Top 10 Best FM Transmitters of 2019 – Reviews

An FM transmitter is a great device that allows people to listen to their favorite music or audio books in their car. These devices hook up to a smartphone or MP3 player and, as the name implies, wirelessly transmits the sound through these devices to the head unit of the vehicle. And since these devices have become cheaper and more advanced over the last few years, more and more people are buying them.

While they’re a great way for a person to broaden their audio options, there are some things to consider before one of these products are purchased. There’s a wide variety of different models, and not all of them are equal. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and list some of the ones that we feel are the best models that can currently be bought.

Best FM Transmitters – Top List

10Gogroove FlexSmart X2 With USB Charging

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The Gogroove FlexSmart has many of the features that consumers look for in a transmitter for their car. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, has an Aux-in port and has built-in surge protection. It can be plugged in quite easily and pairs in only a few moments. Once paired with the listener’s device, an LED display hub gives them the control to take calls and listen to their music. Other features found in this device include a USB charging port and a built-in microphone. And it also allows two separate devices to be paired with it at the same time, one for taking calls and one for listening to music.

9Vikasi Wireless Radio Transmitter

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Designed with universal compatibility in mind and with noise cancellation technology, this transmitter has the features and power that’s often needed the most. It works with all kinds of devices from tablets to iPhones, MP3 & MP4 players, and has a built-in Micro SD reader. It is also equipped with a 1.44-inch LED screen that can display the current voltage of the battery, connect information, FM channel, volume and Caller ID or song information. This unit comes with a 5-Volt 2.1-AMP charging port, a universal USB port and it can be connected to via a supported Bluetooth connection.

8Tecboss KM20 Bluetooth Transmitter

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The KM20 plugs into any compatible cigarette lighter and can be connected to the car’s FM frequency or wired directly using an auxiliary cord and a 3.5mm audio cable. Once connected it will immediately show the car battery’s voltage, the frequency it’s on, and whether it’s connected or not. It can be used to stream Bluetooth devices, play audio from a USB flash drive, play songs of a TF card or connected with an audio cable. This unit supports MP3 or WMA format songs and delivers sound to an unused FM frequency so the user can enjoy their favorite audiobooks or music in their car.

7Otium FM Transmitter

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While this device plugs into a cigarette lighter port, the user doesn’t have to give up that port. That’s because it’s equipped with a cigarette lighter port, as well as a 1-AMP and a 2.4-AMP charging ports. The 1-AMP port’s main purpose is reading MP3 files, but it’s 2.4-AMP USB port is designed for charging a variety of devices on the go including iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as MP3 players. Once plugged in, this unit will enable the user to play music from Bluetooth devices using an FM signal or to transmit music from a USB flash disk.

6Lucky Elf Bluetooth Dual USB Transmitter

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With a nice and simple design that doesn’t over-complicate the process of transmitting FM signals, this unit is designed to simply plug into a cigarette lighter and give the user the options they need. It works with most Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhones and Android smartphones but will also accept Micro SD cards for playing MP3 files. It covers a wide array of FM channels include 87.5 MHZ through 108 MHZ and has an easy-to-read LED screen that shows the channel. This device also has dual USB ports and a built-in microphone that gives the user hands-free capability.

5Oryke Bluetooth Receiver & Transmitter

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Designed to have broad device compatibility across all Bluetooth 4.2 devices, this FM transmitter can be used with iPhones, Samsung phones, HTC phones, tablets, and iPads. It has a large LCD display that’s easy-to-read and displays the car’s battery voltage when the car is first started. This device also displays the phone number of incoming calls and the names of songs as well. This unit supports Micro SD and TF cards and has a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free talking. Using CVC technology, this device also delivers crisp clear sound through an unused FM channel.

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4Nulaxy Wireless Transmitter Car Kit

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A number of features are included in this modern looking transmitter. It plugs into a cigarette lighter and has a large LED screen that displays some important information to the user including voltage level of the car’s battery, the name of the songs being played and Caller ID information. This unit also supports AUX input and output and can transmit from 87.5 MHZ to 108 MHZ on the FM spectrum. It has wide compatibility with a number of devices including Apple and Android products and supports both Micro SD and TF card formats. It’s a high-quality unit designed to deliver exceptional performance.

3VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

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This unit plugs into a cigarette lighter and has a 1.44-inch LCD backlit display screen that’s mounted on a gooseneck so it’s visible from a variety of different angles. This display screen shows the voltage of the car’s battery, incoming phone numbers and the name of the song being played. This transmitter also comes with a 5-Volt 2.1-AMP charging port that can be used to charge compatible USB devices. Other features which can be found in this device include support for TF cards and Micro SD cards, MP3 and WMA support, and CVC noise cancellation.

