Top 10 Best Football Gloves of 2019 – Reviews

We cannot stress enough how important it is to always use the right gear when playing sports, especially in a sport like football which demands nothing but absolute focus and determination to perform at a high level constantly. When it comes to football gear, a good pair of football gloves is perhaps just as important as a good football. Not any pair would do, mind you, not if you’re thinking about improving your level or if you’re looking to perform in a competitive setting. To give you a helping hand, we put together a list of the ten best football gloves money can buy.

Best Football Gloves 2019

10Nike Mens Vapor Knit Football Gloves

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Nike is a favorite brand across the globe when it comes to sports gear particularly for their quality and these gloves are no different. The Nike Mens Vapor Knit Football Gloves which come in all sizes from small to XL are among the stickiest around. Aside from being amazingly lightweight, they also offer an exceptional grip. Furthermore, they also provide an impressive flexibility and longstanding performance.

9Under Armour Swarm II

Under Armour Men's Swarm II Football Gloves

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The Swarm II is an outstanding model from Under Armour, one designed to meet all set standards (NCAA/NOCSAE/NFHS). Thanks to its UA ClutchFit, you enjoy excellent grip every time you are catching the ball. Additionally, besides it attractive orange color that gives its professional look, it also provides the type of premium quality that made it a favorite with professional players in a relatively short amount of time.

8Franklin Sports (Youth) Gloves

Franklin Sports New England Patriots Youth NFL Football Receiver...

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The Franklin Sports Receiver Gloves are a quality option for any youth player that loves football. Aside from offering added wrist protection, they also guarantee long-standing performance and resilience courtesy of their underlying synthetic material. Although hey are only available in a youth version, these gloves certainly worth every penny due to how sturdy yet flexible they are.

7Cutters REV Pro Receiver

Cutters Rev 2.0 Receiver Gloves, Pair, Adult,Medium,White

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The Cutters Gloves are popular across the globe for two reasons-remarkable quality and unique technology. The REV Pro Receiver model is a favorite for its excellent grip not to mention its unparalleled durability and flexibility. They are made using C-TACKTM material which is the reason behind their exceptional grip. Aside from being both machine washable and dryable, they also feature a sturdy construction courtesy of their synthetic material composition.

6Cutters Force Lineman Gloves

Cutters Force Lineman Gloves, White, Adult Large

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The Cutters Force is among the most sought-after Football Gloves in the world. They are a favorite with most players majorly for their C-TACK material on its finger which significantly boosts its grip. Likewise, it also features a double wrist strap that ensures it guarantees better safety for your wrist. These Lineman gloves come in two colors options-white and black, and since they are machine washable, they are also quite easy to clean.

5Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed Gloves

Nike Mens Vapor Jet 4.0 Football Receiver Gloves Black/Wolf Grey...

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The Vapour Jet 4 is another remarkable Nike-made Football Glove model. It features mesh knuckles which allow you to quickly adjust the gloves to best suit your fingers, a sturdy outsole to help prevent any finger injuries and an adjustable closure system which is available with tailor fit. We should also point out that these gloves benefit from an extremely flexible yet long-lasting construction that allows them to withstand an awful lot of abuse before showing signs of damage.

4Under Armour F5

Under Armour Men's F5 Football Receiver Gloves, Royal/White, Small

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If you are looking for reliable performance, then an Under Armour set of football gloves should be your ideal choice. Aside from being machine washable, these gloves available in a variety of color options including white, green, blue, and yellow among others. Moreover, even with their inexpensive price, they still exhibit exceptional quality like no others in this price range. What’s more, they feature an adjustable fit which allows it to fit virtually all male hands perfectly and is precisely designed to work in all weather conditions.

3Adidas TechFit Lineman

adidas Techfit Lineman Football Gloves, Black/Gray, Large

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The Techfit Lineman gloves are not only a durable but also a robust option. They feature an exclusive technology called Grip Track that offers exceptional grip either when holding or catching the ball. What’s more, unlike regular football gloves, these Adidas gloves offer outstanding protection to your hand when handling the ball, therefore, helping you prevent hand injuries. Furthermore, these gloves feature a hard material layer which helps you minimize the vibration as you catch the ball and also reduce the force as exerted by the ball courtesy of their numerous layers.

