Top 10 Best Fillet Knives of 2019 – Reviews

A fillet knife is an essential tool for anyone who needs to prepare fish for cooking. That’s why it can often be found in the drawers of renowned chefs and the bait boxes of fishermen all over the world. When properly used on fish or cuts of meat, this tool offers the best precision and control over any other knife that could be used.

Of course, how well the knife works is not only determined by the skill of the user but also by the quality of the knife. Although there are dozens of different fillet knife brands available, only a select few can deliver professional quality results. Fortunately, we’ve found the ten best fillet knives, so everyone can get the best one possible.

Best Fillet Knives Of 2019

10American Angler-Pro Professional Grade Knife

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This fillet knife is chosen by commercial anglers and fisherman more than just about any other electric fillet knife currently available. That’s because this knife is not only easy to handle, but it’s also easy to use, too. It has a large handle that gives the fisherman the purchase they need when they’re filleting difficult fish, and it’s capable of cutting through hundreds of fish at one time without overheating. This model can be used to filet just about anything from a small trout to some of the biggest catfish. It’s no wonder that professionals choose this knife over and over again.

9Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

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This quality electric fillet knife from Rapala is not only powerful, but it’s easy-to-use and inexpensive as well. It’s made from quality components and features a heavy-duty motor that’s capable of cutting through hundreds of fillets without overheating. This knife features a 7.5-inch reciprocating blade that can be removed and safely washed in a dishwasher or by hand. Another key feature of this knife is that it has three times the power of standard electric knives, which allows for filleting to be done quickly and efficiently. And because its handle allows for a relaxed grip, the user won’t suffer from excessive hand fatigue while they’re using it.

8Kershaw Clearwater 9-Inch Fillet Knife

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Kershaw is a knifemaker that’s well known for creating high-quality knives for sport and cooking, and this knife is the latest addition to their collection. It features a 9-inch blade that’s made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel and is not only sharp but is flexible enough to make short work of any filleting job. Its handle is made from a copolymer material that’s not only durable but is contoured for comfort and textured to improve the user’s grip on it. All of these features come together in a filet knife that’s capable of cutting through both freshwater and saltwater fish with ease.

7Morakniv Stainless Steel Fishing Knife

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This Morakniv fishing knife has a sleek design that makes it extremely easy to handle and maneuverable. It has a handle that promotes a high-friction textured grip, which is essential when scaling and filleting slippery fish. It also features a 6.1-inch stainless steel blade that can be used to fillet a variety of fish including cod, catfish, salmon, tilapia, bass, tuna, and even eel. This knife isn’t just designed to be easily used, but it’s also designed to be extremely tough and to hold up to many years of use. That’s probably why so many fishermen have decided to include these knives in their bait boxes, tackle boxes or boating gear.

6Dalstrong Gladiator-Series 7-Inch Knife

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This 7-inch filleting knife is part of the Gladiator series by Dalstrong. Its name suggests that it’s a knife that’s designed to hold up to use and abuse and still come out on top. Although that’s true, there’s a whole lot more to this knife than just durability. It’s also a precision tool that makes separating the skin from bone and sinew from the flesh of the fish or animal. This model’s blade is razor-sharp and is flexible enough for a variety of cutting jobs such as filleting, deboning, trimming and butterflying meat and fish. And because it’s designed for use both at home and out in the wild, it comes with two different sheaths to protect the blade.

5Kast King 9-Inch Fillet Knife

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Even though this product from Kast King is technically a fishing knife, we take exception to that categorization. That’s because it’s not only a knife that’s useful for fisherman to use but is also a knife that’s suitable for home use as well. This model is made with a slip-resistant super polymer grip and a 9-inch blade made from German stainless steel that will slice through just about anything. That makes this knife good for chefs, home cooks, commercial fishermen or anglers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, or just about anyone else who needs to accurately and quickly cut through fish and game.

4Bubba 9-Inch Tapered Flex Knife

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It doesn’t matter what needs to be filleted because this quality knife is ready to get the job done quickly. This knife has an overall length of 15-inches, which breaks down to about 9-inches of blade and 6-inches of the handle. That’s just the right ratio between the handle and the blade to help the user maintain a firm grip, and to securely maneuver the blade through its cuts. This knife also has a full tang, durable safety guards, and a thin coated rust-resistant blade for added durability. All of which makes this the perfect filet knife for use at home, at restaurants, or for use in the great outdoors.

3Dalstrong Shogun-Series Fillet Knife

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This is another quality knife from Dalstrong, and it is designed to make filleting fish quick and easy. It has a vacuum-heated 6-inch blade that has a 2mm thickness and is made out of Japanese AUS-10V stainless steel. This blade has a full-tang that extends into the handle of the knife, a handle that’s easy and comfortable to hold. Other thoughtful design features found on this fillet knife is a scalpel-like an edge that has a 12-degree angle per side, triple rivets to secure the blade to the handle, and a narrow blade curve that makes deboning easy.

2Rapala 6-Inch Fish ‘N Fillet Knife

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This knife is not only one of the most effective fillet knives available, but it is also one of the more attractive knives, too. That’s because it has a beautiful birch handle that looks good and even more importantly, provides an exceptional grip. It also comes with a leather Laplander sheath that makes this look more like a family heirloom knife set than a fillet knife set. And that would be true if this knife wasn’t so good at filleting fish. Its 6-inch blade holds a super sharp edge, and it’s quite easy for the user to sharpen it when it needs to be resharpened. It even comes with a single-stage sharpener for added convenience.

1Mercer Culinary Millenia 8-Inch Knife

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Anyone who has been searching for the best fillet knife need look no further because this one seems to fit the bill. That’s because it’s not just an inexpensive tool, but because it comes with several features that make it the best tool for filleting fish. It has an ergonomic handle that’s made of polypropylene and Santoprene for added durability and comfort, and it has a finger guard that keeps the user’s fingers safe. Other features found on this knife include a Japanese steel blade with a razor-sharp edge and textured finger points on the handle for a better grip.

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