Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2019 – Reviews

Those of you who have taken an interest in electric fireplaces should know by now just how widespread they have become and how ingenious they can be. Seen as a great alternative to traditional wood or gas fireplaces, electric models benefit from being easier to install, operate, and maintain long-term. Not just that but they are also quite affordable, clean, sufficiently practical, and of course pretty to look at; which more or less dictates the overall quality and expectations from such a device.

With everything the market has to offer nowadays on the subject of electric fireplaces, it easy to get confused by the particulars and the pushy advertising that some of these items suffer from. That is precisely why you want to learn as much as possible about what makes a good electric fireplace before you actually commit to buying one. To give you some pointers on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best electric fireplaces money can buy.

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Best Electric Fireplaces – Top List

10Whalen Furniture Chesapeake Mantel Electric Fireplace

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This 23-inch wide infrared insert can heat up to 1,000 sq ft thanks to its 1,500 Watts of sheer power, which translates to about 5,200 BTU per hour. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to manage the fireplace’s settings from anywhere inside the room or its proximity. Speaking of which, you can use it to set the adjustable temperature to any level up to 6282 degreed F. Interestingly enough, you can turn the flame on whether or not the device radiates any heat.

9Caesar Luxury Linear Freestanding Flame Electric Fireplace

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With this particular radiator from Caesar Fireplace, you get a device that can warm up any medium-to-large room in 3-stage increments. As such, you can set it to give out full heat, half heat, or just a flame for a true 4-season experience. At the same time, this fireplace comes with a light adjustment and flame rising speed option that can be changed at will. For greater convenience, it also comes with a maneuverable remote control for you to use.

Design Toscano

8Ameriwood Home Bruxton Electric Fireplace

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The Bruxton Fireplace can keep a 400 sq ft room warm with no difficulties whatsoever, which recommends it for anyone looking for a rustic-looking yet high-grade fireplace. Thanks to the LED technologies it incorporates, it not only delivers a good deal of warmth but it also offers your room that desired glow you’ve been looking for. Add to that the fact that it is finished in a warm cherry woodgrain with a black metal firebox insert and you begin to understand why so many of the people who gave it a try hold it in such high regard.

7Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Small Electric Fireplace Insert

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It is important when looking for an electric fireplace to consider not just the efficacy of such a device but the aesthetics as well. Let us say that in this regard, few fireplaces can rival Ashley Furniture’s Small Fireplace Insert, a cleverly designed electric fireplace that you can fit into virtually any room decor. Due to its great underneath flat screens, this fireplace fits perfectly underneath a standard TV stand or entertainment center slot. Not just that but it also comes with no less than 6 pre-set temperature settings for you to choose from, which is very useful all things considered.

6GMHome Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Freestanding Heater

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Just like the name suggests, this is a large 40-inch wall mounted freestanding heater, one that was built to resemble a wide fireplace and to behave as such. It has two operational heat settings to choose from but can be operated without giving out any heat. Even though it works as a non-heat fireplace, it can give out no less than 1,500W / 5,100 BTU of heat when it does, a standard that you will find more than acceptable considering its size.

5HomCom Free Standing Electric Wood Stove Fireplace

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This particular fireplace stands out not just through its room heating capabilities but also through its highly ingenious design. As the name would suggest, it is built to resemble a wood stove fireplace, which is bound to add a rustic air of elegance into any room. When it works, it operates at two heat settings, both 750 and 1,500 Watts that you can choose from. Not just that but it also features an adjustable thermostat control for added comfort.

4XtremepowerUS Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace

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With this quartz-based electric fireplace from XtremepowerUS, you a truly sublime design and a fully adjustable temperature output selection. To be more precise, this electric fireplace allows you to choose from five heat levels that can also be switched on through the use of an adjustable timer. At the same time, this device features a digital thermostat with a remote that enables you to operate the fireplace from almost anywhere inside the house.

3Touchstone 80014 – Sideline Electric Fireplace

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The first thing you notice about the Touchstone 80014 is the clever design, the type that makes it stand out in almost any room decor. Designed for in-wall installation, its black frame gives the room that sleek, modern look many people look for. We should also point out that it boasts a realistic looking flame with five adjustable settings so as to put you in full control over the room’s atmosphere. Not only that but it also features multiple operating modes that vary in brightness and glow which you can use to change the way the fireplace looks at any given time.

2PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert

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A good electric fireplace must above all be convincing, which is where this ingenious fireplace stands out. Equipped with an energy saving LED technology and life-like resin logs, this electric fireplace can deliver a near-perfect representation of a real fireplace without any of the issues older models used to have. Given its temperature control features, it allows you to choose just how warm it gets at any given time, thanks mainly to a state of the art adjustable thermostat and a temperature range that goes from 60 degrees F to 84 degrees F with just the push of a button on the remote control it comes equipped with.

1Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

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Thanks to its realistic 3D Flame Effects, this high-end fireplace delivers an almost perfect replica of a fireplace stove, perhaps the best in the industry. Aesthetics aside, it also uses an infrared quarts system to not only heat up any room up to 1,00 square feet large but to do so while maintaining the natural humidity in the air. Furthermore, this unit benefits from an overheat protection feature which ensures that the heater will automatically shut off to prevent any overheating. Last but not least, it also features an adjustable, digital thermostat that allows you to choose its operational temperature with a tremendous accuracy.

