Top 10 Best Digital Pianos of 2019 – Reviews

While some people prefer the old-school feel of a classical piano, modern digital versions can reach the same acoustic standards and even surpass them in some regards. Not just that but the overall handling and general convenience of a digital piano should always be considered if you are ever in the market for a piano of any kind. Furthermore, nobody can deny that digital pianos are far more versatile than traditional versions, which explains why so many people prefer them in the first place.

It isn’t just the matter of handling or versatility that people consider when buying a piano but also the price tag. Like or not, most people simply cannot afford a classical piano, nor do they have space at home to accommodate such a large item. In that regard, a digital piano is more maneuverable, lightweight, and easy to care for. That said, let us find out what are the ten best digital pianos the market has to offer and what characteristics to look for when buying one.

Best Digital Pianos – Top List

10Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

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Designed with 88 semi-weighted keys, the Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano features 5 different varieties of sounds including electric piano, bass, piano, organ, and synth. Portable, compact in size, and extremely convenient, this piano is ideal for practicing as well as performing. Featuring inbuilt speakers, USB MIDI connections, a stereo & mono line out jack, and an inbuilt metronome, this digital piano is among the most feature-rich pianos in this price range. Powered by 6 D cell 1.5v batteries, this digital piano can also be utilized with a power backup.

9Williams Allegro 2 Plus Digital Piano

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The Williams Allegro 2 plus Digital Piano is a premium grade musical instrument that packs a ton of great functions. Equipped with 88 hammer-action weighted keys, it features a custom Williams’s sound library consisting of HD sounds that include electric pianos, strings, organs, grand piano, bass, and synth. It also comes with an FX control for changing vibrato effects on different instruments, a bright LCD screen for easy visibility and USB connectivity for those who would like to connect to computers or other recording gadgets. Easy to use with inbuilt speakers and a metronome, this digital piano can be played right out of the box.

8Nord Electro 5D 61 Velocity Sensitive Keyboard

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The Nord Electro 5D is a waterfall keyboard equipped with 61 semi-weighted keys. It also includes a custom Nord Piano Library with 1GB storage and features a 256MB Nord sample library. Crafted with a large OLED display screen, this digital piano allows optimum visibility even in the lowest light. Unlike most of its kind, this velocity sensitive keyboard comes with 6 split points with special LED indicator lights. It also comes equipped with physical drawbars that alter the sounds created in real-time. A perfect choice for musicians, this portable keyboard comes loaded with versatile acoustic and mechanical sound effects.

7Casio PX150PKG Touch Privia Digital Piano

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Known for its Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard, the Casio PX150PKG Privia Digital Piano comes equipped with 88 ebony and ivory textured keys with 3 sensors on every key. With a total of 250 inbuilt tones including strings, brass, electric piano, organs, bass, drums and more, this digital piano allows users to store their custom splits and layers to help with their live performances. Offering 180 drum patterns and a 17 track recorder to store your personal compositions, it comes with 1/4th-inch audio outputs to help users connect to other recording devices. Featuring the latest AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) sound source, this piano provides remarkable detail and an overall power-packed performance.

6Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Grand Piano

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Featuring the latest Pure CF Sound Engine, the Yamaha DGX-660 88 key weighted digital grand piano produces exceptional tones that are similar to that of a concert grand piano. Just like an acoustic piano its GHS is heavier in the lower register and much lighter when high. Thanks to the fun score display feature, users can watch music notations of MIDI tracks on the display screen and play along as the ball bounces. Crafted with a custom Piano Room, it enables you to choose from a wide range of pianos and acoustic controls to help set up your own custom piano channel. Not just that but it also features a 6 track recorder that allows you to store your own compositions with the option of adding layers to enhance your songs.

5Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

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The Casio Privia PX-160 is a digital piano that offers a wide range of exceptional string and electric piano tones. Unlike others, this piano comes with a CS-67 furniture stand, an SP-33 triple-pedal system, a bench, a Hal Leonard instructional book, an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and a polishing cloth. Designed with elegance and simplicity, it features a special speaker system and two outputs in front for headphones and line outputs of a 1/4th inch each on the left and right-hand side of the piano.

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4Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano

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Equipped with 73 hammer action keys, the Korg SV-1BK Stage Vintage Piano delivers exceptional piano sounds including two guards and an upright. Loaded with 36 of the most well-known keyboard sound effects, it features 3-band EQ, 6 Modulation FX, 6 Pre-FX, 6 reverb/delays, 6 Amp models and a real tube12Ax7 valve reactor. Designed with single function knobs and an easy to use UI, it comes with 1/4th Inch & XLR stereo outs and 1/4th-inch ins, a headphone out and a damper pedal for added effects.

3Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

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Known for its impressive quality and performance, the Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano comes with a PKBZ1 Z-Style Stand, a sustain pedal, a PKBB1 Adjustable Bench, a music rest and a power adapter. Equipped with 88 piano styled full weighted keys, this piano gives users the feel of an acoustic piano in more ways than one. With the stand measuring 29 inches high, 19.75 inches wide and 13.25 inches deep, this piano must be laid out flat on the adjustable bench without any bolting required. The additional bench comes with special soft padding for added stability, giving users a comfortable playing experience.

2Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

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Considered one of Yamaha’s exclusive models, the P71 Digital Piano features 88 weighted keys that give users a complete feel of an acoustic piano with a one of a kind playing experience. It includes 10 voices that consist of sampled tones from the real grand pianos manufactured by Yamaha, along with a dual mode that allows a combination of two voices blended together. Designed with a sleek, slim, and modern outlook, it measures 12 inches deep and weighs only 25 lbs. Compact in size and super convenient, this model comes with a sustain pedal and a power supply adapter for good measure.

1Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

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Featuring a state of the art Graded Soft Touch technology, the Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand Piano is crafted with 76 piano-style keys to deliver a truly impressive acoustic performance. With over 500 voices, 160 preset styles, and 30 preset songs to choose from, this piano allows users to compose and create their own custom tracks much thanks to its inbuilt recorder. Unlike other models from Yamaha, this one comes with the latest Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S) which includes a set of advanced tools and learning elements to help users enhance their playing and performing skills. We should also point out that it features a couple of useful USB ports, allowing for an easy connectivity to other software and music gadgets for recording purposes.

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Digital Piano Buying Guide

With time, digital pianos have developed making their sound, effects, and budget-friendly cost, a better alternative to most acoustic pianos. Owing to the wide range of features and functions digital pianos have to offer, finding the right one for you could be challenging if you don’t know precisely what to look for. In this respect, matching the right digital piano to your skill level, the kind of music you wish to play and your budget is essential. To help you with that, here is a quick guide on how to determine which digital piano is best for your particular needs.

Features To Consider

  • Keyboard and Touch Response: Digital pianos are differentiated depending on their actions – these being weighted, semi-weighted, and fully weighted. The best key beds are usually full weighted and are usually referred to as graded hammer action whereas weighed and semi-weighted keys sound more like a traditional piano. In terms of touch response, a better digital piano would come with volume controls or knobs or even a slider to adjust the output of the instrument. However, this is also determined by the amount of pressure put on each key while playing.
  • Sound Quality: When choosing a digital piano, always check for sound quality it produces. Pay attention to the sustain and decay of the notes as well as the realism of each sound. Also, keep a check on how the piano would sound with an amplifier or with speakers attached.
  • Polyphony: The number of notes or individual tones that are produced at once is known as polyphony. In order to create complex and basic sounds and notes, a good digital piano should come with 128 note of 264 note polyphony whereas 32 note and 64 note polyphony represent the bare minimum.
  • Number of Tones: Digital pianos today come with a wide variety of tones and sample sounds from various instruments including organs, drums, pianos, synthesizers, accordions, flutes etc. However, having too many sounds to choose from can sometimes be a distraction, but can be of great help when you are composing your own material and need additional instruments to complete the track or when you are recording.
  • Learning Tools: Most digital pianos come with a set of learning elements and exercises to help beginners enhance their skills and playing abilities. Digital pianos that have large display screens come with special melody exercises that show chords being played with the help of lighting schemes that allow beginners to play along and learn. An inbuilt metronome is always helpful and can improve your rhythm long-term.
  • Speakers and Amplification: For those who are looking at buying a digital piano for home use, choosing one that comes with an inbuilt amplifier and speakers is a better option. For those looking to buy one for stage and live performances, it is better to go for one that can be easily connected to amplifiers and sound systems and recording consoles. Always ensure the digital piano you choose, comes with the features and functions, depending on your preference.

Advantages of Digital Pianos

  • Portability: Compact in size, lighter in weight, and definitely much more portable than acoustic pianos, digital ones have a cabinet type assembly that weighs a lot less than acoustic counterparts. Most digital pianos can be dismantled for easier storage and reassembled for performance purposes, making it easier to transport if you are a musician that’s constantly on the move.
  • Cost: Digital pianos are much more affordable and do not cost as much as acoustic pianos. Maintenance is also an issue when it comes to acoustic pianos, as they must be tuned often, and this costs money on a regular basis.
  • Volume/Versatility: Generally speaking, traditional pianos generate a particular volume level, depending on how hard you strike the keys. Digital pianos come with volume settings that can be controlled depending on the surroundings or whether you are using your headphones while playing. Digital pianos also come with a variety of sound sets that and inbuilt, allowing users to add different instruments to their performance.
  • Connectivity: Most digital pianos today come with a USB MIDI connectivity that allows you to connect to other recording or music devices and gadgets in order to record your creations. Other digital pianos come with memory cards that enable easy transferring of your music to your computer.
  • Recording Capability: Unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos allow users to record their performances to help them playback and review their mistakes, especially for inexperienced musicians who are still learning the ropes. The recording function also helps when you are composing your own material.
  • Teaching/Learning Elements: Digital pianos often come with inbuilt lessons and tools that help beginners enhance their playing skills. Tools like exercises, notes, and chord display, metronomes, and other such elements that can be downloaded via various online sources. Some digital pianos also come with dual headphone outputs that allow both the teacher and the student to listen in silently. Some also come equipped with a split keyboard feature that enables both the teacher and the student to play simultaneously.