Top 10 Best Drill Bits of 2019 – Reviews

Although they aren’t given the due respect that they deserve, drill bits are just as important as the drill used during a project. If the wrong bits are used, or they are poorly made, then they can really have a negative impact on a job. After all, who among us hasn’t had a bit that wasn’t sharp enough to drill into a particular material or had a bit that breaks at the slightest drop of a hat?

Finding a high-quality bit for your drill doesn’t have to be a problem, however. There are plenty of great models out there if you’re willing to do the necessary research. And we know because we have already done the research and have come up with ten of the best ones available. We have also listed a guide with them that’s designed to help people purchase the best drill bits for their job.

Best Drill Bits Of 2019

10Black & Decker 10-Piece Set

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Designed for drills that have 3/8-inch drill chucks, this 10-piece drill bit set is a great addition to just about any toolbox. That’s because it not only has 10 of the more popular bit sizes people need but because it’s quite inexpensive as well. The bits that come with this set include a 1/6, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 11/64, 3/16, and 1/4-inch sizes. And it also comes with a bit organizer that holds all of these bits and is marked for easy reference. And these HSS drill bits are capable of drilling into many different materials including wood, plastic, and metal.

9Drill America 29-Piece Cobalt Bit Set

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This 29-piece set of jobber-length bits is ready for any job. They are composed out of high-quality cobalt steel that holds up to tough jobs and can drill through even extremely hard surfaces. They are coated with a gold-oxide finish that not only provides a great deal of wear-resistance to the bits but also helps to lubricate it as it drills. And each of these self-centering bits has a 135-degree split-point angle that allows the drill operator to drill through tough materials without the need of first drilling a pilot hole. Its angle also allows it to be more resistant to material clogging than other types of bits.

8Bosch 9-Piece Impact Titanium Bit Set

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Made with a hexagonal shank and designed to be twice as tough with impacts as the leading bit set, this 9-piece set is ready for even the toughest of jobs. They are engineered to exacting standards and have a long flute design, so they won’t skate, even during difficult jobs. Since each of these bits has a titanium coating shield, they also have twice the bit life of standard HSS bits. The bits in this set include 3/8-inch, 5/16, 1/4, 7/32, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 3/32, and 1/16-inch bits. It’s no wonder these bits are highly rated by plumbers, electricians and other professionals who have to drill into tough materials.

7Chicago Latrobe 550-Series Bit Set

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This 29-piece set features jobber length bits that include sizes from 1/16-inch all the way up to 1/2-inch, all in 1/64-inch increments. These bits are made out of cobalt steel and covered with a gold-oxide finish that helps to lubricate the bits as they drill and provides extra wear-protection when against hard, ferrous surfaces. All of these high-quality bits are self-centering and have a 135-degree angle split point. They’re also thicker than most traditional bits, which serves to give them additional strength. And they’re enclosed in a sturdy container which helps to keep them organized and handy at all times.

6Migiwata M35 Cobalt Heat-Resistant Bits

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This 13-piece bit set is designed to give the professional contractor the power they need to drill through just about anything. Each of them is made from M35 cobalt steel that’s been enriched with molybdenum to make it harder, and each one has 135-degree quick-cut points that center themselves. This allows them to penetrate a variety of surfaces without a lot of additional pressure. These bits are designed to exacting standards, so they will never walk and are extremely heat-resistant. They also have a longer life span than traditional HSS bits and come in a variety of different sizes from 1.5mm all the way to 6.5mm.

5Irwin Tools M35 Index Bit Set

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This 29-piece set is enclosed in a metal index that not only keeps them safe but also keeps them organized and close-at-hand. Each of the bits in this set is made from an 8% cobalt allow that’s abrasion and heat-resistant. The bits in this set range in size from 1/16-inch all the way to 1/64-inch in increments of 1/64-inch. They also have a 135-degree split-point that’s resistant to walking and allow them to remain balanced during use. This makes this set ideal for professionals who need to drill through metals such as hardened steel. It’s a great professional set that’s a good addition to any toolbox.

4Dewalt Black Oxide 20-Piece Bit Set

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This 20-piece drill bit set is a handy and inexpensive addition that anyone can make to their toolbox. It contains high-quality bits that each have a 135-degree split-point and a parabolic flute design that helps them retain a greater bit-strength than traditional high-speed bits. And since each of them is covered with a quality black oxide finish, they are pretty wear-resistant. Enclosed in a tough plastic container that keeps the bits handy and organized according to size, this bit set can easily be transported to a job site either by tossing them into a toolbox or putting them into a jacket pocket.

3Dewalt DW1354 14-Piece Bit Set

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Titanium coated and equipped with a patented pilot point-tip that doesn’t require a pilot hole to be drilled and all but eliminates bit walking on even the toughest of jobs. This makes these bits suitable for a variety of jobs drilling into both wood and metal surfaces. And since each of the bits have a no-spin shank on them, they’re resistant to slipping and are more resistant to breakage. This 14-piece set contains bits that range in size from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch, and are encased in a plastic case that not only protects them but also keeps them organized for use.