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What To Look For In An Electric Fireplace

Seeing how an electric fireplace isn’t just for room decor, you want to take all the necessary time to learn about these units and what they’re capable of before settling on a specific model. Easier said than done, mind you, mostly because of the sheer variety available and the particularities that set them apart from one another. While for the most part, they all share a few common characteristics, the heating power, design, and functionality all vary between models. Here is what you need to consider when buying an electric fireplace of any sort:

The Flame

Keep in mind that the flame isn’t real and it cannot really look as realistic as the real thing unless you somehow involve an actual display screen. Even so, the LED lights they use can be quite convincing under the right circumstances, especially if you install it in a convenient spot. By using an arrangement of LED lights and mirrors, an electric fireplace can deliver a near-perfect looking flame for thousands of hours without using too much power in the process.

The Heat

Although there are variations between models, most decent fireplaces can produce a reasonable amount of heat, enough usually to heat up a small or medium-sized room. Because of this, you can very well use them to replace common radiators or electric heaters, with the added benefit of a cooler design. We should also point out that the good ones also come equipped with inbuilt thermostats that will maintain a set temperature for hours at a time depending on your personal preferences.

The Power

On average, electric fireplaces can heat up rooms from 400 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft depending on the type of heater and the size of the unit. In this respect, they are perfect for zone heating and can save you a lot of money in the long run by increasing the temperature of a room without the need to turn on any additional space heaters or radiators. If you set them up in the right place, such a unit won’t just add a touch of class to your room but it will also save you an awful lot of cash on your heating bill long-term.


Seeing how most of these fireplaces can be plugged into common outlets, you shouldn’t have too much trouble installing them in the first place. You do, however, need to ensure that each of these units has a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse to prevent any unwanted accidents. On a related note, we strongly advise against powering them through an extension cord because they tend to heat up and melt when used for extended periods of time.

Types Of Electric Fireplace Heaters

Although these units can differ in shape and size, they commonly fall into two main categories when it comes to their heat delivery – fan-forced coil heaters and quartz infrared heaters. A good portion of these heaters can also use ceramic heating technologies but these units can also fall into one of the two aforementioned categories construction-wise.

  • Fan-Forced Coil Heaters – These heaters are commonly used to heat up rooms as big as 500 sq ft or less. Most electric fireplace heaters fall into this category due to how widespread these standards are in the industry and how common these units are. As the name suggests, they employ a silent fan that blows air over heated coils to deliver heat, thus warming up the air inside a room through a vent that can be located at the top, front, or bottom of the actual unit.
  • Quartz Infrared Heaters – With quartz infrared heaters, you get an increased heating prowess, albeit at much bigger power requirements. We say this because many quartz infrared heaters are built to heat up 1,000 sq ft rooms, which is almost twice the power of fan-forced coil heaters. Another thing to point out is that infrared heaters tend to have a ‘warmer’ output sort of speak, in the sense that they give out heat with a more natural feel. As expected, these units are not just more powerful but also a bit more expensive than fan-forced coil heaters.

Construction Type

These fireplaces don’t just differ by how much heat they give out but also by how they’re shaped. In this respect, there are five main types of electric fireplaces: wall mounted, built-in, inserts, free-standing, and mantel-based, each with their own particularities. Although there aren’t many functional differences between the five, they mainly impact the room design and how easy they are to install.

  • Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces – These are very common nowadays and for good reasons, not just because of how easy they are to install but also for their maneuverability. You see, wall mounted electric fireplaces can be installed directly on the wall without having to make any long-term modifications. For the most part, you can set them up the same way you would a flat screen or a painting, usually by using mounting brackets and the like.
  • Built-in Electric Fireplaces – As the name suggests, these fireplaces enjoy a more finished look, in the sense that they don’t stick out from the wall. This gives the room a more wholesome aesthetic, which makes them popular among people who see them as permanent fixtures. While you do have many frameless linear options to choose from, they tend to vary through their alternative design and their practicality.
  • Electric Fireplace Inserts – Commonly used to convert an already existing wood or gas fireplace into an electric fireplace, these insert are rather easy to install and pretty convenient in terms of their functionality. Fireplace inserts can be found either as firebox inserts or as electric logs inserts, each operating on the same principles. Many people prefer inserts to the real deal because of how cost-effective they are and because of how convenient they are maintenance-wise.
  • Free Standing Electric Fireplaces – These fireplaces are available as stand-alone units or as media cabinets with a more flexible outlook. In principle, media cabinets resemble TV stands in more ways than one, which is why people who live in an urban environment prefer them to stand-alone units. Speaking of which, stand-alone units boast the same features as wall mounted models, with the added notion that they usually use a pedestal instead of being mounted on the wall.
  • Mantel-based Electric Fireplaces – Although not as widespread as the other models, electric fireplaces with mantels are by far the most exquisite and sophisticated. They are also very easy to install on account of their stand-alone nature. All you have to do to set them up is to place them in their designated area with minimal effort on your part. Given how large most of them are, it is common for some of them to have inbuilt media cabinets or storage drawers and wire management systems.