Top 10 Best Gaming Speakers – Reviews

A lot of gamers get confused with all the technical language being used to describe gaming devices nowadays, which is why it’s so hard for them to best customize their gear. In this regard, you are usually better off simply buying expensive stuff and hoping for the best. To prevent that, we took it upon ourselves to scout the market far and wide in search of the best possible gaming speakers money can buy in our quest to find out what are the absolute best and to find out what are the characteristics that best describe quality gaming speakers. So without further ado, here are the ten best gaming speakers the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Gaming Speakers

10Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System

buy from amazonThis highly versatile home theater system from Pyle features a 7.1-channel surround sound capability that definitely makes it stand out simply in terms of size. Speaking of size, this system can put out a total of 165 Watts of power, which is more than enough for any gamer. It also features a digital VFD Display, an FM Tuner, and Bluetooth-compatible connectivity. Last but not least, the system comes with an 80-Watt Subwoofer designed to deliver an almost perfect standard of bass.

9AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers

buy from amazonThese speakers were designed with gaming in mind and it shows. For starters, they have a 40-Watt peak power which manifests through a crystal clear audio output and through a rich bass sound with no distortion. The system also features 1-Way Satellite Speakers with twin dual channel 2.75″ satellite drivers and with a custom designed 3/4″ ceramic-metal hybrid tweeters for good measure. Not only that but it also comes an independent control box with easy access to its power, volume, and headphone jack features.

8Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

buy from amazonThanks to the immersive 5.1-channel surround sound it produces, this gaming & music sound bar from Razer is perfect for any activity that relies on sound. As you would expect from any high-end sound system comes with Bluetooth 4.0 Aptx capabilities that allow it to facilitate wireless music streaming from any device. It also has a dedicated subwoofer for that deep immersive bass most of us want to hear.

7Cyber Acoustics Booming Speaker System

buy from amazonThis 3-piece Subwoofer/Satellite Speaker System enjoys a Flat Panel Design that makes it very accessible and user-friendly. In fact, it can very well be considered one of the most easily accessible sound systems out there in regards to being convenient to use. For this purpose, it has a convenient desktop control pod, magnetically shielded satellite speakers, and removable grills that don’t require the use of any tools to remove.

6Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500

buy from amazonCorsair’s Sp2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System can deliver 232 Watts RMS of continuous power through six Class-D amplifiers. They also come with an 8-inch subwoofer with durable rubber surround in a fourth-order bandpass enclosure which is designed to provide extra sound clarity and bass. At the same time, the system has bi-amplified satellites with 3-inch drivers and 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters aimed at improving sound quality even further.

5Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

buy from amazonLogitech’s X-540 Surround Sound Speaker System comes with a wired control center, a 5.1-channel speaker system, and a reliable Subwoofer to top it off. At the same time, it benefits from a Matrix mode and a frequency directed dual driver technology that enables the system to put out a 40Hz-20kHz frequency response. On a related note, this sound system is one of the loudest in this price range, which is definitely a big plus.

4Genius SW-G 2.1 Channel RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System

buy from amazonWith the SW-G2.1 2000 from Genius, you don’t only get a reliable gaming speaker system but a home theater system as well. We say this because it features cleverly designed satellite speakers that you can hang anywhere to get the perfect output. These speakers have a maximum output of 45 Watts RMS, which is more than enough for any gamer. Furthermore, the system comes equipped with dual input jacks for PC, TV, or DVD game devices.

3Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

buy from amazonThis THX-certified, 3-piece computer audio system is equipped with an exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn designed to maximize digital technologies like CDs, MP3s, and streaming radio programs. It is also compatible with any gaming console or portable audio device out there, which is a definitely a feature to have for a gaming speaker system. Speaking of which, this system can put out 200 Watts crystal-clear sound within a 31Hz – 20kHz frequency response range.

2Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers

buy from amazonThese popular speakers from Cyber Acoustics aren’t just highly capable but very affordable as well. In this regard, they are perhaps some of the best gaming speakers in this price range, which says a lot about the quality you can expect. Equipped with an acoustically balanced wood cabinet subwoofer and a desktop control pod, this speaker system will enable you to experience the highest possible standard in sound quality without overspending in any way.

1Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System

Garmin 728x90 Banner

buy from amazonWhen it comes to gaming speakers, there is perhaps no better sound system than Logitech’s Z623, which is a 200-Watt Speaker System of the highest quality. The reason we say this is because this THX-certified 2.1 speaker system produces a not only loud but crystal-clear sound output of the highest standard. We should also point out that its RCA and 3.5mm inputs are designed to facilitate the attachment of three separate audio devices at the same time, which is definitely a big plus. Last but not least, its two satellite speakers and powerful subwoofer will deliver a surprisingly powerful output despite the system’s compact size.


Key Features to Look at When Purchasing Gaming Speakers


If you’re looking for the best gaming speakers there are certain qualities and features that you should keep in mind.


Even though the total output power of speakers for gaming is not the exact measure of sound quality, it will be an indication of how powerful it is. Plus, how it will handle a high audio level.

Weak gaming speakers can produce a loud sound but it is typically distorted. However, powerful gaming speakers will be more likely to produce a clear and distortion-free sound quality. Gamers will definitely know the difference because sound can have a large impact on the overall gaming experience. Higher-end speakers tend to have high power.

2.0 vs 2.1

By its very definition, a subwoofer is “a loudspeaker component designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies.” Do gamers need a subwoofer for their gaming experience? Not necessarily. However, it should be noted that substandard pc speakers cannot produce the same kind of bass that these subwoofers can. However, the best gaming speakers that are high quality can.

With that being said, for the best pc gaming experience, we recommend you go for the 2.1 system than the 2.0 if you are concerned about immersion and the sound quality from your set of speakers. Opt for the 2.0 setup if you do not need the speakers for video games.

Connection Type

There are 3 ways to connect your set of speakers to your computer: by analog, wirelessly or digitally. For desktop speakers, you can choose a 5 mm connector (widely used), optical cable (very rare, mostly used in professional gears) and Bluetooth (Bluetooth speakers are popular but short-ranged).

We recommend you choose the one with the most convenient connection type so you won’t have to worry about it later down the road. Choosing the best speakers for gaming comes with the convenience that you don’t ever have to worry about the small details eventually. It’s all about the experience.


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