2Atmoko Wireless In-Car Transmitter

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One thing that this transmitter does well is to provide the user with options on how to listen to their favorite music. It has four different modes which allow the user to listen to music using either the Bluetooth function, play music off of a USB flash drive or a TF card or use a 3.5mm audio jack to play it through an AUX port. The 1.44-inch screen displays car battery voltage and incoming call information, and it can also display the name of the song in TF card or USB flash drive mode. This device is easily connected to a cigarette lighter and has easy-to-use controls for advancing tracks, adjusting volume and changing modes.

1Kinbom Wireless Auto Scan Wireless Transmitter

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This transmitter plugs into a compatible power port or cigarette lighter and can be used to transmit music wirelessly to the head unit of the vehicle on a free FM frequency. Music can be played either by using the device’s Bluetooth function or by plugging a compatible Micro SD card with MP3 files on it into the unit. A remarkable feature of this particular unit is that the transmitter can be turned off and it can just be used as a fast charger. Overall, this is one of the better FM transmitters available and allows users to automatically tune in the FM station or do it manually.

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Getting The Most Out of an FM Transmitter

FM transmitters are wonderful inventions. They allow users to break away from whatever radio stations are in the area and play their favorite music or audio books through their car’s head units. And to accomplish this task, all that’s required is finding the best transmitter and taking the time to set it up properly.

Unfortunately, this is where some people have difficulties. They either buy a transmitter that’s not right for them, or they fail to set it up properly That’s why we’ve decided to offer this basic guide on getting the most out of a modern FM transmitter. Let’s start with the basics.

Get the Right Model

It’s important for a consumer to pay attention to the features found on the FM transmitter before buying it. Ideally, they would buy a transmitter that allows for manual tuning. This is important so that local FM interference can be avoided. Some of the more inexpensive models don’t give the consumer this option. Instead, they only give them only a handful of presets or automatic tuning. This doesn’t give the user enough options to be able to allow the broadcasting of their signal without interference. This can result in all kinds of different connection problems.

Input options are another thing that has to be considered. The majority of the transmitters available connect with a simple audio jack that’s connected to the 3.5mm jack of the MP3 player or smartphone and if that’s all the user needs, then that should be pretty easy to find. However, if the user needs a different connection method, then they are going to want to find the best model possible that offers that particular input. Some transmitters can be connected via Bluetooth, others have inputs for USB devices or SD cards. All it takes is a little bit of time to find these models.

Checking the Dial

One of the first things that have to be done when the transmitter is first set up is to sync it with the head unit of the vehicle. This means placing the transmitter and the head unit on the same channel. While this may initially sound pretty easy, however, it can be a big pain in heavy populated metropolitan areas. That’s because most of the FM dial is populated with radio stations around big cities, so it can be difficult to find a channel that doesn’t have interference. Fortunately, it can be done in all but the most populated areas.

Often times, the beginning of the dial and the end of it are the best places to find an empty frequency. After all, below 93 MHZ and above 106 MHZ are usually the parts of the dial that are likely to be the emptiest. Work from the beginning and work towards the end to find a frequency that’s not being broadcast on by a radio station.

Fine Tuning the Signal

Just because an empty frequency is found on the radio dial, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be any interference. Powerful stations can often have a profound influence on the frequencies around the one they’re on. That’s why it may be helpful to look around a bit. A station may use the 94.6 MHZ frequency but interfere with the 94.4 MHZ frequency which is otherwise empty. The user may have to work their way through the frequencies 0.2 MHZ at a time. If it’s impossible to find a clear range of channels, then the user may have to choose the one with the least interference.

What if it Still Doesn’t Work?

For the vast majority of people, setting up an FM transmitter is pretty easy. However, there are circumstances where the FM frequency landscape is just too overpopulated. In those instances, the user may have to try something a little bit different. If they still have their heart set on an FM transmitter, then they may have to remove the antenna from their car entirely to use it in heavily crowded FM landscape. If they don’t want to do that, they can also try replacing their head unit with another one that allows the antenna to be turned off. When neither of those options is viable, then the user may just have to use an FM modulator to transmit their music or audio books.


Buying an FM transmitter and setting it up isn’t all that difficult. And there’s probably no better time to buy one of these devices because most of them are packed with a ton of useful features that make them useful to just about anyone. They’re a good option for consumers who don’t want to have to depend on their local stations to deliver the music they want to listen to or want a device that will allow them to play their favorite audiobooks.