Top 10 Best Double Edge Razor Blades of 2019 – Reviews

It used to be that people used disposable razors, which needless to say, were quite unsafe generally speaking. Their main problem was the skin burns they would cause to the user, not to mention the rough patched skin that came afterward along with the irritation and discomfort that would make one consider not shaving for a while in order to avoid the torment. This isn’t the case with double edge razor blades, mind you, as they are considered not only safer but a lot more comfortable than disposable razor blades. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best double edge razor blades money can buy.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades – Top List

1050 Derby Extra

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These quality stainless steel blades feature a ceramic tungsten/polymer coating and are very sharp, which means that they deliver on superior performance and work with various double edge shavers. The individual blade’s waxed wrappers prevent rust and also the risk of blade contamination, also making them remain slip-proof and sharp. They are therefore excellent for both dry and wet shaving. They also come in a 50-blade pack, which should be more than enough to last you for a while.

97 O’clock 25 Silver Blue

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Gillette blades are highly renowned for their efficiency, which is precisely the case with the Silver Blue. These blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and deliver a comfortable experience. They are also impressively long-lasting, remain sharp for a surprisingly long amount of time, and offer a very smooth, safe shave. Cutting hair closest to your skin, they still minimize dangers of painful bruises, bad cuts. The 7 O’clock 25 Silver Blue comes in 5 packs containing 5 blades each.

8Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra

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The Dorco’s ST300 is a very sharp and also long-lasting model of a double-edged blade with enhanced Platinum-plus/ PTFE coating that adds to a smooth shave guarantee. It is a great go-to blade that offers excellent value, especially if used with your choice shave cream. Available in a 100 count pack, this is Korea’s best in double-edge razor blades, a product that has made its way onto Western markets over these past few years as a highly praised item by all standards.

7Shark SK01 Super Chrome

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The Shark SK01 Super Chrome is among the best double-edged razor blades out there, blades that provide a luxurious, comfortable, and smooth shave. These premium-grade blades are ideal for barber and wet-shaver use. They are also renowned around the world over for their great performance, even though the blades themselves should not be wiped dry after use. They should just be shaken to release any hairs, since wiping may remove the blade’s coating.

6Sword Wilkinson100

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Offering a superior value than most, the Sword Wilkinson Classic blades are of top-quality and suitable for use with any standard double-edged safety razor. They are chromium-ceramic-PTFE coated durable blades featuring a fine edge. The edge stays sharp and in good shape for long to give you a close, smooth and safe shave at all times. The product comes in 20 packs each carrying 5 blades, offering you the economy of 100 blades at an affordable price.

5Feather Platinum Hi-stainless

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Another high-performance double-edged razor blades model, the Feather’s Hi-Stainless blades are reputed for scoring highest on sharpness among the competition. They have a premium-class platinum coating that provides enhanced comfort and they are compatible with most conventional razors (double-edged). Japan’s very best in razor blades, Hi-Stainless deliver a closest, safe shave.

4Derby Extra E1

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The Derby Extra E1 blades are Swedish top-class blades made of the best stainless steel possible. Their cutting edges are made of quality platinum and tungsten to maintain the smoothest edge strength and sharpness. This makes them ideal for shaving even the coarsest and thickest beards, maintaining an impressive readiness for prolonged use. For comfort and convenience using them, the 100 blades feature a unique polymer coating. Moreover, they work with any standard size razors, making them very versatile overall.

3Feather CH423DD/A Double Edge Blades

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Feather CH423DD/A blades are Japanese-made blades and some of the best in the world, offering one of the smoothest cuts in just one pass. They are made of top-grade stainless steel and are also platinum coated to provide a durable and functional sharpness for a very long time. Coming in a 50-pack, the blades are very comfortable to use. This is because they are sleek, long-lasting, and impressively sharp.

2Personna BP9020

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World-renowned Personna blades are seen as some of the best double-edged razor blades ever made. The BP9020 blades, for instance, are light yet very durable and boast a high safety rating among all that have had the pleasure of reviewing them. With a flexible design, they are well wrapped in a convenient dispenser carton. Moreover, their premium glide-coated edges are 25% sharper compared to other blades.

