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Best Flat Iron: To Get That Natural Looking Straight Hair

woman using flat iron

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You need not spend money on a professional straightening job as a salon to get a natural-looking straight hairdo. It's possible to do all the work at home and come out with just as smooth a look.

You just need a heat styler like a flat iron to transform your hair with natural energy. Even the best flat irons often get a bad rap for burning hair and singing skin, but that isn't always the case.

Yes, you can keep your hair healthy while still straightening it with a quality flat iron and proper technique. The key is getting a flat iron with controlled heat and not keeping it in one spot for too long.

Here at Savant Mag, we've put together a list of the ten best flat irons on the market today. Read on and find the best flat iron for your hair straightening needs!

How We Reviewed

The following flat iron brands were reviewed based on the following parameters: affordability, durability, safety features, temperature options, and hair styling results including straightness and duration of effect. 

woman using flat iron best flat iron

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With a high-end model, you can expect better durability for long-term use, more temperature control, and built-in safety features that will keep the iron from overheating.

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener

LumaBella 1" Keratin Dual Touch Hair Styler
  • 1" ceramic plates infused with keratin micro-conditioners for a healthy shine
  • Heat sensor detects excessive heat and adjusts to your hair
  • Keratin micro-conditioners leave no oily residue and last the life of the styler

Key Benefits

The LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener solves the biggest problem facing anyone who uses a flat iron - the fear of burning hair. A high-tech flat iron, it's praised by hair professionals for its Keratin-infused micro-conditioners.

When the ceramic plates are heated, these conditioners activate and influence the hair. They strengthen your hair as it is being heated and create a natural shine.

Their smart heat sensor detects excessive heat and adjusts temperature automatically during styling to protect hair from damage. Their floating plate design prevents snagging and allows for a natural grip no matter your angle.


  • Keratin-infused technology strengthens the hair while styling
  • Smart heat sensor reduces overheating and protects your hair
  • Floating plate design ensures an easy grip
  • Ceramic plates create ideal heat conduction and protect hair from burning


  • Mid-priced flat iron is more expensive than many options on the list


KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron...
  • This straightener will give you that just back from the salon look. The KIPOZI titanium flat iron with advanced ptc...
  • The 450 ℉ heat gets hair straight in a snap. With easy to understand temperature heat settings, you can adjust to best...
  • Crafted from two titanium plates to deliver heat fast and evenly, reaches temperature up to 450℉ has shine-boosting...

Key Benefits

A reasonably priced flat iron with high-tech features, the KIPOZI Pro comes in three colors - rose pink, matte black, and bright gold.

Its titanium flat iron with PTC ceramic heater and infrared technology uses far-infrared technology to release negative ions that moisten your hair and make it easier to smooth out.

It comes with three temperature ranges designed for fragile hair, damaged hair, and healthy hair.

A 3D floating plate design ensures a smooth grip, and an LCD digital display makes it easy to keep track of temperature and turns off automatically after ninety minutes of use.


  • High-tech hair-straightening technology is gentler on your hair
  • Quality flat iron at a low price
  • High-tech digital display makes it easier to track temperature
  • Floating plate design ensures a smooth grip


  • Heats up faster and hotter than most brands
  • Many reviews say it breaks quickly

HOT TOOLS Professional Radiant Blue Flat Iron

Hot Tools Professional Radiant Blue Micro-Shine Titanium Flat Iron, 1...
  • Variable heat settings-heats
  • Dual voltage feature
  • Ultra slim design is easy to hold and use

Key Benefits

Using titanium technology, this ultra-slim flat iron heats up quickly and returns to its ideal heat after every pass. That makes it easier to straighten your hair without having to go over each section repeatedly.

It has a clear blue LCD display that makes it easy to keep track of the temperature, and you can easily adjust the temperature to your personal comfort level. Large buttons on top make it easier to adjust temperature without taking the iron out of your hair.


