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Top 10 Best CrossFit Shoes of 2019 – Reviews

Because of how unique CrossFit is as an exercising technique, it requires not only a certain amount of effort and dexterity but also the use of proper training apparel. This is because CrossFit features many exercises which combine different yet intertwined practices, the type that can take quite a toll on your body if you aren’t 100% prepared. For this reason, the first thing you want to do is to invest in a pair of CrossFit shoes.

When it comes to CrossFit shoes, the market has quite a diverse offer; not just to protect your feet against fatigue and unwanted injuries but also to help with your weight distribution when performing physically-intensive regimens. Some would say that to understand what type of shoes you need you must first understand the very nature of the sport itself. If that sounds a bit too demanding for you, then, by all means, go for a pair of reputable yet proven CrossFit shoes.

To help you in that regard, we took the time to learn about the characteristics that all the great CrossFit shoes seem to share, features like elasticity, breathability, and adherence. In many ways, a good pair of CrossFit shoes is not only supposed to be protective but accommodating as well. So by taking their versatility and practicality into account, let us find out what are the ten best CrossFit shoes the market has to offer and what features to look for when buying a pair.

Best CrossFit Shoes – Top List

10NIKE Romaleos 3

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Made with premium quality imported synthetic materials and a hardy rubber sole, the Nike Romaleos 3 are some of the most flexible yet durable crossfit training shoes. Uniquely crafted for weightlifting, these lightweight shoes feature a lace-up profile with a dual hook and loop closure for that extra fit and grip. Thanks to its well-constructed TPU heel that takes the shape of your foot, it comes with two insoles including a soft one for training and another much sturdier one for competition. The sole is robust and offers additional traction and support.

9Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint 2.0

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Reliable, durable, and extremely comfortable, the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint 2.0 are high performance crossfit shoes that delivers a better exercising experience. Featuring a basic lace-up profile, it offers a good grip and fit and comes with an anti-friction inner lining that is moisture proof, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your workout. It also features a heat- activated midfoot wrap that is designed to take the shape of your foot, giving you a contoured fit and grip.

8Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325

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Offering a great deal of support, durability, and high performance, the Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325 are premium grade CrossFit shoes designed to be flexible, reliable, and extremely light in weight. Made from high-quality synthetic materials and textiles, these shoes feature the latest PowerTruss heel system that provides optimal stability, strength, and support, a design boost that involves high-quality rubber. Unlike most of their kind, these shoes are quite budget-friendly and much more comfortable than others in the same price bracket.

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7Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0

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The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 are top notch crossfit shoes, best known for their flexibility and performance. Thanks to the special Nano weave upper which is well cushioned, this shoe offers superior comfort and optimum breathability. It also comes designed with a multi-layered outsole with a robust heel that offers high levels of traction and protection from outer impact, which is always something to look for in a pair of exercising shoes.

6York Athletics The Henry Mid Lightweight Training Sneaker

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The York Athletics Henry Mid Lightweight Training Sneakers are uniquely designed for fitness, training, boxing and similar training activities. Featuring an ankle support measuring 5/8 inches in height, it provides a reliable and sturdy support. It also comes designed with a lightweight air mesh that offers breathability and a two-way stretch band that optimizes medial and lateral support. Durable, comfortable and light in weight, these sneakers come with a reinforced heel counter for additional stability and a special micro-fiber tongue that prevents lace bite. Equipped with a cushioned EVA midsole, a TPU welded toe and robust seams, these sneakers also come with a foam sock liner that absorbs moisture, keeping your feet odor free.

5Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 W

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Featuring a 4-way stretch upper made from prime quality mesh, the Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 Crossfit shoes are flexible and move with ease without any pressure points. The mesh also provides optimum breathability and ventilation. Thanks to the uniquely designed collar, they provide a great deal of support and comfort through all-day workouts. Designed with an adjustable mid-foot frame, these shoes are known for offering ultra-support during the toughest workout sessions. Featuring the latest flex groove construction, they deliver a natural movement and offer quick reaction speeds along with an improved stability.

4Nike Metcon 3 Mens CrossFit Shoe

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With a wide range of different colors to choose from, the Nike Metcon 3 Mens CrossFit Shoe is uniquely designed and crafted for heavy duty workouts including sprinting, climbing, weight lifting, flexing, and more. Equipped with an ingenious Flywire mid-foot technology, these shoes help to lock your foot in place, providing you with added stability and grip. Featuring a midsole with dual intensity foam, these shoes are well cushioned and provide optimum levels of comfort and support.

3Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

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For those of you who are looking for a better workout experience, the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave CrossFit shoes might be the way to go. Thanks to an anatomical shaped fit, these ingenious shoes offer better support, grip, and an added locked-in stability. Featuring a Kevlar infused upper with mesh, these particular shoes are extremely durable, reliable, and sturdy. Unlike most of their kind, these crossfit shoes come with a midsole with tri-blend foam fusion technology and a textured rope Pro+ shank that helps in specific crossfit exercises.

2Adidas Originals Men’s Powerlift 3

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Available in a wide range of different shades and color combinations, the Adidas Originals Men’s Powerlift 3 are stylish crossfit shoes that are powerful and offer a great fit. Featuring wide mid-foot straps, these shoes provide added support and stability along with a comfortable snug fit. Thanks to a die-cut wedge midsole, they stand out through their high-intensity tolerance, keeping your feet close to the ground so that you can experience an added stability standard while you work out.

