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Top 10 Best Golf Bags of 2019 – Reviews

As a golf player, you will have to invest in a reliable golf bag sooner or later, be it a regular bag or a high-end version from a reputable brand. While golf bags used to be rather simplistic back in the day, they have come quite a long way since, both in terms of design and complexity. From simple bags that players would carry over their shoulders, nowaday golf bags are much more lightweight and complex. They feature not only the characteristics of a traditional bag but also built0in stands, coolers, hidden pouches, and even GPS mounts. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best golf bags the market has to offer.

Best Golf Bags – Top List

10Affinity ZLS Stand Bag

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This ingenious bag has a 6-way top and a built-in golf ball pocket, which is quite useful considering how relatively inexpensive it is. It also benefits from 2 large garment pockets, an accessories pocket, and a comfortable carrying strap. Not only that but you will find this bag to be much more lightweight than most other bags in this price range, a good indicator of the overall quality of the bag.

9TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag

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Although inexpensive, this particular golf bag from TaylorMade stands out as one of the most flexible yet highly durable bags out there. We should also point out that it features an anti-split stand system that might come in handy at some point or another. Furthermore, this bag features a garment pocket that goes amiss among other bags in this class, a feature that only quality bags tend to have these days.

8Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

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What makes this golf bag stand out is its unique 5-way top divider system which also benefits from a rain hood for good measure. At the same time, it features a webbed towel loop and a padded dual shoulder strap for you to use. Construction-wise, we should also point out that it has five pockets that you can use, including a valuables pocket, full-length apparel pocket, a water bottle sleeve, a glove pocket, and a full-size golf ball pocket.

7TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

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Equipped with an easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket, this particular bag enjoys quite a practical design. It is also designed to keep your valuables safe at all times, both from blunt damage and the weather outside. Interestingly enough, it also features a quick-release, dual-density strap that you will find quite practical over time. As for its durability, let us just say that is considered one of the most durable carry-bags out there.

6Callaway Golf 2017 Fusion Stand Bag

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The Fusion Stand Bag from Callaway Golf features a 14-way top with individual full-length club dividers. At the same time, it has no less than eight pockets that you can use, including a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket to keep your electronics safe from the weather outside. Furthermore, this bag has an integrated alignment stick holder and a black satin finished towel hook/bottle opener.

5Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

buy from amazonWith the Hyper Lite 5, you get a 7-way top with full-length club dividers along with eight spacious pockets to hold your valuables at all times. What’s interesting is that it also has a highly comfortable Tech strap that makes the bag easy to carry regardless of the weight you intend to pack within. On a related note, it also has an integrated alignment stick holder and a black sating finished towel hook/bottle opener with available double strap options for you to use if needed.

4Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

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Made from highly durable polyester, this ingenious bag from Wilson is among the most durable and reliable out there. It is a bag that also benefits from a lightweight design with a convenient stand and stand strap lock mechanism that deploys in a quick-release fashion upon touching the ground. Angled in a practical way, this bag also features stabilized feet that allow the bag to grip the ground below for added stability.

3Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

buy from amazonEquipped with a multitude of zippered and spacious pockets that you can use, the Prosimmon Tour 14-way cart golf bag is perhaps one of the most accommodating out there. Like the name suggests, this bag features 14-way dividers that you will find quite practical over time as you improve your game. Furthermore, you also get to use an external putter tube that allows you to store your putter externally in the event that you prefer a putter with a particularly large head.

2PING Golf Men’s Hoofer Bag

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Although not exactly cheap, this ingenious bag features a strap slider for maximum comfort, a slider that you can use in a variety of ways. It also has water-resistant pockets, which often go amiss in cheaper golf bags. As you would expect from such a high-end bag, it also features a 5-way reinforced top and a generally durable construction that seems to justify its price tag, especially in regards to its water-resistant properties.