2Battle Ultra-Stick Gloves

Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves, Youth Large - Neon Green/Black

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The Ultra-Stick Receiver football glove model is an iconic football glove brand from Battle. It features an Ultra Blad-span technology which offers both exceptional durability and excellent performance. Furthermore, it also characterized by shock absorbent material that minimizes the vibration once you get hold of the ball and it is useful for individuals of all ages ranging from kids to adults.

1Cutters Revolution Gloves

Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves (Royal, X-Large)

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Whether you need football gloves for professional or recreational use, the Cutters Revolution gloves are your perfect option. Aside from offering remarkable grip courtesy of their C-Tack technology, they are both machine-washable and highly durable. Besides protecting your fingers from injury even when the ball comes with force, Revolution gloves also boost your performance and allow you to enjoy the game at any pace thanks to their excellent gripping attributes.


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What To Look For In A Pair Of Football Gloves

Choosing a good pair of football gloves isn’t supposed to be too hard, especially if you’ve taken the time to do a bit of research beforehand. In their quest to saturate the market, manufacturers have pretty much hit the nail on the head with what people expect from football gloves. This means that no matter what preferences you might have, you are bound to find a pair that best suits your needs. All that remains is that you pay attention to the build quality, design, materials, and coloring of each particular pair before making a decision. To be more precise, this is what you need to pay attention to when buying a pair of football gloves.

Grip – Each pair of football gloves has a distinctive grip, some with much better grip than others. To ensure that the football won’t slip out of your hands, football gloves usually employ a palm grip that sticks to the football as efficiently as possible. It is common for manufacturers to each use its own grip technology, a determining factor in choosing a pair of football gloves, at least when it comes to professional gloves at least.

Materials – In general, the upper part of most football gloves is made of leather while the underside usually involves a range of synthetics. Not only does leather make the gloves durable as far as tearing goes but it also adds a bit of style to the gloves. That said, it isn’t uncommon for low-end football gloves to also employ plastics or low-grade synthetics, which needless to say, may cause you some discomfort in the long run.

Breathability – It is very important for a pair of football gloves to provide a cooling effect, or at least to allow your hands to breathe freely. Given the nature of the sport itself, it is very likely that your hands will get sweaty after a while, which is where good breathability comes into play. A good pair of football gloves has to provide a good airflow in all weather conditions without causing you any discomfort and without affecting the overall flexibility of the gloves.

Construction – You also want to pay attention to how the gloves are made, not only in terms of comprising materials but also in terms of style and aesthetics. It is common for football gloves to employ a special type of leather called ‘cabatta’ for the palm area, although latex is quickly becoming just as popular. The main difference between the two is the extra breathability that leather-bound gloves provide when compared to football gloves with a latex grip.

Complexion – Even though some people hardly pay attention to the aesthetics, you have to admit that brightly colored gloves are a lot more pleasing on the eye. Take professional players, for example, they tend to be quite picky when it comes to the gloves they wear and for good reasons. While aggressive players tend to go for attractive patterns, you have to keep in mind that bland colors make the gloves easier to clean.

Durability – Like we already pointed out, leather gloves are a lot more durable than synthetic-based football gloves. That said, you can still find a pair of quality synthetic gloves if you know where to look. The thing that most synthetic gloves do wrong is breathability, an issue that can easily be fixed with a good enough design. The safe bet, however, is to go with leather gloves, not only for their breathability but also for their resistance to wear and tear.

Straps – Given the nature of football as a sport, you are very likely to lose a glove while playing football if you didn’t take the time to fasten them on properly. In this respect, let us point out that some gloves have much better straps than others, especially when it comes to velcro. You should also keep in mind that velcro straps, for example, tend to lose their grip after you wash them a few times, so make sure that your gloves aren’t too loose to begin with.

Brand – Needless to say, you can expect reputable brands to make much better football gloves than off-brands ever could. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only go for a pricey pair of football gloves, it does mean that you should definitely take the time to scout the market thoroughly before settling for a pair of low-end gloves. This is mostly because big brands have much better R&D departments and because they offer a long warranty for their gear.

Opinions – When it comes to sports gear, referrals are perhaps the most important criteria to consider before making a purchase. No matter what model you might think of choosing, chances are that there is already someone out there who has used that particular model and knows exactly what to expect. With that in mind, be sure to ask around before buying a pair of football gloves, either on the internet or in your local sports apparel shop.