clean surface makes these sheets a must-have.

7Wilton Recipe Right Cookie Pan

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Wilton cooking pan is precisely designed to give you evenly baked and cooked cookies at your delight. It has convenient handles that ease its gripping and handling and an underlying material which makes it both non-stick and easy to clean. It also boasts a high popularity mainly because it is ideally heavy-duty and gives you perfectly browned products after baking, all this regardless of the recipe or baking method.

6Good Cook Non-Stick Cookie Sheet

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Good Cook brings a set of three rectangular-shaped cookie sheets each of varied size which allows you versatility in your cooking. It has a particular coat that does not stick, which when combined with its dish-washer safe construction makes it one of the very best out there. It also has the attribute of being simple to clean, which in all fairness, is a property all cookie sheets should have.

5Farberware Non-Stick Bakeware Cookie Pan

buy from amazonFarberware is a 3-set line of pans that offer you diversely sized cooking options. It uses high-quality material that not only guarantees proper and even heating and baking but also one that meets the high Farberware Quality Assurance Standards. It has light-gray colored sheets that ensure instances of over-browning are avoided and a superb overall construction that stands as a testament to its quality. What’s more, it can also handle other functions besides baking.

4Chicago Metallic Nonstick Jelly Roll Pan


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The Chicago Metallic cookie sheet is ideal for baking all different types of cookies and other baked goods. This baking sheet makes for consistent heat distribution, as it’s made from heavy-weight carbon steel. It is also suitable for all oven types. Additionally, this cookie sheet has a non-stick surface. This makes for simple baked goods release and easy cleanup. It’s easy to store and can be stacked with other baking sheets. If you’re looking to save some space, this is an excellent option! Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, which can be rare to find with a cookie sheet.

3Rachael Ray Oven Loving Bakeware Collection

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The Rachael Ray Bakeware collection is a high-quality set of cookie sheets that are designed to give quality products. It features a set of three-diversely sized sheets (small, medium and large). They are designed from durable carbon steel material which is not only sturdy but coincidentally prevents warping. Furthermore, these cookie sheets are simple to clean and subsequently long lasting.

2T-fal Airbake Ultra

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T-fal Airbake Ultra is a good cookie sheet featuring pure aluminum construction. This ensures that at no point do your cookies or anything else you are preparing gets burnt or subsequently get over-browned. Its aluminum material also consequently provides that you are safe from the instances of rusting as is widely familiar with regular cookie sheets. Not only that but the sheet also stands out for its remarkable durability.

1Nordic Ware Naturals Sheet

buy from amazonWith Nordic Ware Naturals you are not only sure if quality but durable in equal measure. This sheet model guarantees you a lifetime durability courtesy of the simple fact that it is among the options that are guaranteed never to rust. Moreover, aside from featuring a high-quality construction of pure aluminum, this cookie sheet also boasts excellent conductivity resistance for when you’re cooking in an electric oven. Last but not least, its aluminum construction also features encapsulated steel which allows it to prevent warping over time.


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What To Look For When Buying Cookie Sheets

best cookie sheetsAlthough cookie sheets come in all shapes and sizes, all the good ones seem to benefit from roughly the same properties. The question of which cookie sheets make the best cookies could seldomly be answered with a single brand name or build type. In all fairness, each particular sheet comes with its own particularities, which are important when it comes to preparing specific recipes. Other than that, you want a cookie sheet that can withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing damage and one that can be easily cleaned when you’re done using it. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together some characteristics to look for when shopping for a cookie sheet.


It is important for a cookie sheet to provide a proper insulation during the baking process, not only for the dough itself but also to focus the temperature towards the center of the cookies in order to make them smooth. For this purpose, some of these sheets use two layers of aluminum designed to reduce the temperature of the baking surface and heat cookies evenly on all sides. The greatest benefit of insulated sheets is perhaps the moisture they provide, thus reducing the risk of burning. This particular design works best with butter cookies or cookies shaped in a specific form.


You might not think much of it but we assure you that a cookie sheet’s color does indeed have an impact on how your cookies will look like. In general, cookie sheets can range from light to golden or lightly tanned, each coloring providing a specific type of baking environment. Light-colored metal, for example, helps you achieve brown-shaded cookies whereas dark sheets will ensure you get overly brown batches. You should also consider a sheet’s reflective properties when cooking cookies in an electric oven because this also tends to have an impact on the overall quality of your cookies.


You also want a cookie sheet to have a nonstick coating to ensure that the cookies won’t stick to the sheet once you’re done baking them. A nonstick coating also helps a lot when it comes to cleaning the sheet, either by hand or in a dishwashing machine. Some recipes will even require that you use a nonstick-coated sheet to prevent your batch of cookies from spreading across the bottom of the sheet when baked at high temperatures. On average, nonstick sheets are perhaps the best at cooking thick cookies with smooth bottoms.


There is also the question of sides, mainly if you want a cookie sheet with sides or one without any. It is common among cookie enthusiasts to bake cookies in sided sheets, claiming that these sheets yield better results overall. The great benefit of sided sheets is the containment they provide, ensuring that the dough doesn’t spread across the bottom of the sheet. With flat sheets, you get a much better airflow during the baking process, which in turn provides the cookies with more color and consistency. Other than that, flat sheets also provide a much larger surface space to aid with sliding the cookies off the sheet when they’re done.


While most of these sheets are made from aluminum, there isn’t a universal standard for cookie sheets in terms of comprising materials. Perhaps the most important thing to remember in this regard is that heavy-gauge cookie sheets will resist warping and bucking in the oven much better than thinner sheets, even though thin sheets are easier to clean and store. To ensure that you don’t end up with warped sheets over time, you should perhaps choose sheets that are guaranteed to withstand exposure to hot temperatures over long periods of time. There isn’t a standard for this, unfortunately, other than doing your research and reading other people’s reviews.


It is also important to keep in mind that size definitely matters as far as cookie sheets are concerned. A larger sheet will enable you to prepare a larger batch of cookies and even give you the necessary space to comfortably bake smaller batches when making peculiarly shaped cookies. Furthermore, large sheets will also enable you to place the dough loosely on the sheet, thus ensuring a much broader exposure to heat for the entire batch. That said, we should point out that large sheets are much more difficult to clean than smaller ones, especially when using dishwashing machines.


Last but not least, you should also judge a cookie sheet based on its manufacturer. We wish this wasn’t the case, but unfortunately, the market has been flooded with sub-par models that aren’t built to the same standards more reputable manufacturers have set. With low-quality sheets, you can expect them to warp or change shape over time, which is definitely something that might inconvenience you long-term. Although cheaper, low-quality sheets will also be difficult to clean on account of their nonstick properties, or rather the lack of. To avoid this, you should perhaps go for sheets made by reputable manufacturers, just to be safe.