1Callaway Golf 2017 Chev Stand Bag

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Thanks to its integrated molded grab handle, this quality bag from Callaway is extremely comfortable to carry. At the same time, it features a 7-way top with full-length club dividers and a soft mesh hip pad that provides not only comfort but a proper ventilation as well. The bag also has no less than six pockets that you can use, including a velour-lined valuables pocket to store your mobile devices. Given its ergonomic strap and balanced design, it is without a doubt one of the best golf bags the market has to offer at this point in time.


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What To Look For In A Golf Bag

Unlike the golf bags people used to employ back in the day, modern golf bags are very lightweight and durable. They also benefit from multiple pockets that you can use, including hidden pouches and a series of ingenious techy features that evolve to make the most of modern technology. In this respect, it should be said that some of these bags have GPS mounts and inbuilt coolers that are bound to come in handy throughout a basic 18-hole run.

Types Of Golf Bags

Although most golf bags have the intended purpose of helping golfers organize and carry their clubs, there are clear differences between models, not only in regards to their general design but also when it comes to their overall practicality. These particularities ensure that each bag caters to the needs of every type of golfer out there. In principle, golf bags can be divided into three main categories: golf stand bags, golf cart bags, and staff bags.

Golf Bags – Mostly designed as stand-up bags, these are the type of bags that most amateur golfers use. They are extremely versatile, spacious, and have a host of features that you can employ like coolers and cup holders. They also tend to stand up on their own, which is a great feature in itself. Not only that but they also hold fewer clubs and accessories than your average golf cart or staff bag, which explains why they’re so affordable in the first place.

Golf Cart Bags – Like the name suggests, these bags are designed to be used with golf carts. These bags are ideal for experienced golfers, the type that usually employ golf carts when they play. Needless to say, these bags are somewhat larger than others, which is useful considering the fact that players seldom have to carry the bags themselves. At the same time, they are much more spacious than regular bags.

Staff Bags – Most staff bags are designed to help golfers who require specialized bags with extra pockets and storage space. Made of high-quality materials, staff bags are a bit heavier than traditional bags while offering a lot more protection for the items they store. These are the type of bags that experienced golfers use, the type of golfers who employ a full set of fourteen clubs along with whatever accessories they might need.

Features To Look For

Like we said, golf bags aren’t all built according to the same standards, even though they most serve the same purpose. In this regard, players often have the choice between a wide range of bags, the type of bags that can have only the basic requirements or luxurious features with high-tech capabilities. For instance, high-end staff bags can have GPS locators and high-tech coolers, much-needed features for experienced golfers who spend the whole day on the course.

Compartments – In regards to compartments, you must always choose a bag with spacious compartments that you can employ. We should point out that stand-up bags are extremely comfortable while still boasting a decent amount of space for you to use, although these bags tend to differ when it comes to water resistance and durability. On average, a good bag should have large enough compartments to accommodate up to 14 clubs without causing any discomfort to the player.

Pockets – It isn’t just the clubs you have to worry about when going out on the course. Most golf players have small pieces of equipment and accessories that they need to bring along, including extra tees, club brushes, ball markers, extra balls, towels, gloves, and even consumables like sunscreen, snacks, and water bottles. At the same time, you want a bag that can protect your mobile devices from the weather outside, thus the need for a waterproof pocket or series of pockets.

Straps – You also have to be able to carry the bag around with relative ease. This is precisely why you want a bag with ergonomic straps that allow you to carry the bag around without causing you any discomfort in the process. Most golf bags can employ single or dual straps, each with their own particularities. While single straps attach to the bag and loop around your shoulder, dual straps are much more comfortable overall on account of how easy they fasten around your torso.

Integrated Stands – Some golf bags also have integrated stands that are designed to save you the time and trouble of carrying around your clubs. These stands involve two attached legs that release automatically when the bag is placed on the ground or when you apply tension to the handle. We should point out that these bags are meant to be positioned upright so as to balance on the stand’s legs at a specific angle.