Top 10 Best Fire Starters of 2019 – Reviews

Ask any seasoned survivalist and they will tell you that fire starters should never go amiss from anyone’s backpack when camping or hiking. Although matches and lighters are much more efficient at getting a fire going, there is always the risk of them getting wet, which unfortunately means that they’ll stop working until they’re perfectly dry.

Now, when it comes to fire starters and all the accessories that go with them, one should always look for reputable brands. The reason we say this is because most fire starters are quite affordable and you don’t want to entrust your life on a sub-par piece of equipment. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best fire starters money can buy.

Best Fire Starters 2019

10Pernix Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

buy from amazonFirst on the list is an affordable and simple model, specially suited for all outdoor activity lovers-the Pernix Magnesium fire starter. The survival aspect as mentioned in its name can be accredited to its sturdy build that makes it resistant to virtually all weather conditions; and in reference to its makers, it is also water-proof. It surprisingly comprises two pieces
which are interlinked to each other by use of a strap to avoid misplacement and or loss.

9Sahara Sailor 2 in 1 Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

buy from amazonSimilar to other named models on the list, the Sahara Sailor 2 in 1 Magnesium Survival Fire Starter, like the name suggests, comes as a 2-piece package which is linked together by use of a string to secure and safeguard them. The two components are a water-resistant magnesium rod and an igniter in the form of a steel rod. Besides being considerably small and therefore easing storage, this model is applicable in lighting all flammable materials. Moreover, it is among the most pocket-friendly models currently available on the market.

8UST BlastMatch Fire Starters

buy from amazonUST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) is a household brand name in the field of camping and outdoor activity equipment and gracing the list is their BlastMatch model that is both convenient and affordable. Other than its carbide striker, it also comes with a flint (spring loaded) which adequately offers a maximum 4,000 strikers. As opposed to typical matches, this model has the capacity to generate thrice as much heat and is also applicable even on exposure to water.

7Doan Genuine Issue Firestarter

buy from amazonSimplicity and compactness are exactly what you get with the Doan Magnesium firestarter. Equivalent to a name tag in respect to size and shape, this tool comes with a neck chain that significantly eases its portability. Moreover, you can add to the convenience by making use of the key chain, which is attachable to objects. This government issued model not only has a striking insert but is also the most reasonably priced firestarter out there.

6Alpha Encender Fire Starters

buy from amazonIf you are all about outdoor activities but despite the hustles of carrying around lighters and match sticks, the Alpha Encender is the ideal fire starter for you. It comes in a complete kit inclusive of a rod (magnesium) and a subsequent metal striker. To safeguard them, they are secured by a joining cord; and you don’t have to worry about the cost because it is among the most affordable models in the market.


5Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Firestarter

buy from amazonUTS (Ultimate Survival Technologies) make the list again this time with a different device that enhances convenience particularly due to its design. It is characterized by a magnesium flint which easily ignites even under wet conditions and a subsequent striker which is not easily misplaced since it is constructed into its cap. Akin to other models, it is suited for all flammable materials and boasts a relatively affordable price tag to its name.

4The Friendly Emergency Fire Starter (3 Pack)

buy from amazonLike most survival firestarters, the Swede emergency model boasts the typical solid model and 2-piece package characteristics. Moreover, it comes with metal striker also applicable in opening bottles and an ensuing magnesium igniter. Unlike typical models, this one has a longer life span based on its underlying construction material and build. It is complimented by a neck chain that boosts its convenience and lifetime warranty to go with; all at a fairly priced purchase price.

3Light My Fire Original FireSteel Starter

buy from amazonWith such a catchy name, this Swedish firestarter is both a solid model and also applicable in virtually any condition. Even on exposure to wet conditions, it astonishingly generates a spark that can reach to temperature heights of a shocking 2980 degrees. The uses stretch far as cited by the manufacturer including stoves, fires, and dry grass lighting. Having approval from globally-acclaimed bodies such as International Survival Instructors Association, it is astoundingly an affordable model.

2FireSteel 2.0 Light My Fire Fire Starter

buy from amazonThe plot is similar to the other Light My Firestarter we talked about, but this time with a new twist to it; the model is complimented by an inbuilt whistle and comes with three color options to choose from. It comprises a firestarter (magnesium) able to attain temperatures of 2980 degrees and an ensuing metal igniter. These two pieces are secured by a strap and the model comes at a fairly reasonable price tag.

1Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

buy from amazonDesigned purposely for use by professionals, Gerber Bear firestarter tops our list of best fire-starters mostly due to how accessible it is. Besides the typical linking strap, it is also very easily usable thanks to its ingenious and ergonomic design. It comes with a metallic starter (inbuilt on the model’s cap) and a subsequent tinder shielded by a compartment that is 100% water-resistant. Even so, this model is surprisingly affordable given its overall quality, which may explain its massive popularity.


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