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Top 10 Best Drugstore Lip Liners of 2019 – Reviews

It isn’t necessarily the brand that makes a good lip liner, not as long as you do your research properly. It is quite possible to find a budget version that meets all the necessary requirements in terms of application, smoothness, and thickness. We should point out that a good lip liner should not only build on the effects of any good lipstick but even replace the lipstick altogether if whoever is using it knows what they’re doing. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best drugstore lip liners the market has to offer.

Best Drugstore Lip Liners – Top List

12Prestige Cocoa Waterproof Lipliner

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Reputed by many people as a savvy tool for most make-up artists out there, Prestige Cocoa is a 100% modern waterproof lip liner that provides a soft application experience yet for a durable wear, making it one of the best models for the money in its product class. It has the dermatological nod of quality, yet it still is offered for a very reasonable price, which is definitely something to look for in a drugstore cosmetic product of any kind.

11Revlon Raisin 640 ColorStay Lipliner

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Revlon is not a small name in the beauty market, and their ColorStay Lipliner is a top choice among its competition. This product comes in 10 full-coverage, one clear, and 5 sheer shades, making it one of the most versatile lipliner today. It utilizes unique Color-stay SoftFlex technology to offer durable wear definition, but keep your lip color for really long time. ColorStay also prevents lipstick bleeding and feathering. It defines your lips outline with an impressively smooth, easy blending color for the best experience.

10NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil


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The NYX lip liners are some of the most popular lip liners on the market in general, not just when considering drugstore ones. It comes in numerous colors that can go with just about any lipstick or gloss color. The liner has a creamy formula that glides on smoothly and easily. It will last you for hours without feathering or bleeding, and even contains coconut oil to provide hydration.

9Prestige Cosmetics Black Plum Automatic Lipliner

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Regarded as one of the best value models, this lipliner provides a distinct swivel-up color application thanks to a highly effective, retractable tip that requires no re-sharpening. The Cosmetics Black Plum features a lasting formula that is also smudge-free, just like other premium models by Prestige. Moreover, it boasts a rounded soft point for smooth and even color application, fast and easily. The formula also blends in Vitamins A, C, and E for hydrating your lips when applied.

8Prestige Angora Waterproof Lipliner

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100% waterproof, easy to apply, and staying for real long, the Prestige Angora is a quality lip liner that gives you a sharp and clear outline to last longer than expected. Like the Cocoa model, Angora shade provides a pleasant neutral color yet not too light in any way. What’s more interesting with the Angora is how subtly ?invisible’ it is relative to its competition, more so if used with a lipstick of the same color.

7Revlon Chocolate 645 ColorStay Lipliner

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You can perfect your lip appearance whenever you use the Chocolate 645 lip liner by Revlon. It is designed to have an advanced formula to feature five sheer shades, one clear shade, and a whopping ten full-coverage shades. Integrating unique ColorStay and SoftFlex technologies, this lip liner delivers a long-wearing color definition, therefore helping your lip color to last longer while preventing bleeding and feathering. It truly merits to be among the best drugstore lip liners today.

6Brandy Wine 666 Coloricon Lip Liner

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A product of Wet N’ Wild, the 666 Coloricon will give your lips a sweet Brandywine color which lasts for impressively long. Simple to apply, this lipliner offers a narrow sharp line which will rarely get smudged off all day long. It works more superbly with a little dark-colored lip-stick shades, especially if you have slightly dark natural lip pigmentation. Furthermore, you will find the sheer thickness it can offer to be quite riveting.

5Rich Rose Colour Riche Lip Gloss

buy from amazonIn the fashion world, L’Oréal Paris is a leading brand name. Among top performance lip liners, their Rich Rose Colour Riche Lip Gloss outshines many. A fragrance-free formula that blends protective Vitamin E and nurturing highly hydrating Omega 3, it keeps your lips smooth-soft and shiny. Coming in sheer shades with only a hint of shimmer, this lip gloss provides the best results in the lip gloss world. It can be worn alone or over your choice shade of Colour Riche lip color for the impeccable glossy lips.

