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With the advent of new technologies, we are now able to take books with us in a digital form, making it much easier to read what would otherwise be thick, bulky books from devices that can very well fit into our pockets. When it comes to eBook readers and e-readers in general, the first thing to notice is the size.

Much slimmer than regular books, these devices aren’t just easier to carry and store but also capable of so much more than a regular book would. For instance, most of these devices can be used to surf the web, send emails, or even to run certain applications. Having said that, let us point out that not all eBook readers are built to the same standards. Let us then find out what are the ten best eBook readers the market has to offer.

Best eBook Readers 2019

10Kindle Paperwhite E-reader With Built-in Light & Wi-Fi

buy from amazonThe Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is a device for those who love to read and is equipped with a number of features that gives the reader control over their reading materials. It has a high-resolution 300-ppi display that is resistant to glare-even in sunlight. It’s designed to last longer on a single charge than most other tablets and has a built-in reading light that’s adjustable. It’s also lighter than previous Kindle models, thereby allowing you to read with one hand. With Wi-Fi capability and the ability to hold thousands of books, it’s the perfect product for just about any reader.

9RCA eBook Reader (REB1100)

buy from amazonIf you’re looking for a simple eBook reader that will do what’s asked of it without draining battery life with too many flashy applications, then this is the thing for you. Simplistic yet highly responsive, this eBook digital reader features an 8 MB basic memory that can be expanded to 72 MB with a Smart Media Card. Interestingly enough, it also features a 33.6 Kbps modem and a stylus for good measure.

8Sony Portable Digital e-Reader (PRS-505)

buy from amazonThe Sony Portable Digital e-Reader is a device which is designed to help you read your favorite eBooks in comfort. It can hold approximately 160 ebooks and its memory can be boosted even further by adding optional memory cards. ebooks aren’t the only things that can be read on this device, however. It can also display a variety of files from PDF and text files to JPEGs and GIFs. It can also play MP3 and AAC music files. This e-reader has a 6-inch screen and is convenient to use thanks to its lightweight.

7Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader

buy from amazonThe first thing to point out about this ingenious eBook reader is that it boasts a waterproof & dustproof construction. This makes it stand out among most eBook readers out there, especially the ones in its price range. Construction aside, this interesting eBook reader also benefits from a high-resolution 300 dpi display with a glare-free screen that is both fingerprint and scratch resistant.

6Sony PRS-600BC Touch Edition E-Book Reader

buy from amazonSony’s PRS-600BC Touch Edition eBook Reader is perhaps one of the most reliable in this price range, while still boasting some pretty interesting features of its own. For instance, it is epub, bbeb book, pdf, txt, rtf, and Microsoft Word compatible along with being able to open jpeg, png, gif, and bmp formats. Not only that but this eBook reader has a guaranteed 7,500 continuous page turn battery life, which is impressive to say the least.

5Sony PRS-T2 6″ Touchscreen Digital eBook Reader

buy from amazonPacking an Android operating system, this ingenious eBook reader from Sony definitely stands out among the rest. At the same time, it makes good use of technologies like E-Ink, built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, and a microSD card slot to expand on its 1.3 GB memory. What’s interesting is that it also has an USB port that will definitely come in handy in the long run. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced eBook readers on the market.

4Sony Pocket Edition Reader

buy from amazonA bit pricier than most of the eBook readers we talked about so far, Sony’s pocket edition reader justifies its price by featuring some truly impressive capabilities. For instance, it has a 2 GB built-in flash memory that allows you to store no less than 1,200 eBooks, an E-Ink Pearl 5-inch touchscreen operating at an 800×600 resolution, a micro USB port with a cable, a reader library software, and a guaranteed battery life of two full weeks.

3Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch

buy from amazonWith the Simple Touch, you get a reliable eBook reader that is both technologically advanced and affordable at the same time. It has a great battery life that promises up to two months of reading on only one charge. It also features 80% smoother page turns and minimized flashing compared to other eBook readers. With Fast PageTM it makes it easy to scan through any book, newspaper or magazine.

2Kindle Voyage E-reader

buy from amazonKindle eBook readers enjoy quite the popularity nowadays and understandably so. The Voyage, for example, comes with a PagePress feature that enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger, a feature that is bound to prove useful in the long run. It also benefits from adaptive front light capabilities thanks to a specially designed system that provides ideal brightness according to your surroundings.

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1Kindle Paperwhite – 6″ High Resolution eBook Reader

buy from amazonThere is perhaps no better eBook reader on the market today than the Kindle Paperwhite, a device that features free 3G wireless capabilities with no monthly fees or annual contracts. At the same time, this device has a no-glare screen that can be viewed in any lighting conditions, a readability it owes in part to its inbuilt light-read feature. Not only that but the Paperwhite’s battery is also impressive, allowing you to use it for weeks on a single charge. In this regard, the Kindle Paperwhite is a few steps ahead any other eBook reader from a technological standpoint.


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