Top 10 Best Electric Blankets of 2019 – Reviews

Electric blankets are items that can trace their history to the early twentieth century. They were first designed to help people with chronic medical conditions. Over the years, people began using them not only to ease symptoms of arthritis but also to add that little bit of extra warmth to their beds.

Deciding to buy one of these blankets is only half the battle, however. Once a person has decided to buy one, they then have to consider a few things. One has to think about quality, durability, and safety before they purchase one and that’s why we’ve listed the top ten models for your consideration.

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Best Electric Blankets – Top List

10Beautyrest Micro Fleece Heated Blanket

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This Beautyrest heated blanket is designed to provide the warmth and the comfort needed for a good night’s rest, but do it without all of the harmful electromagnetic field emissions that previous generations of blankets emitted. It features an automatic shutoff feature which turns off the blanket after 10-hours, and it has 20 different temperature settings that ensure the comfort and safety of the user. One controller is used on Twin and Full-size blankets, and two controllers are used on Queen and King size models. Since it’s made with micro-fleece, it’s not only extremely soft but also machine washable as well.

9Soft Heat Luxury Micro Fleece

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Made in the U.S from American and imported materials, this blanket is made using a soft micro-fleece that makes it soft and machine washable. It is also designed to not shrink or stretch in the dryer. This blanket is manufactured using a patented low-voltage technology that makes it extremely safe to use and allows the user to control their individual comfort. And unlike older electric models, this cover is designed with ultra-thin wires that aren’t bulky and don’t allow for hot or cold spots. With preheat and hold features as well, this blanket can provide warmth and comfort to just about anyone.

8Serta Low-Voltage Triple-Rib Blanket

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Designed to be luxuriously soft, comfortable and safe to use, this blanket is designed first with a durable micro-plush fabric and is then equipped with a triple-ribbed design that heats the blanket without it having hot or cold spots. This blanket uses a very low-voltage, so it’s extremely safe to use. And if the user ever forgets to turn it off, it has a 10-hour auto shut off which will turn it off automatically. It also comes with over-temperature protection built into it and comes with an easy-to-read computerized controller for temperature adjustment. This blanket can also be machine washed and dried without it stretching or shrinking.

7Sunbeam TSM8US-25B00 Heated Throw

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This electric throw is made with a 100% polyester microfiber that’s not only soft but durable as well. This material can be machine washed and dried without worrying about it shrinking or piling up and is designed to be very warm. This heated throw also comes with a warming system that adjusts to temperature conditions to keep the wearer warm and comfortable for hours. It also is equipped with a controller that can be set to three different heat settings and has an auto-off feature which shuts it down automatically after 3-hours. All of which makes it a blanket that delivers both warmth and peace-of-mind.

6Biddeford 6000 Heated Sherpa Blanket

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Available in Twin, Full and King sizes, this heated Sherpa blanket is made from 100% polyester and is not only comfortable but also stylish as well. It’s designed to be machine washable and the King size comes with dual temperature controls. Each unit has a digital control that allows for one of ten different heat settings to be selected, and it comes with a 10-hour shutoff which turns the blanket off after the selected time frame. It’s a blanket that will keep the user warm and safe and can be used on a daily basis if the user so desires.

5Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket

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Made of micro-flannel, a soft material that’s made from Polyester, this blanket is designed to provide warmth without being unduly bulky. This blanket won’t shrink or wrinkle and has a fast-drying design that makes it very easy to take care of. It’s available in a variety of different sizes from Twin size all the way to King size. This durable blanket will hold up to everyday use and has controls that make it easy-to-use. This blanket not only looks good but works quite well and is a great addition to just about anyone’s bedroom.

4Sunbeam Loft Tech Blanket

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Available in one of three colors: walnut, mushroom or garnet, this blanket looks good, and there’s a model for just about any household. This product is made from 100% Polyester and is not only durable but soft as well. It’s machine washable and dryer safe and has built-in sensors that adjust automatically so it can deliver a consistent level of warmth. Another key feature which can be found on this blanket is a pre-heat feature which can warm up cold sheets before the user heads to bed and do it in a safe and controlled manner.

3Sunbeam Channeled Heated Blanket

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This blanket has a number of features which allow it to provide the user with warmth and comfort. It’s manufactured using 100% polyester and has a channel design that’s designed to wrap the user up on cold evenings. This blanket is also equipped with Thermo Fine Technology which can automatically adjust itself for consistent heat control and has a controller with 10 custom heat settings. And it’s also equipped with an auto-off feature that turns the blanket off after 10-hours of use. This makes it a very comfortable and safe-to-use product and is a fine addition to any home.

2Sunbeam Microplush Throw

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Designed to deliver luxury and comfort, this heated throw blanket is made from a high-quality velvet plush fabric that’s easy-to-maintain and very warm. This blanket can be machine washed and dried and is approximately 50-inches by 60-inches in size. It’s also equipped with 3-different heat settings that allow the user to select the exact warmth level they need and it has a 3-hour auto-shutoff that makes it safe to use. This makes it a great blanket to use in the bedroom or the living room and is sure to provide many nights of warmth and comfort during cold winter months.