4Prestige Deep Plum Lipliner

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A quality creation that meets dermatological standards and unequivocally safe for daily wear, Prestige’s Deep Plum is a richly pigmented lipliner that pretty offers a smooth-soft and smudge-free color application that will stay all the day long. To have a more assured long-lasting finish, combining it with lip gloss or lipstick is recommended. With proper application, the Deep Plum will still remain inconspicuous, giving out only the best of its purpose.

3More Chocolate Colour Riche Lip-Liner

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With this premium-grade creamy lip liner from the famous L’Oréal Paris, you will enjoy creating bold lips, defined lips, and full lips. You may want to use it with your choice Colour Riche lipstick for the perfect outcome. Its formula integrates Vitamin E and Omega 3 for sufficient lip hydration. You can also use it to contour your lips the way you desire. The More Chocolate Colour Riche can be worn alone or over Colour Riche lip gloss or lipstick for a complete shine.


Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check These Suggestions:


2What To Look For In A Lip Liner

Usually applied before lipstick to outline the outer edges of the lips, the sheer versatility that many lip liners offer can definitely open up a whole galaxy of possibilities once you’re skilled enough to use them properly. For instance, you can use them to alter the shape of your mouth or to give the illusion of having much fuller lips. At the same time, they can also prevent the lipstick from bleeding away from the lips over time. That said, here is what to look for when buying lip liners of any kind:


The first thing to consider is whether it can harm you in any way, a good line of questioning when it comes to a variety of cosmetics, not just lip liners. In general, good lip liners involve a combination of cosmetic grade waxes, oils, pigments, mica, and preservatives. It is also common for manufacturers to specify on the packaging whether the product features any potentially hazardous ingredients.


While choosing a shade of liner is easy once you’ve figured out what color works best for you, there is also the issue of color tone that needs thinking about. We say this because warm colors tend to have yellow undertones whereas cool colors gravitate towards blue undertones. With olive, beige, and tan complexions, on the other hand, you usually get a much warmer, fair, and rosy complexion that works best with cool tones.

1Types of Lip Liners

If you don’t have much experience using the best drugstore lip liners, you might be inclined to think that one type of liner fits all lining requirements. In truth, although it may be a bit confusing for a first-time buyer, lip liners vary quite a lot in terms of construction and functionality. To better understand what each individual type has to offer, you should first understand the benefits one can be drawn out of using the right lip liner.

Lip Liner Pencils

These lip liners contain a small amount of solid, color lip liner base inside a softwood encasing. They stand out through the consistency they can provide, the type of consistency that allows you to set up firmer, drier textures. Given the contrast they offer, these lip liners can help seal lipstick within any boundaries of your choosing. It is for this reason that these pencils also enable you to sharpen them when needed.

Retractable Lip Liners

These are also referred to as automatic lip liners. Retractable liners are comprised of a thin plastic tube that holds a standard lip liner. It is common for retractable lip liners to twist at the base to advance the liner when using it. The reason why these liners are popular is for their convenience and cost-effective design. We should also point out that some automatic liners also come with an inbuilt sharpening mechanism. This allows for a more precise application.

Gel Lip Liner

Although not that popular, gel lip liners also represent a good choice because of their convenience. These soft, quasi-solid liners are applied much smoother than pencils and can provide either a temporary or semi-temporary application. Perhaps their biggest pros are the long-wearing capabilities, the smooth application, and many are waterproof.

Natural Formula Lip Liners

If you’re looking for a safer, chemical-free lip liner, then a natural formula lip liner is the way to go. You see, some manufacturers make lip liners that are entirely free of any synthetic ingredients. This includes chemical dyes, parabens, or preservatives. It is common for these liners to be produced in pencil or twist-up tube form. They comprise of plant-based pigments, solid oils, beeswax, and mineral products.

Permanent Lip Liners

There are also lip liners that can be permanently applied through a quite simplistic procedure. This procedure involves an aesthetician to inject the pigments into the skin of the lips. That will make up for any natural unevenness. Similar to getting a tattoo, this procedure will also cause a certain degree of discomfort. There will be swelling for a few days following the procedure.

Invisible Lip Liners

As the name suggests, these lip liners offer a fine, line-filling effect without any additional colors. As such, the main purpose of an invisible lip liner is to enhance. In some cases, they can correct the natural shape of your lips. They also prevent lipstick bleeding. Perhaps the greatest benefit an invisible liner offers is the illusion of fullness along with a smoother shape.