  • Slim, easy-to-hold flat iron is easy to use
  • LCD display and buttons make it one of the easiest flat irons to use
  • Heat-regulation system is advanced and heats up quickly


  • Reviews indicate it breaks quickly
  • Mechanic holding plates in place is fragile

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron delivers superior heat retention in a compact (total length 6",...
  • Nano Titanium plates offer even heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions leave locks smooth & shiny.
  • Use this Nano Titanium flat iron to smooth & straighten hair. At a total length of 6" take it with you everywhere!

Key Benefits

Coming in two plate sizes, 1" and 1/2", this low-priced straightening iron features fifty heat settings for all hair types. It's one of the most versatile flat irons on the market, coming with floating plates that make for an easy grip to avoid snags.

It's a small straightener, making it ideal for short or mid-length hairdos. The titanium plates are designed to conduct high levels of heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, coupled with nanotechnology to increase durability and control.

A ceramic heater inside the iron makes it conduct heat faster than many competitors.


  • 50 heat settings allows for personalized use
  • Titanium plates are durable and evenly distribute heat
  • Lightweight, ultra-thin design is ideal for traveling


  • Finding the proper heat can take some trial and error
  • Not ideal for thick or long hair

CHI G2 Ceramic And Titanium Hairstyling Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Hairstyling Iron
  • 1.25" Ceramic & Titanium Infused Plates
  • New 'mode' button with preset temperatures
  • 40 second heat up

Key Benefits

CHI is known as a powerhouse in the styling industry, and its new model is no different.

Packed with high-tech features and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold, it features ceramic and titanium plates that conduct heat evenly and magnify the effect of the flat iron.

It's a long-lasting tool that features a color-coded temperature system and a digital temperature display that makes it easy to keep track of the heat. It heats up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than most models, in less than a minute.


  • Trusted brand for quality
  • Heat is fast and well-controlled
  • Digital LED display and color-coded heat settings
  • Ceramic and titanium plate design is highly durable
  • Higher temperature than most models


  • Expensive

Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic Smooth XL

Revlon Salon Straightener Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-1/2" XL
  • 1 1/2" XL Plates for Faster Styling
  • 24-hour Frizz Control and 63% More Shine
  • Advanced Copper 3X Ceramic for Fast Styling and Less Damage

Key Benefits

Revlon is a trusted name in home hair care, providing quality products at a low price.

This model is constructed of copper, which is durable and provides a controlled, even heat, which means fewer strokes over each section, resulting in less heat damage to your hair.

Furthermore, this is comes with a detachable comb that smooths and distributes hair evenly over the heat, helping to create a smooth finish.


  • Low-priced flat iron model
  • Copper plates are effective at conducting heat
  • Detachable comb keeps hair smooth and straight during ironing
  • Auto-dual voltage provides a stronger current


  • No-frills model without temperature settings
  • Some people find the size an awkward fit

FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline 

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler, Black, 1 1/4 Inch
  • Ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high speed heat recovery
  • Adjustable professional temperature from 140 Degree to 450 Degree
  • Three layers of baked Ceramic infused with tourmaline

Key Benefits

Coming in four sizes (1 1/4 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1/2 inch) this hair iron is known for being Beyonce's personal styling tool. It's ideal for precise work thanks to a rounded edge which makes it easy to curl or add waves to your hair with little effort.

Its red ceramic plates add a touch of style and conduct heat evenly. The four sizes are all small and ideal for travel use.


  • Comes in four sizes
  • Rounded edge is ideal for styling, both curling and straightening
  • Comes from a trusted brand in hair styling


  • High-priced model
  • Does not include temperature settings
  • Many reports of breaking quickly or failing to heat up

AMOVEE Flat Iron

AmoVee Keratin Flat Iron Pro 1.5 Inch Wide Ceramic Tourmaline Hair...
  • Professional Salon Style - The 1.5 inch wider 3D floating plates effectively glide through strands without snagging....
  • Protect Natural Shine - The advanced ceramic Tourmaline plates release negative ions to eliminate static. Infused with...
  • Fast yet Gentle - Produces consistent results and evenly distribute heating. Ultra-fast heat up within 10s. Fast yet...

