Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaws of 2019 – Reviews

Engineered to meet roughly the same standards as gas-powered chainsaws, electric versions also get regular cutting/pruning jobs done in a relatively effortless fashion. That said, we should point out that they aren’t exactly as powerful as traditional chainsaws but that they make up in mobility what they lack in strength. For instance, electric chainsaws are much lighter in weight and easy to operate for long periods of time. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best electric chainsaws the market has to offer right now.

Best Electric Chainsaws – Top List

10Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

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If you are shopping for the best possible value chainsaw on a budget, then the Oregon CS1500 might just be your ideal solution. It is an electric model that provides an impressive standard of cutting along with an ingeniously compact construction. Moreover, it is designed to be quite user-friendly, requiring minimal to no maintenance in the long run. It is also impressively silent in its operation, adding to the overall user convenience.

9GreenWorks 20362 Chainsaw

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Whether it is the deck you want to work on or give the yard a perfect shape, you won’t ever get it wrong when you use GreenWorks products. For instance, their 20362 is a 10-inch cordless model with a chainsaw that gives DIYers a reason to be proud, both in regards to reliability and ease of use. We say this because with this chainsaw packs some interesting features like a tool-less chain tensioning and an automatic oiler.

8Black & Decker PHS550B Handsaw

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From the popular Black & Decker, the PHS550B handsaw is another quality small chainsaw model you can trust. It comes packed with incredible features like a powerful 3.4 Amp, 4600 SPM motor and a maneuverable design. Moreover, it backed up by a long 2-year warranty (limited) to ensure its long-term use. Also included is a quality storage bag as well as a reliable metal cutting blade that will come in handy over time.

7DEWALT DCCS690M1 XR Chainsaw

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Also highly reputed, the DEWALT DCCS690M1 is a 16-inch chainsaw model that provides you with a chance to experience top gas performance with the convenience of being cord-free. It is a very robust chainsaw that glides effortlessly through a variety of cutting diameters with impressive speed thanks to its powerful battery. The package includes a 40V MAX 4AH Li-ion battery, a Bar Sheath, and charger.

6GreenWorks 12-Inch 20262 G-MAX Chainsaw

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If what you need is a great performance small, cordless chainsaw, here is another model from GreenWorks that suffices. He 20262 G-MAX is a 12-inch cordless pick with a whopping 50% less vibration for a more convenient operation. It is also lightweight and designed to be simple handling. It provides as high as 75 cuts on a single full charge. It also includes a G-MAX 2.0 AH Li-ion battery and a charger.

5Makita XCU02PT Chain Saw

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Running on two 18V LXT Li-ion batteries, Makita XCU02PT is a small electric chainsaw that offers a 36-volt performance as well as run-time that match gas-powered or corded experience. In other words, this quality cordless chainsaw ensures that its user has less downtime with improved productivity. For that matter, it is ranked among the best value options available today and understandably so.

4Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Chain Saw

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Black & Decker’s LP1000 is doubtless another top performance yet less costly chainsaw model out there. The Alligator Lopper is small in design but highly versatile. Electric, it is quite handy especially in cutting fallen branches, pruning tree branches, and chopping them down to manageable sizes. Other than that, it also features a useful cutting bar and chain for cutting thick branches at almost any angle.

3EGO Power+ Chain Saw

buy from amazonMany people have appreciated the great performance that the EGO Power+ cordless chainsaw delivers. It is a 14-inch model that provides more power than expected, at least when compared to similar chainsaws in this price range. Accordingly, it offers an impressively high 100 cuts when fully charged. As such, you can expect to accomplish even the most tasking of even large projects in a relatively short amount of time.

2GreenWorks CS40L210 G-MAX Chainsaw

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The GreenWorks CS40L210 G-MAX is a great 14-inch cordless chainsaw, one of the very best choices in the industry. Users of all experience levels can use this chainsaw, thanks to the fact that it requires no gas to use and calls for little to no maintenance. Its cordless design renders it quite a breeze to handle, a design that makes it suitable for projects at home or clean up after any form of natural disaster.

1BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw

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Black & Decker are a leading brand in the production of quality tools, not just chainsaws. Their LCS1020, for example, is a small 10-inch electric chainsaw, an affordable model that delivers more value than its cost. It offers reliability and convenience to those in need of cordless maneuverability with the guarantee of a high performance to cut through dry wood and live logs both. The fact that it only weighs 6.5 lbs is also a big plus, a feature that makes it very easy to carry and store.


