Top 10 Best Golf Shoes of 2019 – Reviews

Anyone who claims that they don’t need a pair of golf shoes to enjoy a few holes on the green obviously hasn’t played the game for very long. These shoes are essential for anyone who wants to maximize their time playing the game and remain comfortable while doing so. Other types of shoes simply can’t get the job done.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find a good pair of shoes for playing golf. Most of the time, people have to spend time and resources finding a pair of shoes suitable for 9-holes. However, we’ve decided to go ahead and solve this problem by not only giving our top ten picks but also a handy guide that explains what to look for when buying the best golf shoes.

Best Golf Shoes Of 2019

10ECCO Men’s Biom G2

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Available up to a men’s U.S size of 12.5 and in several different colors including black, white, Carmel, concrete, or camel, these shoes are ready for a full 18-holes of golf. They are made with a complete leather upper portion and color and have a synthetic sole that provides a bit of bounce to them. They have placed spikes that not only give the shoes a good grip but also provide a good amount of traction, even on wet or slippery grounds. These shoes also have an award-winning closure system that allows them to stay on the wearer’s feet well without putting pressure on them.

9Skechers Performance Men’s Shoes

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Manufactured with smooth faux leather uppers and a rubber sole, this inexpensive pair of golf shoes from Skechers is an ideal balance between style and performance. It has side perforation accents that allow for the wearer’s feet to get the proper amount of air circulation and they a soft fabric lining that helps to wick away excess moisture. It also has a flexible cleated outsole that provides good traction on grass and has a midsole insert that provides comfort. Other features found on these shoes include a padded collar and tongue, a Goga mater return insole and a heel height of 1-inch.

8NIKE Men’s Air Rival 4 Golf Cleats

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NIKE has been making comfortable and durable athletic shoes for some time now, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to most people that they’ve created a pair of golf shoes that conform to their same levels of quality. They are manufactured with a synthetic leather upper that doesn’t quite provide the same level of breathability that real leather provides, but is exceptionally soft and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the foot. These shoes are made in a variety of different colors including black, midnight blue, and wolf grey. They are available in men’s U.S sizes from 8.5 to 12.

7Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3

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People who thought that Skechers did a great job with their men’s Go Golf Elite 2 shoes are probably going to like the Go Golf Elite 3 even better. They are made from 100% leather that provides the fit that golfers need when they go out on the green and also provides their feet with much-needed air circulation. It has a low-drop design and a durable grip bottom plate that provides the golfer with the traction they need for 18-holes of golf. Additional features found on this shoe include a synthetic sole that provides just the right amount of bounce, a waterproof design, and a traditional lacing system.

6Adidas Powerband BOA Boost

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These golf shoes not only look good but they provide the grip and stability that golfers need out on the green. They are made from 100% leather that breathes and doesn’t stretch out like golf shoes made with synthetic materials. It also has a sole that grips the grass and allows the golfer to deliver their best swing. Equipped with a Boa Closure System that keeps the tongue centered and is easily adjusted, these shoes also provide an excellent fit that doesn’t pinch the foot in the process. All of which simply means its a lightweight and comfortable shoe that’s a pleasure to wear.

5FootJoy Closeout Green Joys

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Anyone who is looking for a good example of the new type of spikeless golf shoes is probably going to want to look at these Foot Joy shoes. These shoes provide the style and the comfort of tennis shoes with the stability and the grip of golf shoes. The result is a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable to wear but are sure to help the wearer improve their game of golf. These shoes are made using leather and are available in men’s U.S sizes up to a size 12. And although they aren’t the most inexpensive shoes available for golfing, they aren’t the most expensive ones either.

4Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent

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Available in either a striking black and grey or a traditional white and black color, these shoes are sure to create a great first impression. However, the best thing about these shoes isn’t that they are quite stylish, but that they have a number of great features which make them comfortable as well. They are made with mesh, which makes them extremely comfortable and allows for great air circulation, and have rubber soles that provide a great deal of grip. And finally, they have a soft EVA midsole that provides the right amount of support and a 5mm sock liner that wicks away excess foot moisture.

3ADIDAS Men’s Tour 360 Boost

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Although these shoes have a great styling that really makes an impression, what’s really impressive about them is the level of comfort they provide the wearer. They are made with a full-length foam that wraps around the foot and provides for midfoot support and unparalleled stability. They also have a rubber sole that holds onto the grass quite well and provides the grip that golf shoes need to have. These shoes are available in a number of exciting colors as well including various shades of black, white or grey with various accent colors such as orange, red or shock blue.

2ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

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Made with leather uppers and with a synthetic sole, these golf shoes are ready for whatever happens on the green. This combination of materials not only allows them to fit exceptionally well, but it also allows them to provide the wearer’s feet with much-needed air circulation. These shoes also are naturally resistant to the weather, so the golfer can play their game despite what the elements throw at him. These shoes have been developed with a universal anatomical shape that was derived from the manufacturers scanning the feet of thousands of athletes to create a great shoe shape that’s comfortable and stable.

1ADIDAS Men’s Adipower S-Boost 3

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If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s the fact that these aren’t your grandfather’s golf shoes. These shoes are made with revolutionary modern materials and with a unique design that allows them to provide the golfer with the support and performance they need to get the most out of their golf game. These shoes have uppers that are made from 80% of textile materials and 20% microfiber leather. This combination allows the shoes to be comfortable, durable and resistant to the elements. These shoes also have a 6-spike TPU outsole that provides an exceptional level of grip and stability. And since they’re available in a variety of different colors including white, black, grey or blue, there’s a pair that just about any golfer will appreciate and want to wear out on the golf course.

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A Guide To Buying Golf Shoes

Although many people believe that they can simply grab the first pair of golf shoes they see, and everything will be fine, the truth of the matter is that buying a pair of shoes for playing golf should really be considered an art. After all, there are a number of things that can make a good pair of shoes stand out from a bad pair, and all of this can have a dramatic effect on the wearer’s actual golf game. In other words, it really does matter what you’re wearing on your feet when you are playing 9-holes.

Since the quality and the construction of the golf shoes can have such a drastic effect on a person’s golf game, we thought it would be wise to give our readers a few tips on what to look for when searching for a pair of new golf shoes. So, let’s get to it and find out the best features that can be found in the best shoes.

Typical Golf Shoes Materials

In the past, golf shoes were all made from the same materials and in pretty much the same fashion. However, over the last few years, golf shoes have evolved, and now they’re made with a variety of different types of materials. Below, we examine some of the materials and their positive qualities.

  • Leather: One of the most popular materials used to make golf shoes is leather. And there’s a good reason why it remains a popular choice. When used on a golf shoe, it creates a tight fit that doesn’t stretch out the way other materials have a tendency of doing. It’s also more breathable than many synthetic materials, so it often a good choice for playing golf during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, because this is a high-quality material, it costs more than synthetic materials.
  • Synthetic Materials: The main advantage of synthetic materials is that they are cheaper than leather. Sure, they tend to be light and thin, but they are more likely to stretch out than shoes made with leather. If you want quality, then it’s always best to go with leather, but if you want to save a few dollars than synthetic materials can be used. Just don’t expect a whole lot out of them if you do choose a golf shoe made from synthetic polyester materials.

Types of different Golf Shoes

There’s a lot more to consider when buying a pair of golf shoes than just what they are made out of. It’s also important to consider the type of shoe it is. These shoes come in a number of different styles, so it makes sense to buy a style that matches your style of golf that you like to play. Let’s examine some of these styles more closely.

  • Spiked Golf Shoes: Spike or cleated shoes are what people typically think of when they think of golf shoes. These shoes have been used for so long because they provide the wearer with a good level of stability and allow their feet to grip the ground when they swing.
  • Spikeless Golf Shoes: Spikeless shoes are a recent development but an important one. It allows the shoes to be worn not only on the green but anywhere. They still provide stability and grip, but they can be worn from the board room to the green without the wearer having to switch shoes.
  • Golf Boots: Although they aren’t as popular as other types of golf shoes, these boots do serve a purpose. They protect the wearer’s feet from excess moisture and can be worn when the weather is cooler. However, the wearer shouldn’t expect the same level of stability or the same ankle flexibility as they would have with either spiked or spikeless shoes.
  • Golf Sandals: These golf shoes are another option to consider, especially if you play golf in a hot climate. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to give the wearer a blister on their feet if they’re worn for long distances.

Golf Shoe Lacing Systems

The last thing to consider is how the shoes are laced. Although traditional laces are still found on the vast majority of golf shoes sold, there are other options available. Some manufacturers have introduced golf shoes with velcro lacing systems, and other manufacturers have their own proprietary lacing systems to consider. In our opinion, traditional lacing systems are still the best, but you don’t have to buy a pair with them if you happen to prefer something else.