Key Benefits

This high-end salon-quality flat iron features a one-touch temperature control system that can be used while holding it and makes it easy to customize your heat levels. It features two ceramic plates which help to create glossy, straight hair.

What sets it apart from other models is its 360-degree swivel cord. This makes it easy to twist and navigate while styling.

No more tangled cords! This has longer plates which makes it ideal for medium and long hair and has one of the fastest heating times on the market.


  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • 360-degree swivel cord makes it easy to maneuver
  • Handles long hair with ease
  • Heats up in only twenty seconds


  • Ceramic-only plates can be more fragile than competitors
  • The most expensive model on the list

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
  • STRAIGHTENS, FLIPS & CURLS: The HSI Professional Glider creates dramatic results on even the frizziest coarsest hair; to...
  • MICRO SENSORS PREVENT FUTURE HAIR DAMAGE: High quality ceramic plates use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the...
  • CERAMIC & CRYSTALS TO CREATE SILKY RESULTS: The Glider's plates are designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion...

Key Benefits

HSI's mid-priced model has some of the highest ratings on Amazon and comes with built-in features including a temperature regulator that drops automatically after fifteen minutes of use.

It has eight micro-sensors that keep tabs on your hair and prevent burning, and its ceramic and tourmaline crystal plates ensure a glossier finish.

Temperature settings go from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring the ideal temperature setting for all hair types. It is the ideal size for traveling and comes with a universal plug and a one-year warranty.


  • Low-cost model with advanced technology
  • Built-in safety features protect your hair
  • Tourmaline crystal plates provide a better shine on hair


  • Reports of early breakage and problems heating up

HAI GOLD Premium Professional Flat Iron

HAI GOLD CONVERTABLE Professional Flat Iron - Adjustable Temperature...
  • PROTECT YOUR STRANDS - Because of our fully Adjustable Temperature and Precision Plates, you'll experience One-Pass...
  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE - Salon Quality means rapid heat-up, instant recovery and even heat distribution.
  • VERSATILE - Negative ions infuse moisture for a silky smooth finish. 1.25" ceramic plates are perfect for natural and...

Key Benefits

Solano is a leading brand in the hair care industry, and this model provides professional-quality styling at home. It can reach temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit in only thirty seconds and features thin one-inch plates.

That makes it an ideal choice for uncurling short or medium length hair. Its four-sided beveled plate design tapers off to provide a smoother glide through the hair with no damage.

It features gentle infrared heating technology for a more natural straightening effect and comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Heats up to 450 degrees in only a minute
  • Beveled plates and infrared heat technology ensure a smoother effect
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Not suitable for longer hair
  • Higher-priced model

Best Flat Iron FAQ

1. Responsibilities of a Flight Attendant

A flat iron is a metal and ceramic heated device that uses heat conduction to smooth hair without burning it

2. What Sets the Best Flat Iron Brands Apart from the Cheaper Varieties?

The best flat iron brands have carefully controlled temperature settings, with multiple options to control your level of heat. They will also have safety features such as an automatic shutoff to prevent burning.

3. Are the Best Flat Iron Brands Safe to Use?

Yes, with proper care. Although flat irons can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, they can be used safely by moving the flat iron across your hair without keeping it in one place for too long. This will prevent burning.

4. Will the Best Flat Iron Brands Provide a Similar Hair Styling Outcome to a Professional Treatment?

The way flat irons straighten your hair is very similar to the professional treatment. With proper care, you will see similar results.

5. Where Can I Find the Best Flat Iron Brands?

You'll find the ten flat iron brands we examine in this article on Amazon and at all major cosmetics and hair supply stores. You will also find a variety in the cosmetics and hair section of major big box stores.

The Verdict

We found quality flat irons in both the high-end and low-cost models on this list. The key concern with many of the lower-priced models is durability, as reports of early breakages were common.

Several models had unique features in their plates, including unique materials and infused substances. One flat iron stood out as the best flat iron on the market today.

It's right in the middle price-wise, but the LunaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener's durability, features, and unique keratin-infused plates offer by far the best user experience on the list.

It gets our endorsement as the best flat iron on the market today.