Top 10 Best Dash Cameras of 2019 – Reviews

A dash cam can be considered a great addition to your vehicle for a variety of reasons. It can not only protect your from wrongful liability after getting into a car accident by protecting clear evidence of what went down, but it can also protect you from people trying to commit insurance fraud. When you consider the fact that good dash cams also come equipped with motion and impact sensors that allow them to record even when you’re not driving your car, the idea of getting such a device should sound even better.

Still, not all dash cams can be expected to perform at the same standards, which is why you want to check out what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best dash cameras money can buy.

Best Dash Cameras 2019

10DBPOWER W20 2.7″ Dash Cam

buy from amazonThanks to its unique, ultra-thin design, this camera can easily be hidden in the front of your rearview mirror if needed. Despite its relatively small size, however, it can be expected to perform just as well as larger cameras if not better. We say this because it can record footage at a 120-degree wide angle with 1080p clarity. Furthermore, it will store the recorded footage on any micro SD card you might own with no issues to speak of.

9REXING G600 Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam

buy from amazonWith this particular dashcam, you gain access to the best possible technologies available, including a wide range camera angle, high-resolution recording and long-lasting durability. It also benefits from an independent saving feature that saves two different files simultaneously. The reason behind this is that it has both front and rear recording capabilities, a feature that is bound to come in handy in the long run.

8OUMAXRV43HD Dual Lens Car Dash Camera

buy from amazonDue to its dual-lens camera design, this dashcam is capable of 120-degree viewing at all times, ensuring that you can record everywhere around your car. At the same time, this device comes with picture-in-picture capabilities along with an auto backup feature that will definitely come in handy in the long run. Not only that but it also offers seamless video recording in a loop so as to maximize its storage space efficiently.

7OldShark HD Dash Cam GS8000L

buy from amazonThis high-resolution dash camera from OldShark can record 1080p footage at 30 fps and with a 120-degree wide angle without any sort of distortion. Interestingly enough, it also benefits from a zoom feature, a plus & play system that starts recording as soon as you start the car, loop recording capabilities, and an intelligent car DVR for good measure. Furthermore, the device comes with an 8GB micro SD card to help you store a much footage as possible.

6OldShark FHD 1080P 3-Inch Car Dash Camera

buy from amazonThanks to its 170-degree wide-angle recording, this particular dashcam will enable you to record pretty much everything around your car. It does so with the help of six-glass lenses, a built-in IR light, external lighting, and night vision capabilities. It also records footage in a loop by overwriting the oldest footage with the newest upon filling the card to capacity, a card that can be as big as 32GB depending on your budget and your needs.

5Rexing V1P 2.4″ LCD FHD Dashboard Camera

buy from amazonWith this high-end dashcam from Rexing, you get full HD 1080p footage of the highest quality. You also get the capacity to record at a 170-degree wide angle thanks to the camera’s dual channel recording capabilities. This being said, let us point out that this camera also benefits from a discreet, lightweight design that doesn’t draw too much attention to it while still being fully capable of recording almost everything in HD quality.

4Vantrue X1 Full-HD Car Dash Cam

buy from amazonThe Vantrue X1 Full-HD Car Dash Cam is a high-definition 1080-pixel dashcam that has 170-degrees viewing angle that can capture all four lanes of traffic sharply. This dash cam also features super night vision that not only allows the unit to capture night video but is also able to capture small details in the dark. This device can be set to come on when it senses movement and a G-sensor that can automatically turn the recorder on if you’re involved in a crash.

3Z-Edge 3″ Screen 2K Ultra Full HD1296P Dash Cam

buy from amazonIt is the ultra 2K HD image quality that makes this dashcam stand out, which may explain why it is so popular nowadays. It also benefits from a great focusing system that allows you to record every little detail this device records. In this respect, it uses an exceptional 2560 x 1080 super HD recording system, one that also involves 30 fps footage capturing, a broad 145-degree field of view, and a 32 GB Kingston SD memory card.

2KDLINKS X3 Full-HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder

buy from amazonFew dashcams out there even come near to the X3 Full-HD camera recorder from Kdlinks in terms of image quality. We say this because it uses a full HD 2688 x 1520 recording system that enables the device to capture footage at 30 fps. At the same time, it comes equipped with a superior night vision F1.6 Six-glass lenses, a unique WDR video system, a built-in GPS module to record GPS data into the footage, and an emergency lock button & accident detection feature.

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1Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder

buy from amazonThere is perhaps no better dashcam out there than Rexing’s V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p Wide Angle Dashboard Camera and it’s easy to see why. Not only is this dashcam affordable and easy to install but it also uses meets some of the highest possible standards when it comes to image quality, compatibility, and durability. The reason we say that is because it benefits from a discreet design, 170-degree 6-layer glass lens, a full HD resolution H. 264 photography compression technology, and a multitude of other equally interesting features.


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