Top 10 Best Hand Mixers of 2019 – Reviews

Hand mixers are usually one of the first things a person thinks about when setting up a kitchen. That’s because they are handy for all kinds of different baking and cooking tasks. They are good for mixing cake batters, whipping mashed potatoes, making whipped cream and for beating eggs. These mixers are a basic piece of kitchen equipment that both cooking amateurs and highly trained chefs can use.

Finding the right home appliance isn’t always easy, however, and that’s as true with these mixers as they are with anything else. After all, there are many different models by a number of different companies currently available. Which is why we’ve decided to review ten of the best models currently available so that anyone can find a mixer that fits their lifestyle.

Best Hand Mixers – Top List

10Black & Decker MX1500W

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The MX1500W is a mixer that’s designed to make even the hardest mixing jobs easier. It’s especially good for mixing batters and sauces, but can be used for beating dough or whipping eggs. It has removable beaters that can be machine-washed and has a comfort grip that makes it easy to hold. This beater’s heel is designed to rest upright on the counter and also allows it to sit easily on the edge of a bowl. This unit is equipped with a 175-watt motor with five different speeds and a power boost to accomplish really difficult tasks.

9VonShef Red 250-Watt Mixer

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Kneading bread dough, mixing cake batters and whipping mashed potatoes are just some of the tasks that can be accomplished with this mixer. It has a 5-foot power cord that allows it to be used just about anywhere in the kitchen and comes with two beaters, two dough hooks, and a balloon whisk. It has a powerful 250-Watt motor with five different settings and also has a turbo function. Once mixing is done, the whisks can easily be ejected from the unit and can be washed in a dishwasher. In addition, it’s a powered hand whisk that’s not only powerful but looks good as well.

8Hamilton Beach 62682RZ

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Equipped with traditional beaters, this unit is designed to handle most basic baking mixing, whisking, and folding tasks. It has a built-in bowl rest and has six different speeds, which includes a boost function that adds additional power to any of the preset speeds. And since it has 250-watts of power, it can power through just about any job. Once it is finished with the day’s baking, it can then be equipped with its snap-on case that keeps all of its attachments together. This makes this mixer a handy tool for anyone who needs it for baking but doesn’t have a lot of space to spare.

7Aicok 6-Speed Mixer

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Power and performance are the two key features of this stainless steel mixer. It’s equipped with a 250-watt motor and six speeds that give it the power to do everything from stirring gravies to whipping heavy cream. This model not only comes with two beaters, but it also comes with two dough hooks as well. This durable kitchen appliance has a modern style that’s designed to hold up to day-to-day baking. And since it has a compact design, it can be easily stored away in a cabinet or drawer for future use. All things considered, this is a practical and easy-to-use mixer.

6Black & Decker MX3200B

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The Black & Decker MX3200B is equipped with a powerful 250-Watts motor and 6-speeds, so it can be used for all kinds of different tasks including stirring, whipping, beating, whisking and even working dough balls. It comes with five different attachments, and these include two traditional beaters, a balloon whisk, and two dough hooks. And all of the accessories can be easily removed and either hand-washed or thrown in a dishwasher. This model’s starting speed is twenty-percent lower than other models to minimize splattering caused by too fast a start. This unit also has a portable design that makes it easy to use around the kitchen.

5Kitchen Aid KHM920A

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With a beautiful candy apple red design, this mixer is a welcome addition to just about any kitchen. It comes with nine different settings, has a locking swivel cord that makes it handy for right or left-handed use and comes with a number of different accessories including a liquid blender rod, an accessory bag, a whisk and two dough hooks. This product also comes with an efficient motor that delivers exceptional power without wasting electricity. Other key features found on this mixer include a no-tip heel rest, a beater eject button and air vents that are designed not to clog.

4Kitchen Aid KHM512IC

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This inexpensive mixer has many of the features of more expensive models in its class. It has a five-speed design that allows it to do just about everything from mixing cake batters to whipping heavy cream. Its cord can be locked into either the left or right position so the user can use the mixer from different angles. Its cord is also rounded so it’s easy to clean. Other key features which can be found on this small kitchen appliance include the two beaters it comes with and its soft grip handle. And thanks to a quick-release button, this unit’s beaters can be easily removed for washing.

3Kitchen Aid KHM7210CU

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Available in several different colors which include green apple or black onyx, this mixer is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. This unit isn’t just nice looking, however. It also has the power to get a variety of mixing and whipping jobs completed quickly and efficiently. This unit has seven different speeds which can handle jobs such as mashing potatoes or whipping egg whites and is also equipped with a soft-start feature which allows the beaters to slowly get to speed to avoid splattering. Other features found on this mixer include a cord lock that allows it to be used from any angle and a soft grip handle.

2Cuisinart HM-90BCS

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This handheld mixer has a 220-Watt motor that has a simple on/off button, one-touch speed control, and nine different speed options. Three of its speeds are low-speed options that are designed to prevent ingredient splatter. This electric mixer has automatic feedback and comes with a number of accessories which include a chef’s whisk, spatula and dough hooks. It also comes with a handy clear storage case that snaps on to the bottom of the mixer and is designed to keep all of its accessories together. And since it’s equipped with an LCD screen, its user can see what setting it’s on with just a glance.

