Top 10 Best Flannel Sheets of 2019 – Reviews

If warmth and comfiness are what you’re after a long, cold day, then you are in need of quality flannel sheets even if you don’t know it yet. We say this because all the people who switched to flannel sheets swear by their comfort and insulation, which may explain they are so popular these days. While these sheets aren’t exactly pricey, you should still make sure that you’re getting the right quality. To help you in that regard, we put together a list of the ten best flannel sheets the market has to offer right now.

Best Flannel Sheets – Top List

10Nestl Bedding Flannel Sheet Set

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Designed by Nestl Bedding, this is a high-quality flannel sheet set that includes flat and also fitted sheets and two great pillowcases, making them an ideal addition to any bedroom. The sheets are professionally crafted from premium 100% combed cotton to offer supple softness and durability. Side napping enhances velvety softness while the flannel fabric is lightly sheared on sides for reduced pilling. Moreover, incorporated breathable weave keeps temperatures perfect for an added sleeping comfort.

9Home Fashion Nordic Collection Flannel Sheet Set

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These Nordic Collection Flannel Sheets by Home Fashion Designs are quite soft, warm, and comfortable even for your incredibly great wintertime sleep. Made of 100 percent quality cotton flannel, they provide a very soft feel, but are also very durable to withstand many washes over years of use. Besides their sturdiness and great luxury quality, the sheets deliver both comfortable breathability and also warmth insulation for your most enjoyable sleep, no matter the temperatures.

8eLuxurySupply King Flannel Sheet Set

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The eLuxurySupply’s King is a Flannel bedding set made of 100% cotton flannel fabric to offer warm and comfortable sleeping experience. Providing a snug feeling of safety, the sheets keep you conveniently warm during winter or other cold seasons. Available is various colors and sizes, the set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two cozy pillowcases. The material is fade, dust & wrinkle resistant, hypoallergenic, and machine washable.

7Brielle Flannel Sheet Set

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These particular Brielle’s flannel sheets are what they promise—guaranteed warmth and addictive coziness even during the coldest of winters. Made of 100% high-quality cotton flannel, they also benefit from an innovative single ply yarn design that offers great shrink resistance while not compromising your comfort at all. They can be washed using cold water—either in the machine or by hand. Moreover, the set includes two high-quality standard pillowcases that add to your sleeping comfort.

6Divatex Flannel Full Sheet Set

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These Divatex Flannel Sheets boast a 150-gram per square meter high-grade flannel that guarantees warmth always while causing no discomfort at all. Available in 5 fashion prints and 5 color options, the set provides a wide choice, while the sheets have a 100% premium cotton design to ensure optimal coziness and comfort. Moreover, they are machine washable sheets that are also overcut to allow an ideal fit even after washing.

5Pointehaven Flannel Sheet Set

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Featuring a single ply design and made of 100% quality cotton, the Pointehaven’s heavy duty printed flannel sheet set boats durability and comfort of its own class. Available in a range of color and size options to match your bedding, this sheet set offers the perfect sleep during cold winters. Elastic all-round design fits different mattress sizes, while brushed flannel cotton delivers an ultra-soft feel. The sheets are machine washable, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

4Thermee Micro-Flannel Sheet Set

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Thermee’s Micro Flannel Sheet Set ranks among the few top-quality flannel sheets made of premium-grade polyester. Featuring a highly innovative fabrication, these sheets provide a very soft, luxurious and conveniently warm sleeping experience. They are designed thermally to ensure wonderful warmth while not relying on the weight like those bulky fleece sheets. Moreover, the sheets are durable and easy to maintain.

3Shavel Micro Flannel Sheet Set

buy from amazonThis is doubtless another top-ranking choice for those who need the best from flannel sheets, especially thanks to the comfort these sheets offer. They largely benefit from an innovative micro flannel construction which integrates the comfort properties of select cotton flannel and the energy saving and easy care qualities of fleece. They are also shrink resistant, enhancing their value in the long term. Exemplary soft and luxurious, they are among the very best models the market has to offer today.

2Pinzon Signature Flannel Sheet Set

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This is among the most popular models of flannel sheets out there, one that outcompetes almost any other type of flannel sheet out there. We say this because these sheets are crafted from 100 percent premium cotton velvet, featuring a double-napped finish on the sides to provide great comfort and softness. They further feature a 4-inch single-stitch hem to ensure a better fit while a flexible all-round design makes the pillowcases easily accommodate pillows of different sizes.

1Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

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Sheets in the Mellanni Bed Sheet set features a superior quality 100 percent flannel cotton construction, providing matchless durability. The sheets have a 170-gram flannel density to deliver a more velvety feel, what with the double napped design on the sides. After each wash, they get even softer, offering a gentle, warm, and comfortable experience always. They allow an ideal fit on mattresses due to their featured deep pockets with elastic all round design.


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Flannel Sheets Buying Guide

The reason why flannel is so good at insulating heat is because of the millions of insulating air pockets it contains, a fuzz that makes them very cuddly and warm. These air pockets have the purpose of collecting and holding the heat your body generates throughout the night. Due to how flannel sheets are made, they tend to retain warmth long after you have left the bed, which explains why they are so quick to warm up whenever you get into the bed. Let us then find out what makes flannel sheets so efficient and what to look for when buying such sheets.

Flannel Type

The first thing to consider is the flannel type of whatever sheet you’re looking at. By default, flannel sheets are part of two main categories – cotton flannel sheets and micro flannel sheets. The main difference here is that cotton flannel is made of cotton whereas micro flannel is made of polyester. In terms of insulation, polyester flannel is slightly better at insulating heat while cotton flannel is better at retaining heat over time.


When it comes to flannel sheets, you should judge them based on their overall weight rather than thread count. As a matter of fact, flannel sheets marked by the 5-oz standard are guaranteed to have one yeard of sheet that weighs five ounces. Simply put, 5oz is the absolute best when it comes to comfort and insulation, whereas 4oz is best for micro flannel. Keep in mind that flannel sheets are made with fat yarns that are quite a challenge to nap. As such, you should only consider the weight of flannel sheets and nothing else in regards to insulation.


You might not think much of it, but the country of origin matters quite a lot with flannel sheets. In terms of what the market has to offer right now, flannel sheets from Germany or Portugal are among the best. When it comes to micro flannel, China seems to make the best ones, especially in regards to fabric weight. That said, beware of any knock-offs that also tend to come from that part of the world.


It is important that you stay away from cotton-polyester blends or any other form of blends for that matter. While these blends promise to increase the level of warmth and comfort, they also involve a lot of fiber clusters that are very difficult to pull away from the base fabric. As such, you can end up with a flannel sheet with lots of fiber clusters that stick to the sheet, thus making the sheet much tougher.

Flame Retardants

Another thing to remember is to stay away from flannel sheets that contain hazardous chemicals like flame retardants. The reason we say this is because these type of sheets are often laden with dangerous chemicals, which may affect the quality of your sleep in the long run. Not only that but the smell they give out is sure to cause you a certain degree of discomfort in the first few days after unpacking the sheets.

Cotton Flannel

With cotton flannel sheets, you get a fabric that is impressively thick and comfortable. Not only does it hold its shape for longer but it also feels drier on the skin. This is because cotton flannel absorbs much more moisture than polyester, thus giving your skin more breathing space. It also has a much fuller feel as a result of its heavy construction. In fact, cotton flannel is about 25% heavier than micro flannel. The only real problem with cotton flannel is that it can feel a bit rough on the skin when it’s cheap, along with the risk of shrinking over time.

Micro Flannel

The great advantage micro flannel sheets have over cotton flannel is the soft construction that adds an extra layer of comfort. The main reason for this is the microfiber yarns that contain more bunches of thin filaments. Furthermore, when the microfiber base fabric is brushed, these filaments raise from the fabric to form a rich field of fibers that make the sheet feel a lot smoother. These sheets are also easier to maintain in general, especially if you take the time to learn about how to properly wash them. We should point out, however, that micro flannel sheets can be a bit too thin at times and that they can get a bit sticky.


One thing to keep in mind when it comes to flannel sheets is that they commonly become fuzzier after washing them a few times. When they’re new, these sheets are packet at the mil for easy transport, which pushes down the fibers. After a few washes, however, the surface loosens and the fibers retain their intended fluffiness. Bear in mind that flannel sheets tend to shed lint over time, mostly because of the fibers that get pulled away from the base fabric. Interestingly enough, up to 80% of the shedding usually happens during the first wash cycle.