1Astra Platinum ASTRA01

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Made in Russia, the Astra Platinum is a durable but flexible blade that ranks among the very best of double-edge razor blades available today. The blades are fabricated from premium-grade stainless steel for both performance and durability. Moreover, they are ever sharp and feature functional edges that will cut down your beard and your hair to your desired size in a single passing. Furthermore, we should point out that the ASTRA01 blades work with a variety of razors.


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Double Edge Razor Blades Buying Guide

Unlike the disposable razor blades of old, double edge razor blades enable you to perform a much thorough shaving, which may explain why there is such a huge diversity to choose from. In respect to how they perform, most of these blades can be expected to perform according to roughly the same principles, although their efficiency may vary from model to model. When looking for double edge razor blades, there are a few things you might need to consider:

Sharpness – The first thing to consider when buying double edge razor blades is how sharp they are. Their sharpness determines how quickly and efficiently they will cut your hair and whether they can do it in one pass. We should also point out that sharp blades tend to be a bit rough for people with sensitive skin. With a sharper blade, however, you get to finish your shaving routine a lot faster time-wise.

Quantity – It is common for double edge razor blades to come in packs of 25, 50, or 100 pieces. This gives you the possibility to ration your razor blades so that they will last you a specific amount of time. Depending on how often you shave and how thorough you are when you do it, you might want to choose a pack that contains enough razor blades for you not to have to spend money repeatedly over short periods of time.

Aggressiveness – Not many people think of it but the aggressiveness of a razor blade is definitely an important aspect you need to consider. Keep in mind that double edge razor blades have gaps that expose the blade to the skin, which exposes your skin to accidental cuts. Unless you have a particularly thick beard, we suggest you go for a non-aggressive razor to avoid cutting yourself by accident.

Weight – A good number of people would wonder why and how a razor blade’s weight affects its overall efficiency. In this respect, let us point out that lightweight blades require that you push them constantly towards the skin whereas heavy blades are more likely to maintain a constant pressure standard. Of course, this also has a lot to do with how close of a shave you’re looking for and how often you do it.

What To Consider When Buying Double Edge Razor Blades

While most double edge razor blades act the same way regardless of the brand or construction, some do stand out through their particularities. Even so, a good razor blade can only do so much if you’re not skillful enough to get the most out of it, thus the need to first figure out a few things before buying a specific brand. The proper blade can make all the difference in the world under the right circumstances, not only aesthetically speaking but also to save you an awful lot of time long-term.

Your Hair Type – Not many men understand that a razor blade’s effectiveness can be diminished by the thickness of the hair it has to cut through. In this respect, you have to remember that each person’s hair is different and that not all blades can be expected to perform the same. The greatest advantage double edge blades have is the capacity to customize your shaving experience based on how coarse your hair is and how prominent it grows.

Your Skill Level – Another thing to consider is just how good you are at wielding the razor. For instance, you might want to consider investing in a safety razor if you’re not exactly skilled or if you do not fully grasp the basics of using double edge razors. It should be said that the learning curve for using a safety razor is nowhere near as steep as learning how to operate a straight razor, even though it still takes a bit of getting used to.

Variety Is Good – You also want to remember that when it comes to double edge razors, diversity is definitely to be desired. A bit of variety when using razors certainly doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re still contemplating using different razors than the ones that perhaps were recommended to you by experienced users. As a matter of fact, by employing a wide range of razor blades, you get accustomed to the mean standard that you can expect from one, thus improving your odds of finding a better one at some point in the future.

Your Shaving Technique – Last but not least, keep in mind that while some razors perform well when shaving along the grain, others work better when shaving across the grain or against it. It usually comes down to how sharp the blade is, how heavy it is, and how aggressive your razor is designed to be. As a rule of thumb, always go for reputable brands when buying a razor because they’re usually the ones that make the most out of the most common types of double edge blades.