2Bosch 7-Piece Carbide-Tipped Bit Set

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Manufactured with a patent-pending 4-flute design that helps them reduce stress and keeps them running cool, these carbide-tipped hammer drill bits are ready for some serious work. Their special design allows for faster dust removal during jobs and also improves the bits life-expectancy. This set includes an HC2010, a HAC2040, an HC2051, an HC 2061, an HC2081, and two HC2041 bits. Since these bits are carbide-tipped, they are tougher and harder than similar bits, which makes them excellent for drilling down into masonry or concrete. And they’re all easily stored in a convenient carrying case that organizes them and makes them easier to transport.

1Norseman Ultra Dex Magnum Bit Set

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This 29-piece drill bit set fits conveniently in a case that’s only 7.4-inches high and is easy to transport to the job site. However, what makes this set truly exceptional isn’t its case, but it’s the bits contained within it. These bits have precision-ground points, are fluted and are made with molybdenum steel that’s been specially coated with gold oxide. That makes these heavy duty jobber bits suitable for even the toughest of drilling jobs. It also makes them extremely resistant to wear. And since there are 29 bits contained in this set, there are bits in sizes from 1/16-inch all the way to 1/2-inch.

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How To Buy Drill Bits

Since drill bits are so vital to the proper execution of just about any job that utilizes a drill, we’ve decided to write this guide on how to properly buy them. That’s because it’s not only important to choose the best drill bits available, but it’s also important to choose the right ones for the material being drilled. Although some handymen seem to think that any bit can be used for any job, that’s simply not true. Choosing the wrong bit for use with the wrong material can really have a negative impact on the outcome of the job.

Drill Bit Materials & Finishes

Anyone who’s been through the tool section of their local hardware or building supply store knows that there are drill bits made out of a variety of different materials and coated with a number of different coatings. Looking at this selection may make a person believe that it’s difficult to select the right one for their needs, but that’s not true at all. Although it certainly looks like there are a lot of different types available, drill bits are usually only made out of a half-dozen or so materials. Below are some of the more common materials and finished used to make drill bits.

  • Cobalt Bits: These bits are used for difficult materials such as stainless steel, but can also be used for aluminum boring. Its tough composition and ability to dissipate heat rapidly makes it an ideal choice for these jobs.
  • HSS or High-Speed Bits: These bits can be used for a variety of different projects, so they’re fairly versatile. They can be used for dripping into aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, and wood.
  • Titanium-Coated HSS Bits: These are more durable than ordinary HSS bits and are suitable for drilling into PVC, fiberglass, some metals, and wood. They tend to stay sharper and produce less friction than ordinary bits.
  • Black-Oxide HSS Bits: These are also more durable than plain high-speed bits, but they aren’t as durable as titanium coated bits. They can be used for some metals, wood, fiberglass, and PVC.
  • Carbide-Tipped Bits: These are designed for drilling into masonry or into tile walls. They stay-sharper and last longer than HSS, black-oxide or titanium-coated bits.

Drill Bit Angles

Most people don’t have to worry too much about drill bit angles. That’s because most bits have either an angle of 118-degrees or 135-degrees. Although professionals may want to be fairly precise when considering their drill bit angles, most DIY enthusiasts don’t have to worry too much about it. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind when considering bit angles: 118-degree bits are suitable for soft materials and 135-degree bits are suitable for harder materials.

Drill Bit Shanks

Although most people don’t think about drill bits when they hear the word shanks, this part of the bit is the part that actually fits into the chuck of the drill. Shanks are available in a large number of varieties, but most people will probably use one of three different types of shanks: Round, Hex or SDS shanks. Let’s examine each one more closely.

  • Round Shanks: These fit perfectly in the center of the chuck, so it’s generally considered to be the most accurate shank available.
  • Hex Shanks: As their name suggests, these shanks have a hexagonal shape. This shape allows the chuck to better grip the bit, and this allows the user to get more torque.
  • SDS Shanks: These type of shanks are designed to be used with hammer drills.

The Three Most Common Types Of Bits

Now we’ll examine some of the drill bits that are available. Although the scope of this article doesn’t allow for an in-depth look at all of the drill bits available, we can take a closer look at 3 of the more commonly used ones.

  • Twist Bits: These are the ones that are most commonly used because of their versatility. They also tend to be the more inexpensive drill bits available.
  • Step Bits: These look like a pair of stairs, which allows the operator to perform a wider variety of jobs. They also tend to resist material clogging, so they’re a good choice for drilling plastic or aluminum.
  • Auger Bits: These have a top that’s designed to bore into wood and they have a fluted design that allows for a cleaner cut.

Additional Types of Bits

Below are a few more of the more common bits sold in big box stores and on the Internet.

  • Brad Point Bits
  • Spade Bits
  • Hole Saw Bits
  • Forstner Bits
  • Countersink Bits
  • Tile & Glass Bits
  • Masonry Bits
  • Plug Cutters