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Electric Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chainsaws are nowadays the preferred choice for anyone looking to do some work around the backyard, just as often as they are used in the logging industry at times. They have completely replaced traditional lumber-cutting methods and trimming hedges. The main advantage electric models have over their gas-powered counterparts is the reduced maintenance costs, lower prices, and versatile design, all this while still boasting an impressive amount of cutting power. Let us then find out what makes electric chainsaws different from one another and what to look for when shopping for one.

Electric Chainsaw Models

While most electric chainsaws can be expected to act in roughly the same way, they do differ in terms of design and capabilities. For instance, most electric chainsaws can be divided into two main categories – outlet powered and rechargeable battery models. Depending on your needs, they can also boast several other capabilities, each pertinent to the tasks most people use chainsaws for.

Corded Electric Chainsaws – Right from the start, we should point out that the presence of the cord is by no means a feature when performing most woodworking tasks. The biggest disadvantage, perhaps, is the restrictions the cords present you with, mostly in terms of maneuverability. We say this because you cannot use these chainsaws too far away from an outlet. Not even with a heavy-gauge extension can you increase their range past a certain point, which is quite a big problem. At the same time, you have to be extra careful not to accidentally cut the cord itself, especially when performing fast cutting jobs.

Cordless Electric Chainsaws – There is no denying that such a chainsaw is a lot more flexible than corded versions. The flexibility in motion you get with such chainsaws certainly makes up for the somewhat reduced cutting strength and shorter run time. They also tend to make less noise than larger chainsaws, both corded electric or gas-powered. Furthermore, these chainsaws are equipped with heavy-duty batteries that differ in quality from one model to another. For the most part, these batteries can power the chainsaws for anything between 30 minutes to 2 hours or around that time. It should be said, however, that these batteries have a relatively short life in the sense that they take longer and longer to recharge after each use.

Power Options

In regards to power options, electric chainsaws are mainly classified according to the overall levels of power, either light-duty, mid-range, or professional. Capability-wise, light-duty chainsaws aren’t exactly powerful and are best used for gardening tasks. With mid-range chainsaws, you get a well-balanced machine that can handle a wide variety of tasks. Professional chainsaws, as you would imagine, are highly potent machines that are often used by lumberjacks and woodworking professionals.


We already established that not all electric chainsaws are built to the same standards. This makes it rather difficult to find out a well-rounded device overall, yet much easier to find one for a specific task. Unless you have experience using electric chainsaws, here are a few features to look for when buying one:

Soft Start – A soft start prevents electric chainsaws from jolting to full power as soon as they’re turned on. To further improve their maneuverability, some manufacturers have included these systems as inbuilt features with the purpose of slowly building up power in order to give the user time to adjust. Although not all electric chainsaws have soft start capabilities, those that do stand out as some of the very best.

Automatic Bar Oiling – Given how these machines are engineered, the constant friction between metal parts is bound to cause issues long-term unless all parts are constantly lubricated. In this respect, some electric chainsaws have automatic bar-oiling systems to smooth the overall operation of the device and to prevent chain breakage. To aid this function, they often boast accessible reservoirs.

Slip Clutches & Current Limiters – Electric chainsaws are built to automatically cut power to the motor if the chainsaw is overloaded or stuck. This has the task of preventing the motor from burning itself out while also reducing the risk of injury to the user. By disengaging the chain’s power in case of an unexpected snag, these chainsaws will avoid the occurrence of any flyback accident.

Chain Tensioners – Most chainsaws operate in a way that makes the eventual chain breakage difficult to avoid. The designated aim of a chain tensioner function is to allow users to turn a dial at the first sign that the chain is becoming loose in order to tighten it to its desired tension. Depending on the manufacturer, this process can sometimes be performed without the use of any additional tools.

Anti-Vibration – As a way to cut down on the amount of vibration a user has to be subjected to, some electric chainsaws will boast anti-vibration systems. The intended purpose here is to reduce vibration while preventing any user fatigue, a leading cause of many chainsaw accidents and even fatalities. Although not entirely necessary to operate the machine, one should always look at a chainsaw with an anti-vibration function as an investment in their own safety.