Top 10 Best Earplugs for Sleeping of 2019 – Reviews

If you have difficulties sleeping at night, it might be because your brain has problems shutting off outside noise for you to properly rest. Believe it or not but a surprisingly large number of people have this problem and the solutions aren’t all that many. A good way to go about dealing with it is to ensure that your room is as quiet as possible when you go to bed. Another thing you can do is to invest in a reliable pair of earplugs to help you sleep. These earplugs are very comfortable for the most part and quite efficient at keeping out unwanted noises during the night. That said, we should point out that not all earplugs can be expected to offer the same noise-canceling standards, nor can they all be expected to fit you right. To give you a better idea of what’s out there, we put together a list of the ten best earplugs for sleeping money can buy.

Best Earplugs for Sleeping – Top List

10HUSH Noise Cancelling Reusable Earplugs

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These environmentally friendly, reusable earplugs from HUSH are built in a triple-flanged fashion in order to provide the highest possible standard of comfort without diminishing their capacity to block out sound to an impressive standard. Waterproof and completely allergy safe, these earplugs benefit from a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, soft silicone construction that minimizes the risks of itching or allergic reactions of any kind. Not only that but you will also find these earplugs to be extremely easy to insert and take out when needed.

9Ohropax Wax Ear Plugs

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Made using a great quality wax compound wrapped with premium cotton, the Ohropax earplugs offers a highly comfortable fit into your ear canal, at the same time creating a very efficient seal from water and noise entry. It is one of the finest new entries on the market, one that performs excellently for a tranquil sleep, travel, study or for getting a bit of peace and quiet at work. It is also rather great for bathers and swimmers in the sense that it keeps water out of the ears along with canceling noise.

8Caswell-Massey Boules Quies

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Made of individually cotton-wrapped high-quality beeswax balls, the Caswell-Massey Boules Quies are among the gentlest, softest earplugs today. These beeswax earplugs warm to the contours of your inner ear, offering optimal noise reduction. Besides sleeping, these earplugs are ideal for swimming, traveling, for persons with snoring spouses, or for parents with noisy kids. They are also easy-fitting and reusable plugs by design, the type of earplugs which deliver comfort as well as silence.

7Flents Quiet Time Comfort Foam Earplugs

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These Soft Comfort earplugs designed by Flents Quiet Time are optimized to reduce noise to allow you enjoy a calm, unperturbed night sleep or even help promote concentration. Delivering a 33 dB NRR, their smooth and tapered design ensures that you have optimum wearing comfort throughout the night. The foam material used in their making is very gentle on your ears, but also reusable and impressively durable. This makes them stand out among the rest in this price range, a design that may also explain their current popularity.

6Harris Health & Home Ear Plugs

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With these little comfortable beauties fitted in your ears, you are assured of an uninterrupted sleep at all times. These individually packaged earplugs are built to remain clean and to provide a high standard of convenience, hygiene of use, and portability. Their premium-grade soft and slow expanding foam renders them easy to insert into the ears and comfortable wearing the night over. They also provide some of the best NRR, thus blocking out much of the noise that might otherwise cause you stress during the day.

5Moldex 6800 Pura-Fit Earplugs

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If you are looking for reliable noise-reduction earplugs for a perfect sleep, you might as well trust the Moldex 6800 Pura-Fit. This is a model that benefits from a somewhat longer design, allowing an easy fit and an even easier removal. They are made of non-irritating and PVC-free materials, along with a soft foam with a smooth surface. They are also tapered for seamless insertion into all ear canal sizes. We should also point out that they come with a reusable earplug station dispenser for good measure.

4Liberty 14310 DuraPlug

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The Liberty 14310 DuraPlug are high-quality disposable earplugs for sleeping made of premium foam. Their ultra-soft, slow recovery, tapered design allows for easy insertion as well as removal. Moreover, the foam is of a low-pressure and self-adjusting type, one that provides a long-wearing convenience, comfort, and faster recovery time. They also integrate an NRR of 32 dB, which is quite impressive considering their peculiar design. As a matter of fact, you should always look for earplugs with a NNR rating of 30 dB or more.

3Decibullz – PLG1PNK Custom Molded

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With a 31 dB NRR rating, the Decubullz – PLG1PNK is a custom-molded model of earplugs that provide not only great sound blocking but also a customized feel, experience; allowing you to mold, shape, and remold them to your desires. It is also quite simple to prepare the molds using only hot water and nothing else. Because they are designed to fit almost any ear type, these earplugs are ever comfortable and secure. The set includes 2 thermoplastic custom molds, a set of maximum protection foam tips, and 3 sets of small, medium and large triple flange tips.

2Mack’s Mac-6244 Ultra Soft Earplugs

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The Mack’s Mac-6244 earplugs, a highly sought-after model for uninterrupted sleep, are designed with ultra-low pressure, quality tapered foam to offer a peerless comfort. Featuring a high NRR (noise reduction rate) of 32 dB, they are guaranteed to deliver a top-performance hearing protection that makes them suitable for use both in places of little noise or areas of hazardous noise, such as workshops, concerts, or any other particularly loud environment.

