Top 10 Best Glass Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews

Home cleaning experts may have a hundred different methods for cleaning glass, but we’re afraid that few of them work as well as good old fashioned glass cleaners. These commercially available cleaners are not only able to dissolve dirt and grime from a pane of glass, but they can do it without leaving an annoying streak. And they do it much better than any homemade cleaner could possibly do.

We’ve yet to see a DIY cleaner that could even come close to producing the same results, which is why we’ve decided to list the top ten best glass cleaners currently available. Anyone wanting to get their windows and other glass surfaces clean and streak-free may want to use one of the following products. All of them are great and do the job they were designed to do. The following products clean glass quite well and do it without leaving streaks.

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Best Glass Cleaners Of 2019

10Zep Streak-Free Cleaner

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Contained within these 1-gallon jugs is a glass cleaner that can power through all kinds of messes found on windows or glass countertops including grease, fingerprints, and dirt. What it’s secret? It’s a hospitality-grade formula that uses ammonia as its main ingredient. This gives it the power to go through any mess and do it without scratching the glass. Although this product is too strong to be used on surfaces that are tinted, on acrylic glass, or on surfaces that are damaged by water, when used on glass or mirrors it does an amazing job. That makes it a good cleaning choice for the home or the office.

9Driven Extreme Duty Cleaner

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Driven Extreme-Duty Glass Cleaner isn’t an ordinary cleaning product. It’s designed to handle some of the biggest messes a person can come across in their bathroom or kitchen. Specifically made for households that have hard water problems, this cleaner is designed to remove calcium buildup, mineral deposits, and hard water spots off of all glass surfaces. It’s also capable of removing limescale, salt spray deposits, and even rust. And as an added bonus, it not only cleans up these messes, but it’s also capable of killing mold and mildew that may have accumulated in wet areas. All of which makes it a versatile cleaning product for any home.

Design Toscano

8Method Waterfall Glass & Surface Cleaner

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Although ammonia lies at the heart of just about any commercial glass cleaner a person buys, this product is just a little bit different. That’s because they’ve decided not to use ammonia in their formulation and instead opted to use glass cleaning technology that’s based entirely on plants. How did that work out? Well, in fact, it actually worked out pretty well because this cleaner is capable of doing an amazing job. Not only can it remove fingerprints and dust from glass surfaces, but it’s also able to power through dirt and grime as well. It’s a green alternative that cleans mirrors, windows, tile and glass counters extremely well.

7Windex Original Blue Cleaner

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Windex is a product that was first invented in 1933 and has been used by millions upon millions of people from that time until now. It’s a product that remains popular to this day, and there’s a good reason why it’s trusted by so many people. This product is trusted because it’s inexpensive, does an amazing cleaning job and leaves glass surfaces streak-free. Capable of being used on windows, mirrors, glass countertops and ceramic tile, this formula leaves just about any surface it’s used on looking better than before it’s used. It’s no wonder so many people have at least one bottle of this cleaner in their home at all times.

6Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner

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Everything a person needs to know about this product is contained within its name, Invisible Glass. This product was given this name because it gets windows so clean, you may forget they’re even there in the first place. It’s a product that’s capable of removing fingerprints and handprints, dust, dirt and grime. And it can do it without leaving telltale streaks like some other glass cleaning products have a tendency of doing. This product is safe to use on mirrors, windows, glass countertops, and even on tinted windows. It’s a professional level cleaner that will make a person’s windows shine like they never have before.

5Puracy Natural Multipurpose Spray

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Although this product markets itself as a multipurpose spray cleaner, it just does too good of a job cleaning glass to leave it off our list of the ten best glass cleaners. Now, don’t get us wrong, this product also does an amazing job at cleaning other surfaces and can easily be used to clean bathrooms, high chairs, counters, vinyl, walls, toilets, stainless steel appliances, and even sinks. It just works especially well on glass surfaces and does an amazing job cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass countertops. In fact, it cleaned glass quickly, efficiently, and never left a streak.

4Safelight Glass Cleaner

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Anyone who has tried to use ordinary glass cleaner on their automobile’s windshield knows how it fogs up the window when the temperature drops. That’s why people need specific cleaners for use on a vehicle’s windshield, and this is such a cleaner. Since this product doesn’t contain ammonia, it won’t ever cause windows to fog during extremely hot or cold weather and can be used all year round. It also does an amazing job of powering through the dirt, grime, and grease that can be found on most windshields, too. Once this product is used, it also has a nice fresh scent and it leaves a streakless showroom shine car owners are going to love.

3Shine Society Glass & Window Cleaner

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This professional-level product was specifically designed to clean automotive windshields and in that capacity, this formula just can’t be beaten. This product powers through dirt and road grime, leaving the car’s windshield clean and streak-free. And when we say that it leaves the windshield clean, we mean it leaves it really clean. This product not only cleans glass but also has a disinfectant in it that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that may be lurking on the window’s surface. In our opinion, this makes it not only a good product for use in the garage but also one that can be used in the household as well.

2Sparkle Purple Commercial Cleaner

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One of the first things that consumers will notice about this product is its color. While most glass cleaners have a blue tint to them, this one has a funky purple tint to it. However, although its color might be strange, its ability to clean glass isn’t so odd. In fact, we’d like to say that this product does an amazing job at not only cleaning windows, mirrors and glass countertops, but it also does an amazing job of cleaning granite. Quite a few granite countertop installation companies swear by this product because it’s capable of creating a shine that few other cleaning products can produce.

1Spray Way Heavy-Duty Glass Cleaner

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This glass cleaner is one of the best ones available because it powers through dirt and grime and does it without having to use ammonia. It’s capable of performing such a feat because it’s a thick foam that’s capable of clinging to the dirt, even when it’s sprayed on vertical surfaces. This allows this product to dissolve dirt, dust, fingerprints, and grime from all glass surfaces. Instead of ammonia, the main solvent in this product is perfume-grade alcohol that really does a great job dissolving grime. And once it’s wiped away, it leaves a beautiful streak-free shine that homeowners are going to love.

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