Top 10 Best Ear Protection For Shooting of 2019 – Reviews

As anyone who has ever used a pistol or a rifle can attest, firearms are loud. A .22 caliber rifle produces noise that exceeds 140-decibels and the shots from large bore rifles can come in at an astounding 175 decibels or higher. Because human hearing can be damaged by anything louder than 85-decibels, it’s extremely important for shooters and hunters to protect their hearing when they’re using their firearms.

All it takes for a person to protect their hearing is the right ear protection and a few seconds to equip this protection over the ears. Once that’s been done, shooters won’t have to worry about losing their hearing or developing tinnitus when they use their firearms. And we’ve some of the best ear protection for shooting and have listed them below for everyone’s convenience.

Best Ear Protection For Shooting Of 2019

10Ucho Shooting Safety Earmuffs

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Shooters on the go are going to want to use safety earmuffs that are easy to take to the range and also do the important job of protecting their hearing. Fortunately, these headphones are capable of doing both. They’re lightweight, easy to store and can be folded up so that they can be packed in a suitcase, overnight bag or an ammo box. Since they’re equipped with NRR Sound Technology, they also have the capability of protecting the user’s hearing and are rated at 34-decibels. And because they have a soft cushioning on each earpiece, they won’t crush the ears like some headphones tend to do.

9Honeywell Howard Leight Sport Earpieces

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These sport earpieces are designed so that sport shooters can communicate on the range and do it without taking off their hearing protection. It’s capable of doing this because it’s equipped with built-in direction microphones that can pick up ambient sounds up to 82 decibels and convey them to the wearer’s ears. However, when the noise level exceeds 82-decibels, these headphones automatical shutoff this noise amplification to protect the wearer’s hearing. These headphones have a Noise Reduction Rating of 22, feature very slim earcups and have snap-in ear cushions for the wearer’s comfort. They’re also available in different colors including purple, green, camo, pink, teal and black.

8Walker’s EXT Range Shooting Ear Muffs

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When they designed these range shooting earmuffs, they not only considered how to best protect the wearer’s hearing, but they also considered how to make them more comfortable to wear, too. These ANSI S3.19-rated earmuffs are super light and have padding now only around the earcups but also around the headband as well. And they’re rated 34 NRR, so consumers can rest assured that they will protect their hearing on the range. Another feature that makes these earcups suitable for the shooting range is the fact that they fold up. That allows them to be placed in ammo boxes, duffle bags or backpacks for taking out to the range.

7Decibel Defense Professional Safety Earcups


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The main thing people will notice about these earmuffs is that they shut out the outside world. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, however, considering that they have an NRR of 37 decibels. These are also earcups that are ANSI S3.19 and CE EN 252-1 certified. They’re also certified by OSHA with a rating by them of NRR 34 dB. Thanks to their padding, they are very easy to wear for long periods, and they have a sturdy construction that should allow them to serve the wearer for many years to come. And since they come in several different colors, including safety orange, black, pink, blue, or green, so there’s a color that fits anyone’s style.

6Clear Armor Hearing Protection Earcups

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These high-quality earcups are ANSI S3.19 and CE 521 certified and have an NRR rating of 31 decibels. It’s capable of reducing noise levels so much because it’s made with three layers of sound reducing materials. It has a hard outer shell with a thickness of 0.200-inch, acoustic foam that reduces mid-high sound levels, and a Sound Ring that helps to protect against vibrations of the outer materials. These earmuffs also have a padded head pad for comfort and are easily folded so that they can be taken to the range or stored away for later use.

5Pro For Sho Safety Ear Protection

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Designed specifically for use on the shooting range, these quality safety ear cups have an NRR rating of 34 dB to protect the wearer’s hearing against sudden noises. They are made out using high-quality components and they’re light on the head, so the wearer can easily forget they’re even wearing them. It’s also compact, so it can be easily placed into duffel bags or backpacks for storage or travel. And because of their quality construction, they should last the wearer for a long time to come. These earmuffs are available in different colors, too. These colors include basic black, grey, pink, purple, blue, red, army green or coyote brown.

4Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Earcups

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The problem with many professional shooting earmuffs is that they can be a bit bulky. They can stick out and they can also be heavy on the head. These earcups are a little bit different, however. That’s because they have a thinner design that gives them the lowest profile possible but does it without sacrificing the hearing protection of them. These earcups have an NRR rating of 23 decibels and are designed and engineered in the United States. They’re also equipped with two Omni-directional microphones that allow the wearer to talk to the people around them but still maintain their hearing protection when necessary.

3Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Ear Muffs

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MPOW has long been known as a company that produces high-quality headphones that deliver exceptional audio reproduction, but not many people realize that they also make some pretty good noise-reducing safety earcups like this one. This model is not only suitable for the shooting range, but is also suitable for deer hunting, construction work, or any other job where hearing protection is necessary. They are ANSI S3.19 and CE EN352-1 certified, and they also have an NRR rating of 28 decibels. They feature an adjustable headband, a compact profile, and a fold-up style that’s easy to take on the go.

2Awesafe Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

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A lot of the earmuffs sold for hearing protection aren’t specifically designed for the shooting range, but this model sure is. It’s designed to be used for both the shooting range and hunting, so consumers can rest assured that it will provide the hearing protection they need. It has a low profile that provides plenty of firearm stock clearance, and it has an AUX input for plugging in MP3 players, smartphones or other external radios into it. This model also features Omni-directional microphones that allow low decibel noises, such as human speech to reach the wearer’s ears, but still protects against the sound of gunshots.

1Tradesmart Ear Protection Earmuffs & Safety Glasses

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This kit not only includes some of the best ear protection for shooting but also comes with the best safety glasses. This set comes with high-quality shooting earmuffs, 24 foam earplugs, and safety lenses, too. The combination of the earmuffs and the foam earplugs have a combined NRR rating of 38 dB, and the safety glasses have a UV400 rating to protect the wearer’s eyes from glare. And to make this set even more functional, it comes with a case that allows the headphones, the earplugs and the safety glasses to all be packed together for storage or for taking out to the range.

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