1Breville BHM800SIL

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The Breville BHM800SIL is not only one of the more powerful mixers currently available, but it’s also one of the smartest. It’s equipped with an interface which automatically detects what kind of attachment is currently attached to the mixer and adjusts the speed automatically to the recommended speed range. This unit also has a count-up timer that allows the user to see at a glance exactly how long they’ve been mixing. Another key feature found on this unit is a mixing light which enables the mixing area to be adequately illuminated during mixing. These features make this mixer a smart choice for many kitchens.

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Purchasing a Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are great devices for use around the house. They can get a variety of cooking and baking chores done around the kitchen. And they can accomplish these tasks quickly and easily, which is why they are so popular nowadays. Before running out an buying a hand mixer, however, there are a few things that need to be considered first. And that’s why we’ve composed the following how-to guide to help out in that regard. Below are a few things to consider.

Hand or Stand Mixers?

Before purchasing a hand mixer, it’s important to decide whether that’s the right tool that you need or in fact, you need a stand mixer instead. While some people use these two kitchen devices interchangeably, they each have their pros and cons when it comes to mixing and other kitchen chores.

A stand mixer is good for handling heavy-duty projects such as kneading dough balls but take up more space than hand mixers and are more expensive. Hand mixers are designed to handle all kinds of mixing jobs, and some of them even come with dough hooks for kneading. While this makes them quite versatile, this doesn’t mean they can handle large kneading or mixing jobs, so it’s important to choose the appropriate kitchen appliance for your particular needs.

Brands to Consider

While Hamilton Beach and Kitchen Aid have been popular models for a long time now, that seems to be changing as other brands such as Breville, Cuisinart and Black & Decker have entered the market and released really exciting mixer models. Which means that unless you’re loyal to one specific brand, there’s no reason to not look at some of the other mixer models available.

Wattage Levels

Different mixer models have different wattage levels, so it’s important to choose a model that has the wattage necessary. It goes without saying that the higher the wattage the more powerful the mixer, so you should always buy a model that has the power you need. Generally speaking, this is any mixer that’s over 170-watts, although mixers in the 250-watts or higher range are generally better for mixing batters and kneading dough balls.

Multiple Mixing Speeds

Mixer speeds are another important thing to consider. While a basic 3-speed mixer will accomplish many light-duty tasks such as mixing batters or gravies, if you want to tackle a number of different jobs, then you are going to have to choose a model with more speeds. That’s why if you’re looking for a handheld mixer, then choose one that’s at least 5-speeds. Although the best mixers generally offer 7-speed or 9-speed models.

Low Start Speeds

A good mixer should have three speeds that are lower speeds. That’s so the user can start off slowly and then work up to higher speeds to avoid splattering batter. There are even some models which automatically start off slow and then work up to full-speed. These mixers are even better options for anyone who hates getting batter tossed out of the bowl by the mixer.

Digital Displays

Nowadays, many mixers have LCD or LED displays which allow them to display important information to the user. This can be something as simple as showing the mixer’s current speed setting or even displaying a count-up timer so that the user knows how long they’ve been mixing.

Mixer Attachments

Every mixer comes with a standard set of beaters, which are useful for beating eggs and for mixing most batters. However, some mixers go above and beyond and also offer additional attachments which make them even more useful and versatile. The following are some of the attachments that some mixers include:

  • French Whisk – A French whisk is made of several overlapping wires which have been attached at the end, and this gives it a very characteristic long, narrow shape. It’s a whisk that’s designed to handle thicker sauces and custards.
  • Balloon Whisk – This whisk is made in much the same way as a French Whisk, but as its name implies, it’s shaped like a balloon. It is a useful whisk for whisking eggs, whipped cream and other ingredients.
  • Dough Hook – While hand mixers can’t knead heavy dough batches, they can do small batches if they are powerful enough and this tool makes that task possible.
  • Blending Rod – Blending rods are useful for a variety of tasks such as making milkshakes or mixing soups.

Additional Features to Consider

Up until now, we’ve covered some of the most common features one needs to consider before buying one of these mixers, but now it’s time to consider some of the optional features which make the mixer easier to use.

Mixer Lights – One of the best inventions I’ve seen in quite some time are lights which are located on the underside of a mixer. These lights illuminate the work area so that the user can use it even in low-light conditions.

Mixing Stands – Some mixers come with stands which not only allow them to be stored upright but also allow the mixer accessories to be stored underneath the mixer. This keeps everything nice, neat and organized.


Price is probably the last thing that needs to be considered, but it’s still important. Once the consumer has found a mixer that has the features, accessories, and style they want, then they can consider checking out prices. After all, there’s a mixer for just about everyone in each price range.

In Conclusion

As it can be clearly seen from the above features, there’s a lot more to consider when buying a mixer than the brand of the product or the price of it. Attachments, wattage, speeds, and accessories are just some of the things that need to be thought of. If a user does that, then their chances of buying a model that not only fits their lifestyle but their workload increases greatly.