Top 10 Best Egg Slicers of 2019 – Reviews

You can use sliced eggs with a variety of dishes, especially those that require the peculiar texture of boiled eggs. Trying to slice eggs using a regular knife can be quite a hassle, which is where egg slicers come into play. These slicers are relatively small, lightweight, and very easy to use.

At the same time, you will find even the best egg slicers to be quite inexpensive when compared to most of the other kitchen tools, cutlery, or appliances you might have. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best egg slicers the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Egg Slicers 2019

10HIC Heavy Duty Slicer

buy from amazonPerfectly accomplish the formerly challenging task of dicing and slicing a hard-boiled egg with the heavy-duty slicer by HIC. The directions are easy to follow; hard boil your eggs then remove the egg shells afterward. Take one egg and horizontally place it in the base of the slicer and follow this with slowly pressing the top downwards to produce wonderfully even egg slices. In case you need to dice, vertically rotate your sliced egg and slice it once more.

9Ikea Egg Slicer

buy from amazonAside from boasting an attractive look, this egg slicer is a fantastic and efficient tool. Its frame is characterized by a detachable steel frame which subsequently eases the task of cleaning once you are done using it. The Ikea silver body comprises ABS plastic while the handle/wire/bracket uses a composition of stainless steel which guarantees the slicer’s long-lasting durability.

8EZ Supply Kitchen Slicing Bundle 3 in 1 Plastic Egg Slicer

buy from amazonDespite this slicer not being purposely designed for slim egg slices, it boasts characteristic extremely sharp stainless steel serrated blades which can also find use as ideal egg slicers. It is also perfectly stable as per its non-slip feet while boasting an ergonomic handle with a soft grip. For this reason, this particular egg slicer is extremely easy to use by almost anyone.

7New Star Egg Slicer

buy from amazonThis is an ideal 3-in-1 compact egg slicer that facilitates easy cutting of the eggs into either slim oval slices or thick wedges. Moreover, besides this slicer allowing application in both horizontal and vertical contexts, it comes in handy in salad making and preparation of egg-based appetizers. The New Star slicer can also be used in the cutting of fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, strawberries, and even mushrooms.

6Compact Prepworks GT-3667 Egg Slicer

buy from amazonA product of Progressive International, this slicer will enable you to either slice your eggs or even make wedges out of them. It operates using a simple concept where you are only required to set your egg at the base center followed by choosing your preferred slicer plate. This egg slicer is accompanied by a drawer which facilitates the compact storage of all sliced eggs. This Prepworks compact slicer can also be utilized in slicing strawberries and even mushrooms.

5Good OXO Grips Slicer and Chopper

buy from amazonUsing this OXO accessory, slicing of hard-cooked eggs to prepare a sandwich or even that egg salad becomes an almost effortless task. With a single press, it provides you with an inch-perfect round slice or oblong. Things get better with OXO slicer since on rotating its egg holder and subsequently pressing it again, it gives you perfectly produced egg pieces ideal for an egg salad. It is accompanied by a great egg holder which firmly holds an egg from both above and below availing neat and wonderfully even slices.

4Progressive International Compact Egg Slicer

buy from amazonProgressive slicers are the ideal tools to guarantee the easy slicing of hard-boiled eggs. With this good grips tool, one press will give you wonderfully cut 5mm slices. Its standard holder allows cradling of the egg in 2 exclusive ways offering you the option of obtaining either round slices or oblong. It comes with a non-slip base which provides comfortable gripping as you slice your eggs and a consequently raised handle that is easy to open and close which makes this tool simple to use.

3Norpro Egg Slicer

buy from amazonA characteristic 4-in-1 tool by Norpro, this egg slicer allows slicing from the right and subsequently from the left where it produces wedges that are moon-shaped. It is characterized by a small sharp needle which perfectly pierces the shell ends. Aside from its use a slicer, it also finds application as a garnishing appliance that is used in creating edible masterpieces that are nothing short of amazing.

2Zyliss Egg Slicer

buy from amazonMade out of durable ABS plastic and characteristic stainless steel, The Zyliss slicer allows prompt and neat slicing of eggs in a timely fashion. It is characterized by a standard non-slip base that enables it to maintain its positioning on any countertop while you slice. It is also completely dishwasher safe and is accompanied by a manufacturer warranty of no less than 5 years, which is definitely something to look for in an egg slicer.

1Westmark W1020 Slicer

buy from amazonA globally reputed brand relative to the production of quality kitchen appliances, it comes as no surprise that Westmark tops our list. The level of excellence stretches further to include the W1020 slicer which allows the easy creation of both round and oval slices. This lightweight tool is characterized by a handle with a typical ergonomic shape which eases its use along with a design that makes it very easy to store. The slicer also boasts an underlying cast aluminum material of superior quality which is complimented by a power coating for easy cleaning.


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