1Adidas Men’s Adipower

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Popularly known for their premium quality, durability, and high performance, the Adidas Men’s Adipower are top grade CrossFit shoes made from a reasonably high standard leather. Featuring an upper that is uniquely designed from PU coated leather and a sturdy midsole made from TPU, these shoes offer optimum support and comfort along with an exceptional foothold. For added rear foot stability, they benefit from a hook and loop strap closure that can be adjusted according to the fit and grip you require. Not only that but they also come with an overlay at the heel for added support and a slip-resistant rubber outsole.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

CrossFit Shoes Buying Guide

Newcomers to CrossFit unknowingly rely on regular sports shoes presuming that there aren’t many differences between them and specially designed CrossFit shoes. In reality, it isn’t just the design that is slightly different for CrossFit shoes but their construction as well. This is because CrossFit shoes have to provide a great deal of flexibility while still maintaining a fair degree of balance. The reason behind this is the complex nature of CrossFit exercises which incorporate many other forms of working out in a single, versatile regimen. So to better understand what makes a good pair of CrossFit shoes, we should perhaps begin by understanding what CrossFit is all about.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise routine that was created by Greg Glassman, based on various movements. Becoming famous day by day, this fitness regime is followed by most gyms and training centers for improving strength and getting fit quicker. These workouts include powerlifting, gymnastics, weightlifting, plyometrics, and other such high-intensity training exercises. In order to carry out these high-end training routines, it is essential to have the right pair of CrossFit shoes.

What Are CrossFit Shoes?

Even though CrossFit shoes are very similar to sneakers in more ways than one, they do differ ever so slightly design-wise. Not only that but they are generally built to be more flexible because of the diverse nature of CrossFit exercises. At the same time, these shoes have to be light in weight, breathable, and sufficiently sturdy so as not to interfere with the workout routines. In principle, however, CrossFit shoes differ from regular sports shoes because they have:

– A low drop that usually measures 4mm in size, which is the difference between the heel height and the forefoot height – which helps with even distribution of weight along the foot.
– A sturdy sole for optimum stability.
– A durable, flexible upper to help provide support during heavy training exercises.

Factors To Consider When Buying Crossfit Shoes

With the quick growth and development of Crossfit, the market offers a wide range of different types of shoes and sneakers, each with a set of variable reviews. Like we said, it isn’t just the aesthetics that differ from regular sneakers but their overall construction as well. Like you would when buying workout sneakers, you should consider a host of different features before making a purchase, starting with their material build and the fabrics used in their making. With that out of the way, you must then consider:

Versatility – Thanks to the many different exercises incorporated in Crossfit training, you would need shoes that would not only move quickly but would allow you to stay comfortable during and between every exercise. Support, stability, flexibility, traction, and fit is what one must consider as exercises like cardio, jumping, running and more require specific shoes. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to pick a versatile shoe that is equally flexible as it is durable.

Comfort – Regardless of the activity, comfort is key when it comes to any pair of shoes. But when it comes to Crossfit shoes, there are some features that differ. For those who lift, CrossFit shoes with wider toe space are preferred as it allows the toes to spread comfortably while lifting and jumping. Crossfit shoes offer added security and support and it is essential to check the level of comfort each pair offers in relation to the kind of training and exercise you are utilizing it for.

Durability – Crossfit training and exercising include high-intensity workouts and are generally hard on shoes. Various activities like pushups, rope climbs, handstands, box jumps and more make different areas of the shoe vulnerable and open to wear and tear. It is therefore important to choose a pair that would last long and withstand outer impact, preferably a pair that will withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing any signs of damage.

Weight – The support, durability, and construction of most shoes tend to add weight to the actual shoes themselves. Crossfit shoes, for instance, must provide a great deal of support as well as an improved durability and must have the right structure; keeping in mind they are also light in weight as you would not want to weigh yourself down if you don’t have to, the ideal shoes have to be just as heavy as they are flexible. In other words, look for a pair made of lightweight yet strong fabrics.

Style – If you like standing out in a crowd or making a statement, choose a pair that looks modern, exciting, and stylish while keeping in mind all the construction factors we talked about. In this respect, we should point out that there is a wide variety of CrossFit shoes from different brands to choose from, each with their own individual style. These shoes are generally available in an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns.

Value – Depending on the brand, color, and size of CrossFit shoes, the prices vary accordingly. Some shoes might not be as popular but budget friendly and known for their performance and durability, while others stand out primarily through aesthetics alone. Do not be afraid to spend that extra buck on a pair that you know to be both pretty and reliable, even more so if it comes with the reviews to match. All things considered, you should perhaps choose a pair made by a reputable brand.

Why is Crossfit Good For You?

Considered as one of the best options to get fit quickly, Crossfit is great for your body. With a combination of aerobics, strength training, and weight training, CrossFit offers a sure way to stay fit, healthy, and maintain a balanced body. Crossfit includes high-intensity workouts that help the body get rid of unwanted calories. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of Crossfit is to get rid of fat while gaining lean muscle.

Of course, the right diet is extremely important during CrossFit training, meaning that if you are consuming more calories than what you burn, then there isn’t really a use for going through the trouble of an advanced form of Crossfit training. For those who practice CrossFit regularly, however, endurance and strength become an important element in their training routine. Although it does not necessarily lead to good health, Crossfit definitely helps with a leaner, better-looking body overall.