1Howard Leight 3301105 High Visibility Disposable Earplugs

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The Howard Leight 3301105 are high-performance earplugs for sleeping from Honeywell Laser Lite. They are made of high-quality, self-adjusting foam which expands to fit almost any wearer, no matter how peculiar their ear type. They stand out by their design, one that features a contoured T-shape to allow for seamless insertion and perfect fit, while a soil-resistant, smooth skin ensures no dirt buildup when worn for long periods of time. They also come in vibrant colors to choose from, quite a nice touch in all fairness.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Earplugs For Sleeping Buying Guide

Earplugs represent the most convenient and reliable solution to anyone having problems going to sleep at night. Specially designed especially for those who suffer from sleeping disorders and who have difficulties falling asleep, they have the intended purpose of canceling out unwanted noises when worn. Earplugs help to drown out these sounds almost entirely, providing you with the serenity you will undoubtedly be looking for. Interestingly enough, they are generally recommended by doctors and specialists everywhere, having no side effects to speak of.

Why Should One Wear Earplugs While Sleeping?

Beneficial for our health and development, sleep is an extremely important factor in our lives. With almost 30% of the world’s population suffering from sleeping problems, earplugs have been invented to help you get that much-needed rest and relaxation. Although most of us might not need them, there are some people who should wear them on a daily basis, even a big number of those who have yet to comprehend that they need to. Among them, travelers who are constantly on the move and need rest whenever and wherever they can get it or people who have partners who snore heavily during the night.

Types of Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Custom Ear Plugs – These are uniquely designed and customized to match the size of your ears. A healthcare specialist takes the exact impression of your ears by creating a mold. This is then sent to the designer who would then create a custom pair of earplugs to perfectly fit your ears. This type is the best of its kind as it blocks out all noise effectively, although a bit more expensive than most for obvious reasons.

Disposable Ear Plugs – Made from high-quality foam that is both soft and comfortable, these earplugs are made to be utilized just once or twice. Needless to say, this makes them very affordable and easy to care for. Not only that but disposable earplugs are also very lightweight and easy to store, thanks mainly to their compact size. These earplugs also tend to come in packs containing several pairs.

Moldable Ear Plugs – For those who find it hard to find the perfect pair of earplugs to fit their ears, these moldable ear plugs are the best choice. Made from premium grade, safe wax or soft silicone, these can be easily molded into the ears by the users themselves. This makes them quite versatile, in the sense that you can customize them depending on what you intend to do while wearing them.

Reusable Ear Plugs – Known for their durability and reliability, these earplugs are usually made from high-quality plastic or silicone. As the name suggests, these earplugs can be re-used for many nights without having to replace them after each use. For this reason, reusable earplugs tend to be quite sturdy and durable, although some people complain about their rigidity and how difficult they are to look after.

What To Consider When Buying Earplugs for Sleeping


Made from a variety of different materials, earplugs can be crafted from foam, wax, silicone, plastic, or latex. When choosing the right one for you, you must be aware of the material that you could be allergic to or any materials you might take issue with. If it’s your first time buying earplugs, try out a material that you think might work and experiment with any particular material you may like.


Earplugs come in different shapes and sizes and can be expanded to fit your ears. If earplugs are too big they might cause damage to the canal and this may cause you pain. However, if they are too small in size, it might not work effectively and may still let in the noise you are trying to block out. Therefore it is essential to select one that fits you perfectly. The length of the earplug is also a key factor to consider. If too long, it might stick out and cause discomfort while sleeping.

Level of Noise Blocking

Most earplugs used for sleeping come with a labeled box that shows the capacity of noise blocking or the level of protection provided. An ideal Noise reduction rating should be at least 30db NNR. Anything below this level might not provide you with the sound sleep you are looking for. For those who live in a noisy surrounding that includes street traffic, neighbors who are overly loud, students living in shared apartments, etc; quality earplugs with a decent standard of noise-blocking would definitely help drain out any unwanted noise.


This is perhaps the one factor that varies from person to person. An earplug that might be comfortable for one, might be painful for another. Hence choosing the ideal ear plug depends on personal preference, for the most part, usually depending on the materials used in its making. However, it is important to select an earplug that not only feels comfortable when you sleep but also one that you might wear in different circumstances. Furthermore, a good earplug should also feel good when you lay on your side.

Ease of Use

By simply rolling earplugs between your fingers, you should be able to prepare them for insertion. Earplugs made from wax usually need to be rolled for longer as they require that extra softness for it to take the shape of your ear. Others might need to be washed or cleaned after you utilize them and then there are others that can be disposed of. Whatever the case, make sure to roll them between your fingers to get a better feel.


There are many reusable earplugs out there to choose from and some are crafted to be worn just once or twice and cannot be washed or cleaned. Others can be worn for a few nights and reused by just cleaning them regularly for sanitary reasons. Those of you who are not keen on reusing or washing out wax from your earplugs might want to try disposable earplugs instead. If not, then keep in mind that reusable earplugs require regular maintenance to some extent.