1Sunbeam Extra-Soft Fleece

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Designed to provide warmth on even extremely cold winter nights, this electric blanket has 3-different heat settings that allow the user to determine which warmth level they need. This blanket is also extremely safe to use and has a 3-hour auto-shutoff feature that ensures it won’t stay on all of the time. This large throw has a 50-inch by 60-inch size, is machine washable and able to be dried in a dryer, and looks good in just about any room of the house. This makes it one of the best electric blankets currently available and one that’s sure to provide users with the comfort and warmth they desire.

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Buying the Best Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are marvelous devices that can help people fight off the cold even on the coldest of winter nights. And although the first ones developed were notoriously unreliable, most of the products manufactured today are not only extremely safe but also very reliable.

With that being said, not every product on the market is a winner and that’s why consumers should take the time to do their homework and pay attention to the features of the blankets they intend on buying. Below are some guidelines that will help consumers determine which products are the best.

Low Voltage

The way electric blankets work is they draw 120-Volts of AC power from an electric outlet and use it to power coils. However, there are some models which can convert this AC power to DC power so that it’s safer to use, even if it gets wet. These blankets convert the electrical input to basically 48-volts of battery power. While not all blankets are equipped with this feature, it’s just an extra layer of protection. This makes the blanket safer for the user and prevents it from becoming a fire hazard. However, this doesn’t mean that blankets that aren’t equipped with this feature aren’t safe. It’s just an extra layer of protection.

Automatic Shut Off Feature

An automatic shutoff is another desirable feature. Most of the blankets which are equipped with this feature have a 10-hour shutoff timer, but some blankets only have a 3-hour shutoff timer. Either way, this feature is useful for keeping the blanket from becoming a fire hazard by being on too long.

Preheating Feature

A preheating feature, also known as pre-warming, is a remarkable feature for any blanket. It’s designed to warm the bed very rapidly and then hold that temperature until the user lays down for the night. This allows users to make their beds warm and toasty before they get into it and then they can set it to another temperature once they’ve gone to bed.

Self-Adjusting Feature

Some electric blankets are capable of adjusting themselves according to the temperature of the room or the body heat of the user. These blankets work to keep consistent heat levels throughout the entire blanket. These models will often have overheating sensors built into them that will shut the heat off if the blanket begins to overheat.

Multiple Temperature Settings

Several different heat settings are also an important feature. This will give the user options when they are deciding on their preferred temperature. Typically, heated throws only have about three heat settings, while blankets can have up to ten. More expensive models usually have more heat settings than inexpensive ones.


Weight is another thing to consider before purchasing one of the blankets. A heavier blanket is going to do a much better job at holding in the user’s body heat than a lightweight model, which can result in the user having to power on the blanket less than they ordinarily would. This saves energy and makes the blanket a better value.

Ease-Of-Use Features

The blanket’s controls are another thing that needs to be examined. Most users are going to want to have controls that are easy to figure out and aren’t overly complicated. They are also going to want to buy a model with lighted controls, so they are easy to see even in the dark. While LCD displays can be a great way to see what the blanket is set on, if this LCD display isn’t back-lit, then it may be necessary for the user to turn on a light to see the blanket’s setting.

Thin Wires

Electric blankets in the past used big bulky elements to heat them. These basic elements were not only cumbersome but also were not very safe. Fortunately, these elements have become pretty small over the past few years. Even so, some models have thicker element wires than others, so a user should always look for a model that has the thinnest wires possible. This will make the blanket more comfortable to use.

Why Buy an Electric Blanket?

When the temperature begins to get colder, most people simply turn up their thermostats and don’t give it another thought. However, that’s not always the best option. After all, heating an entire home can really cause the cost of heating bills to skyrocket. That’s why an electric blanket is such an important product to own. Just by using an electric blanket, even for just a few hours a night, homeowners can significantly lower the cost of their heating bills. Why raise the temperature of the whole house by several degrees when an electric blanket will often do just as good of a job at taking the edge of the cold.

Couldn’t a space heater be used to heat a room? Well, while space heaters can heat up a single room, most studies have shown that electric blankets are more energy efficient than space heaters. An electric blanket only costs between five and ten dollars a year to run, while a space heater can cost up to seventy dollars a year to operate. That’s a pretty significant difference in price.

In Conclusion

It’s as clear as day that electric blankets come in a number of different styles and with a number of different features. Some of them work exceptionally well, and some don’t work as well as they should. And that’s why it’s important for each person to take their time and decide which model is right for them. If they can do this, then they’ll be rewarded with a product that will help them save money on heating bills, will increase their comfort levels and will keep them warm during the cold during extreme winter weather.