Top 10 Best Golf Grips of 2019 – Reviews

Just about every minor detail can affect your swing for better or worse. One such area is your choice of golf grips. Like with any golf product when the time comes for you to find the right one for you, there is a level of digging involved. To stop you from making a costly mistake that can ruin your time on the course, we have selected what we believe to be the ten best.

They are all made from quality materials but differ in their level of grip, weight, size, and comfort. The bigger brands are often the most trustworthy but have selected the best they have to offer so you can swing with the knowledge that you’ve picked up a technically sound product. When you get on the course, you’ll notice the difference with any of these golf grips.

Best Golf Grips Of 2019

10Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip Kit (13-Piece)

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This kit has everything you need making it a good choice for anyone who can’t wait to get their clubs the way they want them. Installing each grip is easy thanks to the 4oz bottle of solvent and vise clamp. The vibrant colours stand out in the bag whilst the level of grip you get for the price range is excellent. The tackiness has been improved over the years to bring them up to the standard one would expect. You will get a grip that is not going to slip, even in adverse conditions. The soft material is light but will last a long time. A standard size grip that will fit unisex golf clubs alike. A great choice for the weekend golfer.

9Golf Masters Pride Decade Multi Compound

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Available to purchase singularly, Golf Masters have created a great entry-level unisex golf grip. The soft rubber in the lower hand is what makes it so grippy, for anyone who struggles with this because of their current choice of grip, this is something to look into. The upper features a black velvet cord that is firm and allows a high level of control that isn’t easy to find in some of the more reasonably priced golf grips. They are fuss-free but look great and are suitable for use in both warm and wet weather. Includes instructions and tape to use to fit the grips, it won’t be long before they are ready to go.

8SuperStroke Midnight Flatso 3.0 Putter Grip – Black

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When it comes to putters, you need a quality grip more than any other club. The intricate margins mean you need a reliable grip. For the beginner, this is the best putter grip you could hope for. The Tacky Polyurethane outer offers an incredible amount of comfort which you need when making those high-pressure putts. There is nothing overly technical about this product, it’s just the kind of all-rounder a beginner will need. The cross traction surface feels smooth and comfortable to grip. It will also prevent unwanted slips in wet conditions. This grip has been used on PGA tours so you know it is of high-quality. When you most need precision, SuperStroke has the right putter grip.

7Winn Dri-Tac X Golf Grips


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One of the most eye-catching grips so if you value style as a close second to performance, Winn has created a golf grip with you in mind. The wrap around design stands out in the bag, but it offers your game a lot of benefits as well. You will find the level of cushioning to be just right thanks to the polymer material that has enough give, yet remains firm in your palms. Suitable for all weather conditions they do exactly what you would expect a high-performing brand to offer. Highly shock absorbent, they will make your clubs feel new. Weighing in at just 48g, they are non-intrusive but have enough in them to enhance your swing. A golf grip that inspires trust.

6Karma Neion II Grip Kit (13-Piece)

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For the vibrant golfer comes these neon style grips. This kit contains everything you need to install your new grips with no fuss. There is a bottle of solvent, thorough instructions and a vice clamp to get everything into place. Weighing 48 grams they don’t add too much weight to your club and offer a multi-textured surface to make sure your grip stays firm throughout your swing. They have managed to get the balance between fun and performance and are a popular choice for the casual golfer. Comes in green, orange, pink or yellow and every one of these is almost luminous. They will stand out in your bag, so you might want to make sure you have the game to back it up.

5Wedge Guys MM Performance Golf Grips

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The MM stands for Multi-Material and it is this technology that combines for an excellent texture, suitable for the professional golfer to entry-level enthusiasts. The rubber is firm but responds to your grip, then the brushed cotton cord has been designed so it is moisture-wicking, allowing you to perform to your highest no matter what the weather does. The pebbled texture ensures that it stays in your hand without unnecessary movement. Whether you want to re-grip your wedges, irons, or drivers, these golf grips are among the most reliable. The longevity you will get from these grips adds to the value that you are already getting in the performance, an excellent choice for anyone who loves the game.

4Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips Set of 13

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Don’t be fooled by the soft material, these grips are sturdy, and can really enhance your swing. The cotton thread. technology is becoming popular and when you get the anti-slip feel in your hands, you’ll understand why. The responsive material feels good and gives you more control over. your swing. The all weather control technology has been developed to give you confidence in adverse conditions, there is nothing worse than your club slipping because of a little drizzle. The soft rubber cushions your hand so you can really feel the club. The color variety is better than most, and comes in black, lemon green, red, blue, orange, and white. The 100% money back guarantee makes these a risk free purchase that could really make a big difference to your game.

3Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf Grip

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Available as a set of 9 or 13 the grips are midsize so around 10.5 inches and weighs 49 grams each. They feel good and offer a decent level fo grip without being sticky when you swing. They are easy to put on, which makes them good for the begginer or intermediate player. In this price range, they represent good value and fit both men’s and women’s clubs just fine. They come wrapped in plastic so the quality is protected and the blue and black theme is non-intrusive, nor is it distracting. A reputable golf grip that will last a long time, giving you a great chance of improving your score.

2SAPLIZE Golf Grips, 13 Grips Set

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A standout name in the world of gold grips, Saplize are offering great value with this set of golf grips. The non-slip surface is reliable so even in adverse conditions, these will not let you down. Weighing just 55g they are heavy enough to let you know they are there, but will not cause a problem on the range or course. This is an all in one kit that comes with a rubber vise clamp, as well as a knife for easy installation. The grip tape spray solution holds them in place when they are fitted, then the fun can begin. We also like the color options. Whilst black is the main color, you can get blue, green, yellow, or white as your secondary color. The shock absorption and stable construction make these golf grips a trustworthy addition to your bag.

1Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

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These stylish grips offer a 4.6% increase of diameter when it comes to the lower hand. For some people, this might be the edge their game requires. The Plus4 range is one of the most popular due to the grip pressure being a lot lighter than other products in the niche. The reputable Golf pride name is reassuring for many golfers, and it’s easy to see why. the brushed cotton cord of the upper hand is what makes them so stable so they will not move mid-swing. The reduced tension from these grips will really help you to get more power in your swing, to get those extra yards. To find out why so many people love these high-performing golf grips, add them to your bag and find out for yourself.

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